December 29, 2015

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December 23, 2015

Santa run

Thanks to our 3 hosts Cheese, Mouldy and Smegma for their hospitality.

Kind Regards,

Howard Smith
0407 335 925
Multi award winner of tourism awards in 2013 and 2014. Check website!

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December 22, 2015

Santa run

> A happy bunch of over 30 Santa inspired hashers trolled gaily around West Ulverstone last evening on a mild night. Many downs and everyone received a gift from Santa. Best Christmas wishes from your journalist Crab.
> Kind Regards,
> Howard Smith
> 0407 335 925
> Multi award winner of tourism awards in 2013 and 2014. Check website!
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December 17, 2015

previous Santa runs

Dad's run

On Monday 14th December, as many as 13 or 14 D hashers ( including some B hashers) experienced what could only be described as a Cisternious run around the backblocks of Penguin. Afterwards we were all fed and watered by a scrumptious BBQ and nibblies. Downs went to most there, while the raffle prizes were won by OD, Soff and Maggie. Next Monday 21st is Cheeseburger's Xmas run in Josephine st West Ulverstone. Please bring a reasonable present for a fellow hasher that you yourself would one day be proud to show to your grand children ...On On... Crabbe☺ Photos may cum..

December 9, 2015

Photos from December 8 2015

I have photos apparently. So here they are:

A hazardous master check. I don't think anyone washed off, but as a head count wasn't done, we can't be sure.

"Spot the Prick" caption by Dint. No animals were harmed while taking this photo, although the poor echidna may have been slightly traumatised.

December 8, 2015

abridged run report from Dec 8th

17 Hashers faced the starters gun last night at Yep's big shed in downtown Penguin. Quite a good trail followed the rocky Penguin foreshore and wild windy waves smashed on the forbidding rocks below at times.  Downs were announced by FC and went to Yep, Dint, Cheese (for mouthing off in the Advocate ), Crab and many others. Raffle prizes of beer wine and cider went to FC, Dad and OD.. Pictures from Ewe turn will follow shortly. Next weeks run is from Cisterns, half way up Mission Hill Rd in Penguin

December 1, 2015

Run 1798 - AGM - To and from the Quarry at Durkins Road

About 16 or so hashers met at the River Don Railway carpark and, after listening to G.V's instructions, the walking wankers jumped into Crow and G.V's Uber vans and were transported to the traditional AGM site in Durkins Road, Quoiba. Meanwhile, the running wankers headed towards the Tiers and eventually arrived at the quarry. And you know what - the groups passed each other where they should have! And then it started to rain and everyone got really wet. And there was thunder and lightning as well.

Back at Killa's church G.V. and Killa provided the refreshments of nibblies, salad, lasagne, (prepared and cooked by the lovely Linda) and merangue and fruit. And later in the evening some port and sherry were made available. The sherry did not last long!

For a significant change, the raffle was won and won early and who won what was -

. Flasher won the cider,

. O.D. won the wine,

. Tracka won the mystery package,

. Eweturn won the Corona.

And then there was The AGM.  Tracka (being the current GM which he said he didn't know he was) said a few words mostly interupted by Cheeze.  So the nominations were -

Grand Master - Dint,

Joint Masters's - Crow and Lantern,

Hash Hops - Cheeze,

Trailmaster - Dint,

Snail Trailmaster - Bastard,

Hash Cash/Rigger - Tracka,

Hash Shitorian - Tracka,

Hash Lip - F.C.,

Hash Lower Lip - Cheeze,

Hash Lower Lower Lip -Maggie,

Web Wanker - Eweturn,

Hash Texta - G.V.,

Hash Flash - Flasher,

Hash Scribe - G.V./Tracka/Crab,

Hash Monk - Cheeze,

Hash Marriage Guidance Councillor - T.T.

A motley but effective bunch of Hashers there!

Then there was the Lippery conducted by the new Lip F.C. He gave downs to -

. G.V. - for a top run and organisation,

. Crow - 828 runs,

. Cysten - 303 runs,

. Lantern - 636 runs and it has only taken him 30 odd years,

. Knickers - 90 runs,

. Maggie - 420 runs,

. Crow - should have ventillated the Uber vehicle before the run to eliminate various odours,

. Killa - must have spilt some of the trail flour on his new beard,

. Dint - for calling the wrong time on the radio - 4 past 10 instead of 10 past 4 (dislexic?)

. Soff - for not paying attention with his back to everyone (someone has to take notes and Killa's church had a nice lectern).

The Hub was seen on the run but was unseen at the On On.  Because it was still in Tracka's car, he gets to wear it again next week.

And next weeks run will be hosted by Yep, from his newly renovated property near the bottom of Mission Hill Road in Penguin.

And the run after that (which will be the 1800th run) will be set by Cysten, from his 2 story mansion just near the top of the steep bit of Mission Hill Road in Penguin - entry via Long Street.

And the Xmas run will be hosted by Cheeze and his 2 dogs from his 2 story edifice in West Ulverstone.

For the 1800th run, Tracka is thinking loudly about having some significant recognition of this event. In due course he will arrange something and whatever it is will be presented to those who were at the 1800th run,  at the Xmas run at Cheeze's on 21 December. Be at both of these significant events.

On On


November 24, 2015

Run 1797 - Captain Crab's Odyssey from Otto's Grotto

And so 18 or so hashers turned up at Otto's Grotto (it's in Ulverstone) to participate in a run set by Capt Crab. Before the On On, it was noticed that an electric bicycle was hidden away up the back. So for the initiated, it meant that trail could be hard to find.

And so it was!  Hashers found trail,  lost trail, went this way and that, found more trail, lost trail again but most arrived back at the grotto around the same time, that is, except the runners who thought they were on trail, but it was observed they were following seabird droppings. And when the runners did arrive back at the Grotto - they came in from all directions.  Capt Crab was heard blaming the wind.

As Capt Crabb's feast was about to be served by Mrs Crabb, hashers tucked into more shredded chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta,and rolls and bread.  They then demolished a 4 litre container of vanilla icecream.

While all this was happening,some dickhead of a hasher put some plastic container over the small candles on the food table. Cheeze cried out "who's burning plastic" and Dint said "Not me".  By this time some paper hand towels had burst into flame.  Instant action by Tracka and Cheeze removed the burning bits, but not after burning a hole in Mrs Crab's new plastic table cloth.   Crow was blamed for causing the fire because of a previous history of such things.

Dint did the Lip because he wanted to and awarded downs to -

. Capt Crab - for a crap run,

. Bastard - 1060 runs,

. Tracka - 1270 runs,

. Cheeze - 550 runs,

. Poxie - 575 runs,

. TT - 404 runs,

. OD - 27 runs (something about being a nurse),

. Dint - something he said on the radio,

. Cheeze - reversed back to him for talking about Capt Crab,

. Bastard - reversed back to him for trying to say that TT had assaulted him,

. Poxie - for wearing odd shoes to a recent wedding.

The raffles were won and won and not everyone one one -

. Poxie won the wine,

. Soff won the cider,

. Maggie won the Chilli beer.

It was noted that while Capt Crab sat around drinking port with other hashers, Mrs Crab cleaned up. At least there was some port!

LunaH Hash will be celebrated on Thursday evening 26 November 2016, meeting at the Rocket in Anzac Park at the normal time, with refreshments  at RA.

Next week’s run is the AGM!!   Meet at Don Railway Carpark at 6.30 for 6.45 departure.
Wankers will be transported to the start of their trail which will finish back at Don Railway.
Runners will follow trail from the Don Railway and will be picked up somewhere and returned to the start.
Latecomers should follow runners’ trail until they meet-up with the wankers and then return.

On-On will be at The Don Chapel thanks to Killa -  Walk there from the Don Railway (Dell Luck) Car Park.

GV understands the protocol is that Current Grand Master Tracka will be nominate (read appoint) his successor who will then appoint the Joint Masters who will then (s)elect their committee. I am sure Tracka has this in hand, so to speak!

On On


November 17, 2015

Run 1796 - Syncro's run from Bells Parade around Pig Island

And so about 17 hashers  (purely a guess), met at Bells Parade for Syncro's first attempt at setting a run. We were all a little worried that the trail might lead up those big hills nearby. But Syncro knew better than that and set trail around the perimeter of Pig Island, with a couple of false trails thrown in. There were a few comments that they did not realize the island was that big. The runners went a bit further but as it happened, all arrived back at the same time. I could have said something else there!

Back at the BBQ shelter Syncro and Tea Bag were busily cooking up a storm for the hungry hordes.

But as the run was a little short, Bastard did the lip before the hungry hordes got fed.

Downs were awarded to -

. Syncro - a half reasonable attempt at setting his first run,

. Tea Bag - for her able assistance,

. G.V. - 1320 runs,

. Killa - 265 runs,

. Tow Truck - missing more than 50 runs,

. Dint - 1018 runs (Bastard needed to use up some more downs)

. Cheeze - for making a comment which I cant print - reversed back to Boner,

. Cheeze - for something else that cannot be printed,

. Soff - 811 runs (Bastard used up the second last down)

. Lantern - just happened to be in the same pub as Cheeze  (and he was not driving).

And then the hungry hordes were let loose to consume shrapneled chicken, plastic burgers, snags, salads, bread and rolls. And it seems there was enough left over for Syncro to have snacks for the rest of the week - even though Crab and Dint were both there. Noddi being  first in the queue is now a distant memory.

Raffles were won and won and some won won. -

. Supa Sal won the wine,

. Soff won the cider,

. Syncro won the beer.

Crow was very quiet all night - he tells us he had 3 big functions to look after and he was feeling the pinch.

Supa Sal was going on about Ringer being in Thailand (or some other land) and were missing each other terribly. So much so that they were going to resort to phone sex later in the evening.

And then the Latrobe Council person came by and said that he was about the lock the gate and if the person who owned the only vehicle left in the carpark did not take the vehicle out, it would be locked in until the next morning. Some discussion ensued and Bedpan eventually realized that he was talking about her vehicle. Synco did the right thing and moved it out onto the roadway where everyone else had parked.

Boner took some photo's and will put them up for all to see.

Next weeks run will be set by Captain Crab from Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone, just near the Yacht Club. He has promised an interesting run and proper eats, whatever that means?

The run after that will be the AGM.  Meet at Dell Luck Park carpark  (also the carpark for the Don River Railway) for a car pool to the quarry up in Kelcey Tiers, with the On On back at Killa's church in Don, walking distance from the carpark.  I wonder whether the run will just be around the Tiers, or sort of finish up back at the Don?  G.V. is setting and only he knows and there is no 1st prize for guessing.

On On


November 12, 2015

Next Run - Syncro"s explore the wilds of Latrobe on 16 Nov

Having now recovered from his camping tour with Bedpan, Syncro has now devoted some time to where and what he will do for his run.

Not wishing to intrude on Bedpan's space, the run will be at Bells Parade, Latrobe, at the normal time.

However, and that is a big HOWEVER, Syncro needs some assistance in setting the run, not having done one before, and Bedpan will be working until 5 ish.

Is there a Hasher out there willing to show a fellow hasher how to set a run?

The deal is to come back to me if you are offering, and you will need a dribble dropper, Syncro will have the flour, and set the trail any time Monday.

On On


November 10, 2015

Run 1795 - Crow's Special Beach and Bush

And so 20  or so  (there was so many I only had 20 fingers)  hashers and it must have been the enticement of some special food that brought them there, headed off this way and that way, so much the wrong way that Crow had to point a finger to those hanging around to the right way.

On to the beach, back off the beach, back onto the beach, along the rocks heading towards K'noths place (he used to be a hasher) at the end of Beach Road, past a nice little beach inlet, a Master Check was near there and Eweturn got lost, did not want to get her feet wet although the tide was out.

Bastard did the right thing and went looking for her and found her another 200 mts away in the wrong direction. After the Master Check, hashers went past and through the former Sea Kist cottages - or what is left of them. The property has been advertised for sale last week. See what the future holds there. And all arrived safely at Crows except Dint who somehow really got lost. And no one went looking for him.

Back at the OzRock Inn, when the thirsty hordes had quenched their thirst, Dint did the lip because Bastard did it last week. Downs were earned by -

. Crow - for a top run (for some) and food - the plastic hamburgers were a bit tough,

. FC - 848 runs - reversible,

. GV - for not going looking for Dint,

. Soff - for 810 runs, and to think that Noddi  introduced him to Hashing in 1990,

. SupaSal - for being at the run, and brought the Hub along,

. Poxie - for being at the run, after being every where else,

. Killa - being at the run for 2 consecutive runs, and he had a recent birthday,

. SupaSal - for playing with her phone, I guess she was having a virtual with Ringer,

. Dint - accused Maggie of doing things which he did not do and was reversed,

. GV - for diverting the course of the run by putting logs over Buttons Creek - reversed to Crow,

. Killa - for competative hashing.

. TT - won the Hub for admitting to listening to Dint on the radio. Christ - she could have changed stations.

The raffles were won and won and the winners were -

Killa won the cider,

Poxie won the wine,

TT won the beer.

Next weeks run will be set by Syncro, and that is confirmed by Bedpan. They have had a camping? holiday in NSW and are on their way back. It will be from somewhere that even he does not know yet. Stay tuned.

And an aside. I was the Des driver from the Turners Beach area except Eweturn, meaning me and Maggie,  Cheeze was pleased about that!  On washing the Patrol this morning, I found lots of red spots on the passengers side of the vehicle. It would appear that Maggie and his plastic glass of port were a little unsteady. And 2 very burnt snags were found in the front grill. Gracie our dog was very appreciative.

And thanks to Trakka for fixing up my computor so that I could do this. You know, we read about young people with a fixation of connection with the internet. I felt the same way over the past 5 days because I felt left out, deprived, and lost. It seems to me that it is just not the young people. But I still had my mobile!

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life - get on with it!



November 3, 2015

Run 1794 - Cystens Run of the Highs (Mission Hill) and the lows (Waste Water works) of Penguin

And so 17 hashers  (it was me who counted them - and including Boner) met at the tradesmans entrance to Cystens multistoried palace with a view.  At the appointed time On On was called and Hashers went this way and that - the runners this way and the wankers that way.

Don't know where the runners went but the wankers took a tour of Upper Mission Hill, thence down Deviation Road (can anyone remember when there used to be car hillclimbs up that road), up another hill past the cemetery and down the other side to the sewerage works. After some time trail was found on the railway line heading back into town. A slight variation up over a quite steep big group of rocks at the back of the caravan park had hearts thumping. From there it was an amble back over Penguin Creek and back up and up to Cysten's palace.

There was some consternation that Soff had not arrived back at the palace so GV and Thrust went looking. You know, Pioneer told everyone that Soff was probably at Yep's place half way up Mission Hill.   And she was right. You don't go past a Hashers house if the lights are on. I knew where I was.

Back at the Palace, Cysten presented a feast suitable for his serfs - lots of vergies (cooked and uncooked), snags, steaks and nibblies.

Bastard did the lip because he was back from the big island -

. Cysten - for a top run and great food (we have not worked out whether he had assistance)

. Cysten - for 300 runs,

. Boner - for 55 runs,

. Crab - for 155 runs,

. OD - for 25 runs,

. Pioneer - for 414 runs,

. Thrust/Eweturn  - for chatting during the lip,

. Bastard - because he had a recemt birthday,

. Soff - for accepting Yep's offer of a beer,

. G V - for something stupid,

. Dint - for something stupid,

. Crow - for looking a little faded after a big weekend at Bakers Beach.

The Hub came back from overseas and arrived in Thrust's boot and that's where it stayed.  SupaSal will have to bring it along in person next week.

Raffles were won and won and only 3 people won won.

 - Cheeze won the cider,

- Eweturn won the beer,

- Thrust won the Red.

OD came to the attention of most Hashers by making a mess of her food. She tipped  most of her plate onto the floor. Then, while pouring some refreshments out of a bottle, she missed the glass.

And everyone charged their glass/stubbie for a toast to 'Ere. There was a wonderful rainbow earlier in the evening - a fitting memory.

Tracka and TT are still on the big island catching up with kids and grandkids.

Next weeks run will be from that well known hospitality centre known as Ozrock Inn, just near the surf club in Ulverstone.

On On


October 30, 2015

Beautiful 'Ere - everybody's friend

Cheated by 'C', but now Hashing on Cloud 9. Very much missed already.

Sincere condolences to all 'Ere's family and friends. No more suffering and pain.

Thank you to all of you helping FC during this awful period of loss.



Monday 2nd November, "MY BIRTHDAY" hehe. OK seriously it will be GoneAgain's last run with Tas HHH for 9 months or so, flour is highly recommended, not for Calendar girl, she's staying, so anyone with questions about FB sites, WEB sites etc. get it over & done with "SOFF" !!!!


October 27, 2015

"Show us your Pink Bits" at Dint's and Koff's place

Run 1793

And so 13 hashers (counted by others) met in Church St, East Devonport, just around the corner from the Outlaws motorcycle Club's  Clubhouse. In fact we walked/ran past it later - we probably featured on their multiple cameras.

All hashers, except Capt Crab came dressed in various combinations of pink, GA was particulaly impressive in his "onesey"  Because Soff had pink sox on, he had to wear odd shoes to keep the tradition going. The group got some interesting looks on trail from residents and passers-by.

Dint set a trail along the riverfront and onto the seafront, then inland towards the hills, which the walkers missed but the runners didn't.

Back at the house in Church St, opposite a Church, Dint did the lip because Bastard and a few others were touring on the big island.

Downs were awarded to -

. Dint for a top run,

. Koff for some special pink food,
. Eagle - for 1414 runs,
. Cistern - for 299 runs, practice,
. OD - for 24 runs, practice,
. Eweturn - for 52 runs, something to do with a year,
. Crow - for being quiet,
. Lantern - for not calling trail (doing a Smoggy),

and some other multiple downs which I did not get the gist of, but Cheeze was part of it.

Koff served up on specially prepared pink table cloths and deco's, a sumptuious spread of snags, pink mash, peas and corn on the cob, and finished it all off with pink icecream and merange with pink cream. And she further excelled herself by remembering to provide port.

The raffle was won and won and run by Eagle as Tracka and TT were visiting family on the big island.  Eweturn won the cider, Capt Crab won the red, and Crow won the beer, which he might drink himself, or he might not and on sell it.

Next weeks run will be at Cistern's place on Mission Hill Road, Penguin, entry by the tradesmens entrance off Long St and up the hill.

On something nothing to do with the run, the foot of a rainbow was seen to have landed in Turners Beach the other day. In fact there were two feet and they belonged to well know Launceston hasher Rainbow, who just happened to be next to his RV booking into the Caravan Park after arriving on the Spirit that morning, All this would have been missed if I did not have my D'port hashers cap on. Rainbow came by our house later in the day and would not accept a drink, saying he was riding his scooter into Ulverstone to watch the softball. Wonder whether he caught up with Bonor (nice pic in the Advocate advertising his best bits).

On On


October 20, 2015

Sacrilege at Killa's Place

Run 1792 from the Dell Luck Reserve at Don and finishing at the Don Congregational Church

And so an unnumbered number of Hashers gathered at the Dell Luck car park in anticipation of a wondrous trail where GV warned that Hashers may get wet and to bring dry gear.

On the resonate tones of On On from the Trailmaster - nothing happened! Strange that, no-one seemed to hear. So On On was said again, and again, and in due course Hashers sought out the trail. Where did the trail go you ask? Well, it went up the Don Hill road past the nursery, and then left into the new (sort of) housing development. On down to the Don River, along the Don River, and across the Don River everyone getting their feet wet. Cheeze thought he could get across without getting wet by climbing a tree and crawling over the river on a branch. However, the branch broke and Cheeze fell down and still got wet, and was in some pain back at the On On.

The runners went ahead as they do and found themselves being ambushed by some young people worded up by GV to throw water bombs and point garden hoses at them. All who brought dry clothes were pleased they did.

Back at the carpark, Killa pointer the way to his new acquisition of the Don Congregational Church just up the hill - and suggested that Hashers walk up as parking was limited, and it was.

Once everyone found the refreshment container, Bastard did the lip and downs were -

  • GV - for setting a great trail,
  • Killa - for catering with plenty of pizza's,
  • Cheeze - for 545 runs reversible,
  • GA - for 262 runs reversible,
  • Killa - for 262? runs reversible,
  • Thrust - for 310 runs and for being there,
  • Cheeze - for his tree climbing exploits,
  • Koff - nominated Cheeze for the above without hearing the first nomination,
  • Crow - for calling a previously used mastercheck,
  • Dint - ran the 5km Burnie 10 because he can't run 10k any more,
  • GV - because he arranged the water bombing of holy water near the Christian School,
  • Eagle - for not presenting a target for the water bombers.

The raffles were won and won and the winners were -

  • Crow won the beer which he can on-sell,
  • Lantern won the Red Win which he will drink at home,
  • Eagle won the cider which his wife will drink.
  • The Hub is still missing and is unlikely to return soon.

Runs cumming up are -

  • Next week at Dint and Koff's place in Church St, East Devonport - wear something PINK,
  • The run after that will be by Cistern, probably from his house in Penguin,
  • The run after that will be by Crow, probably from the Ozrock Inn,
  • And the run after that will be by Syncro, who knows where.

We thank Killa for showing us what can be done with a used church building.

On On

October 13, 2015

Run 1791 at sunny Turners Beach

And so 20 hashers met opposite the caravan park at Turners Beach, which just happens to be Soff's and Landing's place, the Australian flag flying high on their flagpole, which was better than the Swans flag.

After someone called On On (because I was setting up the fireboxes) they all went this way and that way, all because Capt Crab parked over the start of the trail. Once that was sorted, the trail went through the  caravan park onto the beach, and followed the sand right around to the boat ramp. Maybe the ducks were waiting for a feed?

Then through the bush to the bridges, back along Blackburn Pde to the Berry Patch and a master check outside the new round tent with a hole in the top. Runners went a bit further and wankers short cut.

Back at the beachside, Dint did the Lip and downs were awarded to -

  • Soff - for a top run,
  • Landing - for a top feed,
  • Cysten - 298 runs and for practice,
  • Syncro - 11 runs which is reversible,
  • Eweturn - for competative walking,
  • Lantern - his phone kept ringing - must have been on a promise,
  • Soff - for allegedly not providing enough flour for the pack - but Crow found the way!
As usual, Landing provided a very special feast of savoury toast for entree's, chicken wings, meatballs, little potatoes and salads, and a very very very special sweet in a glass of jelly, custard, cream and a chocolate  bear head first into the mix.

Sometime during the evening, Flasher, Tracka and Killa arrived. They must have known of the menu.

There was some comment initiated by GA along the the lines "WHO was the skipper of the Torquay"  in a recent media release.

The Hub is still missing and we hope it gets some new engraving from other parts of the world.

The raffles were won and won and Landing won the wine, Crow won the Mexican beer, (which he can on sell), and Soff won the cider (again).

Next weeks run will be set by GV from the Dell Luck Reserve, right next to the Don River Railway. The On On will be at Killa's new aquisition of the church just up the road. It is suggested that we all walk as parking is very limited.

As usual, Crow was the last to leave, but this time Maggie was absent as he had to work at the Devonport wharf making sure we all had enough fuel for our vehicles for the next week or so.

The fires were hot, the drinks were cold, the company was great and Bedpan nearly showed her second best asset.

On On


October 8, 2015

Cumminup - Oct and Nov 2015

Tinsel and Tracka put up another successful Hash from good 'ole Bell's Parade for our first daylight savings run. Snags and salad, complete with beetroot was waiting for us with lollies and all. OnOn Oh and Foghorn was caught pretending to pee in a tree....

  • 12/10 – Soff from Landing’s Place, Esplanade, Turners Beach
  • 19/10 – Guardsvan – T/B/A
  • 26/10 – Dint & Koff – T/B/A
  • 02/11 – Cistern – T/B/A
  • 09/11 – Crow – T/B/A
  • 16/11 – Synchro – T/B/A

September 29, 2015

Run 1789 from the House of Cheeze

There were 16 hashers gathered for a combined DH3 and Lunah Hash and Brownlow Medal count  at Cheez's gated front gate in front of his palatial palace, eager to head for parts unknown - but were waiting for the late Maggie's Uber 4x4 containing the Trailmaster, and of course Crow.

When the On On was called, the pack found that Cheeze had set trail around and about, up and down, around and about again, and more up and down the surrounds of West Ulverstone. At least the pack only went down the zig zag steps and were able to talk to the cocky at the bottom.

Back at Cheeze's palatial palace (we were allowed inside this time) he served up traditional fare of hot dogs and really hot pies.

Dint did the lip because he did not do it last week.
Downs were awarded to -
  • Cheeze - for a top run and top food,
  • GV - 1313 runs,
  • Lantern - 650 runs which he handballed to Maggie as Lantern now has a no alcohol policy,
  • Maggie - 414 runs,
  • TT - 400 runs,
  • Foghorn - for missing countless runs and welcome back from South America,
  • Tracka - it would be his birthday the next day,
  • Pioneer - it would be her birthday the day after the next day,
  • Maggie - was heard to comment "I'm sick of leading the runners" and he stopped right there.
The raffles were won and won and Soff got the cider, Foghorn got the red, and GV got the beer.

Dint organised the sweep for the Brownlow and found enough willing participants to sell all 20 tickets.  Bastard was the winner in drawing Nat Fyfe. Some Hashers actually watched the TV all the time.

Sometime during the early part of the evening, Cheeze's new sex partner Yasmin arrived and promptly found the Bean and really small shot glasses for everyone to have 2 rounds - very nice - the Bean that is. And Yasmin is too - she will get a Hash name if she is still friends with Cheeze next week. Cheeze's dogs Gracie and Ruby seemed to be a little put out for their owners lack of affection towards them now he has other interests.

The Hub is still missing - believed to be somewhere in Asia.

And then the rain came down, and down, and down as everyone was leaving.

Next weeks run will be set by Tracka from Bells Parade, Latrobe.
The run after that will be set by Soff from 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach,
And the run after that will be set by GV TBA,
And the run after that will be set by Crow TBA but probably from the Ozz Rock Inn.

On On


September 22, 2015

Run 1788 from Isandula Heights and Forest Eco Centre

And so it was that exactly 14 hashers met at Ratchet's and Knicker's Forest Eco Centre for a run/walk though the surrounding forest, following copious amounts of flour leading this way and that, up and down and around and about, and back across Isandula Road so most were confused but when all saw the lights of the Eco Centre - all were relieved.  Tracka and TT arrived slightly late - even later than when the Trail Master called On On 6 minutes after 6.45.

Once back at the Eco Centre, after a little while, Ratchet dragged himself away from the BBQ and presented sausages and rissoles, while Knickers brought out soup, rolls, coleslaw, and for sweets there was rubarb/apple and apple crumble. Pretty good really.

Bastard did the lip and we know why. Downs  were incurred by -

. Tracka - made a comment about 1788 and Captain Cook arriving in that year,
. Knickers - for great food - Crow and Lantern and Tracka must have missed lunch,
. Crow - 818 reversible,
. Dint - 1010,
. OD - 21,  I bet she wish's she was,
. TT - 399 - practice,
. Ratchet - magnificent run,
. Dint - geographically challenged,
. Soff - biggest loser again. I remember saying before the finals they would go down 2 zip.

The Hub was missing again - we are wondering if we will ever see it again?

Raffles were won and won and Cheeze, GV and Soff won won.

While all this was happening, Cheeze brushed past GV and GV's chair collapsed under him - bit of a push rather than a shove. All of a sudden, there was GV flat out on his back on the concrete not moving at all.  After some moments, GV bounded up off the floor to the cheers of the surrounding Hashers that all was well - and it was, fortunately. The broken plastic chair has been given to Dint to put on the next fire in his backyard firepit.

When arriving at the Eco Centre, it was noticed that Ratchet's motor cycle was parked down in the paddock with a blue tarp over it. It seems that local gossip has it that he had to move it out of the garage so that we could be there - what about that big shed he has down the back? Cheeze would not do that!

Next weeks run will be from the muli-story palace of Cheeze at 33 Amhurst St, West Ulverstone. And it will be in conjunction with LunaH Hash which means the Burnie BH3 might be there. It is also the AFL Brownlow Medal count and those that are not interested in that can leave early- by special permission. I guess there will also be a $2 in sweep.

The Drunken Walkers won't be walking anywhere, but if they get thirsty, it will be somewhere in Ulverstone.

Have not heard of any Hashers having run in's with Wallabies or Wombats on the way home - there were plenty of them about. And Crow is pissed off about answering his phone in his Uber vehicle a couple of days ago.

On On


September 19, 2015

Highland Fling and LunaR Hash

LoonRhash on 28th September will be combined with DH3's infamous "Brownlow Medal" night r*n. Cheeze will host the evening from his house 33 Amherst St. Ulverstone at 6.30 pm. Others who are allergic to "Brownlows" and Football may leave early!!!

And Stop Press Read all about it.... The Chardonnay Highland Fling is on again. If you wish to attend the you need to pay up ASAP to the Hash Cash, Lone Arranger.

Saturday night accommodation is included in the registration fee, it is an extra $25 per night for those wishing to stay Friday or Sunday night payable to the Hash Cash. Please let Lone Arranger know if you are staying extra nights when you register Lone Arranger can be contacted on 0429346266 or email

See you there.

September 15, 2015

Off to Isandula next Monday!

Run 1787 from Roberts Rural Supplies near the western end of Victoria Bridge

And so a motly pack of about 15 give or take approximatly  hashers braved the potential rain and gathered at Roberts. The Uber Crowmobile was early for a change and were worried that they may be it. But, in the true tradition of Hashing, more arrived just in time.

The trail went every which way, nearly over the bridge, then back past the Waterfront food place and somewhere between there and the Horsehead Creek boat ramp, the trail was lost (for some) and I was one of the ones. Don't know where the rest went but it was heard that there was a HHH on an entry/exit road to the expressway. Anyway it did not rain during the run but while waiting for those that walked the runners trail we were subjected to a lightning and thunder show. Pretty impressive.

Back at the On On at Dint's and Koff's place,  Koff put on a feast of little dogs and party pies, followed by patties and rolls with lots of salads, and finishing of with Sarah Lee lemon slices and icecream.

Dint did the Lippery and most of the downs were -

  • .Dint - for calling the wrong Run Number,
  • .Koff - for being the cook,
  • .Eagle - for 1410 runs,
  • .Maggie - for 412 runs,
  • .Pioneer - for 412 runs,
  • .Cheeze, Crow, Koff and Soff - for being the biggest losers,
  • .Dint - for missing Cheeze's 540 run,
  • Cheeze - for 540 runs,
  • Synco - for being here. Bedpan was in Qld and he had nothing else to do!,
  • Flasher - because UFO forgot to renew her passport before leaving for Thailand - had to spend a couple of days in Melbourne to get a new one while Flasher went ahead - catching up on old flames?
  • Thrust - for leaving the keys to her car with  another hasher so that we could leave the empties,

Meanwhile, TT, Tracka, Eweturn, GA, GV (welcome back)  , and a couple of other hashers  who stayed even further out of range,  just stayed out of Dint's range.

The rain and thunder came back a few times but Dint's fire braved the elements.

The raffles were won and won. GA, Soff and Cheeze won the beer, cider and wine.

While all this was happening, the Spirit of Tasmania went past, and a sparkling light show from Din't temporary light show started sparking because part of it got wet.

And at the same time that all everything else was happening, Crow was seen to be enjoying a combination sweet of icecream, cake and cheese slices - the only problem he forgot to take off the plastic wrapping off the cheese - wanker!

Next weeks run will be set by Ratchet and Knickers from 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler, turn right at the end of the bitumen.

The run after that will be the Brownlow Medal count run from somewhere?

And the Drunken walkers did not get a mention.



September 8, 2015

Tracka's Snail Trail

Snail Trail by Tracka

Run 1786 From the Coles Beach Multipurpose toilet block.

Because it was a so so night, only about 12 or so hashers ventured to the vicinity of the multipurpose toilets at Coles Beach - perhaps they were unsure of how multipurpose they were and kept their distance. The Crow Uber vehicle made its appearance just in time - again. Apparently, Crow was relaying pavers in his restaurant courtyard after having to dig a big trench to replace some damaged pipes from his Chests and Breasts singular purpose toilets.

Tracka set a trail around and about, up the river and under the rail bridge, and down the stairs (lots of them) but everyone had to get up the hill first. Some hashers arrived back at the multipurpose toilets early (perhaps just to check them out and cheated on the hill) while others ventured nearly to King Neptune before deciding enough was enough. Crows Uber vehicle picked up a couple of distressed hashers while heading to the Bluff picnic area for the On On - they were distressed because they were distressed.

Once all (nearly all) hashers had made their way to the picnic area - Tracka magically produced a multitude of boxes of pizza's. When all had had their fill, Bastard did the Lip (it was his turn) and most of the downs I remembered were -

. Tracka - for the great run/walk/amble/shortcut,
. TT for the catering - well someone had to go and get the pizza's, and lamingtons for later,
. Eweturn - 45 runs,
. Maggie and Bastard - for the wooden spooooon,
. Tracka - apparently he went to a Launceston Hash run last week and got lost, but he did get there,
. Crow - for not getting lost and heading home early - reflected back to Dint for a crap nomination,
. Tracka - because there was a spare down left. It was Tracka's night!!

The raffles were won and won and just about everyone won won - even Cheeze.

Next weeks run will start from Roberts Ltd carpark on the western end of the bridge over the Mersey, just down the road from the Ferry cross the Mersey,  and the On On back at Dint's, 14 Church St, East Devonport. We hope Koff will be out and about and able to provide her normal excellent dishes, otherwise it could be Dint's well done sausages.

The Drunken walkers will stumble from some hotel on Thursday night.

Another peaceful run without that pathetic piece of plastic that pretends to be a horn. But then, I and Bastard short cut and maybe missed out on something.

On On


Pizza at the Bluff

September 1, 2015

Run 1785 from Sulphur Creek and surrounds.

And so 13 or so Hashers travelled to the outer metropolitis of Sulphur  Creek and a little bit of Heybridge. Bastards trail went back the way most had come, then headed towards the ocean, a sneaky little pathway to a back street, (I didn't know there were any back streets in Sulphur Creek), and apparently to the point where the free campers go, and back to where everyone started, just near the waybridge. But on the way back to the start, hashers could hear the plaintiff cries of multitudes of Penguins along the shoreline -  must be breeding time.

As it it was so cold, hashers did not hang around and moved quickly on to Bastards place. So quickly in fact that Ringer could not keep up in his mobile home (otherwise known as Supersals sex palace), and was 1/2 hour late in arriving - blaming poor directions ie turn left at the top of the hill - which hill?

Anyway Pioneer put up a feast of stew, snags, mash, peas and carrots and chicken thighs  All good!

The Lip was conducted by Dint (it was his turn) and downs were awarded to -

. Bastard - for a top run,
. Pioneer - for she's a good cook,
. Overdose -  for 20 runs,
. Eweturn - for 44 runs,
. Maggie May - for 410 runs,
. Bastard - for 1050 runs,
. Tracka - for 1260 runs.

Other downs were awarded to Cheeze and Maggie for being competative, something to do with Crow suggesting to Maggie that he could beat Cheeze home. Poxie became the biggest loser and Ringer for not following directions.

Dint got a down for being a bastard - he pulled Bastards chair from under him last week. And now Dint is calling who's the bastard who stole my horn - and it wasn't Bastard.   Karma comes around!   Dint also got another one for not noticing that Ringer wore the Hub.

The raffles were won and won - all 3 of them. Crow won the wine, Overdose won the beer and Pioneer had to be content with the cider.

Next weeks run will be set by Tracka from the Coles Beach car park, adjacent to the multipurpose toilets. With the On On being there or just nearby if it is inclement.

The Drunken Walkers will be staggering from the Lighthouse Hotel when everyone is ready.

On On


August 25, 2015

Run 1784

And so 15 or so Hashers met at Lanterns cave wondering in which direction he might send them. And send them he did - on through the old dead centre of Devonport, found some not so virgin bush behind the Council workshops,  past the Hillcrest Primary school 3 times, and wound up back at Lanterns. Some walking wankers actually walked the runners trail - double wankers!!

As we know Lantern likes a fire!  In fact he had 3 fires going when we all got back, one in the house, one in the man cave, and one in the fire  pit outside.

In due course, Lanterns feast was served up. Large pieces of chicken, sausages and beefburgers along with salad on some other green stuff. And in keeping with tradition, he served up icecream cake and pavlova. Crow was very watchful all night.

Bastard did the Lip and awarded downs to -
. Lantern for a top run,
. Pioneer for 410 runs,
. Bald Eagle for having his own lip,
. TT for 395 runs,
. Maggie May for 409 runs, practice,
. Bastard for calling On On when the Trailmaster was present,
. Ringer for losing weight -reason given having to perform every night of the week with sex partner SupaSal.

Hashers like Soff, Cheeze, Crow kept in the background and missed out .GA went home early. And at the end of the night, it was the Central Coast Cruisers last to leave again.

The biggest loser from the weekend was awarded to Tracka - something about a black and white bird.

The Hub resurfaced and was worn with great pride by Tracka - and was awarded for the next week to Ringer for being such a performer!

Next weeks run will be at the carpark behind  the weighbridge at Sulphur Creek/Heybridge with the On On back at Bastards in Adina Court, Penguin.

The run after that will be Tracka's run at the Coles Beach picnic are carpark - we know it well.
And the run after that will be set by Dint TBA.

The Drunken Walkers will stumble from the Lighthouse Hotel about 7.30pm AET.

Sent on my soon to be replaced computor.


August 23, 2015

Lantern's Cave

Greetings from Augusta...

Pl reply Y to Guardy by 10.00am tomorrow if u will come to Lantern's Cave on Stony Rise Road, D'port


August 12, 2015

Boner coming on!

If you want a freeby double ticket for Mr Holmes tonight 645pm. Message Dint ASAP, he has ONE spare double pass! First in best dressed...

The monk was absent last monday and we got washed out! The packs left Valentinos for FannyMays home where a quick circle was held with a lubricating dose of gluwein. On return to Valentinos the pack got soaked.

Fortunately Valentinos still allowed us in and FannyMay's dry towels got us all relatively comfortable for Pizza and Beer.

Next run at Boner's home: 2 of 2 Wrights Rd. in  Ulverstone!


August 4, 2015

Valentinos Pizza Run on Monday 10 August

Run 1782

And so, 15 Hashers made their way to Eagle's garage for another adventure in East Devonport. As Crow was late again, this time his excuse was bringing 540 as 1080 was otherwise engaged, the CCC team took some time to catch up. In fact Soff did not catch up at all.

It seems the trail went over the bridge and came right back again.  Eagle did say it was short and sharp.

Back in the garage, inadequately warmed by a pissy little fan heater, Eagle served up soup, rissoles and rolls, and chockolate moose and strawberries. There was none left.

Dint performed the Lip and downs were awarded to -

. Eagle for a short run on a cold night,
. Soff for 800 runs,
. TT for 393 reversible,
. Ringer for 11 reversible,
. Cheeze for 534 for dislectic week,
. Supasal for 132 as above,
. Dint for calling 540 520,
. and a couple of others not worthy of mention.

GA brought along another friend (one wonders where he finds them). When asked if he had a knickname, he said he had one and it was Dodgy, so that became his hash name.

As far as the Hub goes, GA was so interested in bringing his friend along that he forgot to bring the Hub along as well. It was no contest that GA was awarded the Hub for another week.

During a lull in proceedings (Dint was eating) Eagle was heard to say "Every old person has a young person in them, saying what the f*ck happened".  And he also said the he took his MG Sprite for a run on Saturday with the hood down - jeez, what is he trying to prove!

Another piece of lost property surfaced - this time it had Bonor's name on it.

Biggest losers this week were Cheeze and Bonor - Maggie was relieved.

Raffles were won and won and everyone won won.

Drunken walkers will walk from the Forth Pub at half past on Thursday if they can!

Next weeks run will be from Valentino's in Best St, Devonport, opposite Gowans Toyota. Bring some extra cash for drinks.

And the run after that will be from Bonor's place somewhere in Ulverstone. Ah an update- its at 2/2 Wrights Road, off  Trevor St, somewhere near the Simplot exit off the bypass. We have been there before. You all remember that?

I shall wave to you all as I pass by on the Spirit of Tasmania next Monday with my motor bike and a few others doing traffic control for the cycling Tour of the South Coast - Mt Gambier to Port Fairy over a week or so.

Sometimes you wonder ...and another glass of wine tells you the answer. Life goes on!!!

On On

July 29, 2015

Agent 99 Comes and Goes

And so exactly 17 hashers of mixed decent met at the about to be called  former home of Eweturn. When all arrived at the soon to be called former home, all found Eweturn feeling unwell and being looked after by 99, an import from Burnie Hash.
Bastard set the trail for a nice walk/run around the newer parts of inland Turners Beach with the runners chasing trail over the railway line, and  back over the railway line,  and through some paddocks back to Eweturns, who by this time, had retired to bed by herself.

After another 1/2 hour or so GA finally arrived in company with his friend and 2 dogs. They actually followed the entire running trail at walking speed (ed), as GA does.

Bastard did the lip and downs were awarded to -
  • Bastard for setting the run,
  • 99 for providing the food,
  • Dint for 1000th run which he was unable to complete last week,
  • Dint for 1001 runs reversible,
  • 99 for being a Devonport hash virgin,
  • Soff for 799 runs,
  • Black Tracka for 1255 runs,
  • OverDose for 16 runs - something to do with Sweet Sixteen.
A new hasher brought along by GA was named Cranium, who was unable to do the down and proxied it to GA.

The Hub had returned and Dint did it proud showing it to all and sundry. The next wearer just happened to be GA in honour of his recent 50th birthday.

The biggest loser award for this week was shared between Maggie May and OverDose, both being unfortunate supporters of Carlton.

The raffles were won and won and I won won too - and so did Cheeze and most everyone else.

A piece of lost property turned up having been lost somewhere in the past. With a name like Bald Eagle enscribed on the towel sort of gave it away as to who owned it. He did wonder where it got to.

Coming events this week include Drunken Walkers at the Forth Hotel meeting at 1/2 past on Thursday.
Closely followed by Loonah Hash at the town of murals Sheffield Hotel on Friday at 1/2 past 6.

NEXT RUN: A little less closely following is next weeks run set by Bald Eagle from his garage at 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport.

And finally a cry for help - Eweturn is moving this Saturday and is asking hashers (they are the only people she knows these days) for help in getting her stuff moved to her new abode all of about 1 km away.  If you really must know, it's to Thrust's empty house just up the road and around the corner. Bring your trailer. I am sure there will be refreshments available when all is done.

July 23, 2015


July 21, 2015

Dint's 1000th run

And so it came to pass that give or take 18 hashers met at the Elimatta Hotel in Devonport to celebrate the reaching of 1000 runs by Dint.

At the appointed time but 2 minutes early because we were having a meal there and did not want to be late, the trail led to the leadlight just up the road, then back down the road to the Vietnam Vets BBQ shelter, and a wander back to the pub.

But while we were all at the shelter, Tracka called for some quiet and made mention of this significant milestone for Dint. Tracka then disappeared around the back for a moment, only to re-appear with what looked like a car door off a Camira, complete with a significant dint - all this while enjoying some green ginger wine. Dint was suitably chuffed. Then everyone put their own comments with permanent marker on the door - most were kind.

Back at the pub, hashers sat at a long table, ordered their meals and enjoyed a tab at the bar. Even Supa Sal and her sex partner Ringer were there. The only down offered was for Dint for his 1000th run and then he was only able to drink about an inch of it before passing it on to nearby hashers. It was most unlike Dint but he was unwell but it didn't stop him from being on the radio the next morning.

Other downs that should have been made were for the biggest winner (Cheeze) or the biggest loser (Soff). Cheeze really rubbed it in when, standing on his balcony on Monday morning, made rude comments to me in the public carpark below.

Gorn Again again reminded everyone of his forthcoming 50th birthday to be celebrated at the East Devonport Bowls Club on Saturday 25th July from 3.30pm

Next weeks run will be at Eweturns, 210 Eastlands Drive, Turners Beach, the day after the Burnie Hash will have been there. Wonder whether she will use the same trail?

Forthcoming runs are

  • 27 July - Bald Eagle TBA 
  • 3 Aug - Bonor TBA And we need more!!
  • 10 Aug - Gone Again and Fanny May from Valentinos in Devonport
FROM FACEBOOK: It's Blue Moon time again!! No Cheeze blue or otherwise though! As 'once in a Blue Moon' we stray far afield this month we will visit "The Murials". Meet at the Sheffield Pub at 6.30 pm on the evening of Friday 31st July for Meandering, Munching and Mooning. . 

Thanks to Tracka for organising such a wonderful trail, a special award, great food (I guess that's why we keep going back there), and for doing this while not feeling too good.

On On

July 14, 2015

I smell 1000 Runs cumminup!

From the late Whiskers, Canberra HHH in the 90s 

Soff’s computer has chucked a wobbly so he has asked that I send this to you.

Run 1779 Next Monday’s Hash is a celebration of Dint’s 1000th Run starting from near The Elimatta Hotel, Victoria Parade, D’port at 6.45pm. Trail is in the hands of Tracka (I hope). On-On will be at The Eli. Buy our own everything. Expect your usual SMS on Sunday enquiring as to your potential attendance.

Run 1778
Seven walkers and five plodders exited Coles Car Park with “fond” farewells from Hare Cheese. Both the walkers and plodders followed trail to the summit of Mount Trevor. (Well ... some did). The walkers were pleased to see an HHH and the plodders went on a downhill sprint in anxious anticipation of seeing some trail.

Dint decided to quit the pack and much valuable time was spent searching for him. (I lie!) Anyway to make a short story long we eventually finished up back at The Red Grasshopper for a banquet of Pizzas.

Cheese conducted the “lipperary” and suprisingly Dint was awarded The Hub for very good reasons, not to do with his impending milestone. Thanks Cheese. Great Trail and great On-On.

Soff is looking for hashers to set coming runs. Please let him know when you are able to oblige.

Remember, Hash depends on you! Thanks and see you on 14th September. GV

July 7, 2015

Run 1777

And so it came to pass that about 13 or so intrepid hashers made their way inland to the rural location of Preston. And why would anyone set a run this far into the bush.  Why of course Bedpan did and used her perswasive? powers on Teabag to provide a location for the Onon. Teabag was a non running visitor to Ratchets and Knickers last run and is still visiting and house sitting.

In Bedpans normal logical thinking, she set trail heading further south and still further south until she set HHH at the Preston water falls. Unfortunately, she seems to have missed setting trail along the straight sections of road and the runners were heading every which way, but mostly back to the Onon.  For everyone to get to the start of the run, Crow's new found business under the guise of Uber transported the runners up the road a bit, and the wankers to the HHH.  Some of the wankers proved very wise and, after viewing the falls, climbed back into the Uber vehicle and got out again much closer to the Onon. Those wankers who walked the full distance earned their drinks.

Anyway, back at the ranch, Bastard did the lip and downs were awarded to -

. Cheeze - 530 runs,
. Tinsel Tits - 390 runs,
. Crow - 808 runs,
. Dint - 998 runs after a recount and still practicing,
. Bastard - for being stupid,
. GV - for being biggest loser.
. Cheeze - for giving wrong directions to Bastard,
. Bedpan - for setting trail out of her car, and using up much of Crow's Uber's clutch.
. Bonor - in absentia for an interesting photo in the Advocate - why was he apart from the crowd?

Teabag fed us with rice and curried sausages and followed up with fruit crumble - all very nice.

The raffles were won and won and I won won too. There seemed to be a theme with the prizes - all sweet things like lollies and timtams etc. Cheeze won won too and it was not a blow up doll. One day!

OD was not present, neither was the Hub. Must be that the journey from Wynyard proved too much.

Next weeks run (13th July) will be set by Cheeze from  Coles carpark, adjacent to Macca's at Ulverstone, with the Onon at the Red Grasshopper.

The run after that  (20th July) will be at the Elimatta Hotel in recognition of a 1000th run.
We need more hashers to set runs - what can you do?   C'mon!!!

On On


July 1, 2015


I lied. Next run is FULL MOON run hosted by the new Devonport Drunken Walkers:
Looney's gather on the rear car park of Furners Hotel in Ulverstone at 6.30pm on Thursday 2nd. July.

Next Devonport Hash run is at Teabag's current abode in Preston!

Address is 1411 Preston Rd, Preston.
Coming from Devonport drive towards Ulverstone and turn left on Gawlor road. Drive 10kms and continue straight (do not turn to Gunns Plains!), staying on what has now become Preston road for another 5kms, up a hill and driveway on right with BLUE mail box. Turn right at end of long driveway at sign that says Hornbag.

Run 1776 Report

Syncro had to be restrained for his 50th bday...
And so it came to pass that 16 hashers met at the carpark behind the Spreyton School and near the netball courts.  All good except there was no netball being played.  Under the light of a nearly full silvery moon, assisted by the glow from Venus and Jupiter, the pack left the carpark and headed off.

Right off went the wankers for a tour around the Spreyton racecourse and back through the dead centre, and the runners went just a bit further, up and around Devonfield to the Function Centre and HHH'd from there.

Back at TT's garage, TT served up tomato soup, some different lasagnes, and cake for sweets. All very filling.

Dint did the Lip and downs were awarded to -
  • Tracka for setting the trail,
  • TT for filling up our tummies,
  • Bedpan - 50 runs,
  • Dint - 998 runs for practice,
  • Syncro - 50th birthday,
  • Soff - biggest loser,
  • Eweturn - for not singing,
  • TT - no odd sox,
  • Tracka - ditto,
  • Bastard - for not remembering a hashers name (I can't either).
The raffles were won and won and cheeze won a prize - and it still wasn't a blow up doll.

Next weeks run will be at Preston apparently, and I say that because Bedpan has not come back to me with an address to go to. You know what a woman can be like now that Synco is around!  I guess there will be another post when we know.

Another month and another Loonah Hash. Yes - this full moon celebration will be at  Furners Hotel in Ulverstone starting at the very reasonable time of 6.30, and will be in conjuction with the Drunken Walkers.

Most of us know that Dint is on the radio. And sometimes he tells the listeners what the time is. For example, when the big hand is pointing at the 11 and the little hand is pointing at the 12 - it is not 5 minutes to 11. He actually said at Hash that he does it all the time. An another example of self promotion which he downed for last week was when awarding a prize to a listener, the listener said "you are a legend" and Dint said "I know".  And we all know Dint is a legend, for all the wrong reasons!

On On

June 26, 2015

Drunken Walkers, Coles etc.

Run 1775: And so 18 or so Hashers met at the Ozz Rock Inn not knowing what was waiting for them - knowing Crow. And Crow did not let them down. It turned out to be a paper run - that is, go to specific points and count things, or what is the telephone number of so and so, or what is the price of some products in Coles and so on - about 20 of them.

Teams were drawn by 1080, ably assisted by 540 (get it?) About an hour later all the teams had returned and 1080 was set to check the sheets. In the meantime, Crow was serving up Pea and Ham soup, followed by pork and coleslaw and rolls, and icecream and apple crumble. Some were disappointed that there were no fish and chips. Very nice.

It was Bastards turn to do the lip and some notable downs were - .
1400 - Bald Eagle, .
1040 - Bastard, .
997 - Dint (more practice), .
250 - Gone Again (who has just come back), .
400 - Maggie May, .
002 - 540 for consecutive runs, 
FC and Dint downed for birthdays, Dint for being the biggest loser, Bald Eagle for being the biggest winner and Dint for various other self interest reasons.

Results of the teams event were - 1st - Cheeze and Dint, 2nd equal, FC and GA, Maggie and Eagle, and Thrust and Eweturn, 5th - Bastard and Tracka and Soff, 6th - GV and Poxie, 7th - Pioneer and Overdose. The raffle was won and won and Cheeze won a prize - no it was not a blow up doll. The Hub was awarded to Overdose, on a countback from Dint, for refusing to go into Coles, indicating this by a very loud "stuff it - I am not going into there".

An interesting evening - more so for the staff at Coles. Great food, great run, great fellowship and everyone left through the "exit to the real world" door.

Drunken Walkers!
Tracka advised that a new group of like minded hashers called "Drunken Walkers" meet each thursday at 7.30pm, this week at the Lighthouse in Ulverstone (whgoops, past tense now....).

Next Run:
Next weeks run will be from the rear carpark of the Spreyton Primary School, near the netball courts that we very nearly went to a couple of weeks ago.

On On Soff

June 19, 2015

Personal Success Intensive - Cheese pulled it off

Next run:

Where: From Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road, Ulverstone 
What: The Great Race 
When: Monday 22nd June. 6.30 for 6.45 start 
Hare: Crow 

Run Report 1774: Cheese transformed the terrain of Ulver-rock with ample dots of powdered dough. A pack of too many for me to count assembled in Amherst St for the “on-on” call. The runners powered all the way to Boner’s abode via a devious trail, while the walkers took a shorter root through the parklands. By miraculous calculation Cheese managed to get the walkers and runners back at the same time. Welcome back to some hashers who had not been for a while. We missed you. Also welcome to 540 for his first official run. (and run he did!!) Master Chef Cheese prepared a gourmet meal for the masses, topped off with Vanilla Slice and Port and Green Ginger Wine. You’re a machine Cheese! Thanks. GV in Soff’s absence.


MESSAGE FROM Kick It - a Hasher from Brisbane South Side Hash
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June 14, 2015

RUN 1773

Monday, 8th June, 2015

RUN:  1773

And so it came to pass that 8 or 9 hashers met at the Mersey Yacht Club.  I don't know why because it was wet, it was cold, and it was windy.   Perhaps it was the thought of enjoying some of the eats that Koff was going to provide.

Anyway, the runners decided to run to I don't know where. Word has it that GV fell flat on his face and Eagle was blown backwards. The wankers did the sensible thing by walking to Koff's place - well some started walking but soon retreated to go back and get their cars. Another sensible thought was for the wankers to call into the Edgewater Hotel for a warming drink but alas, they had just closed up. Utterley disappointed, the wankers moved on to Koff's house expecting some refreshments, but there was none until Cheeze in Crows mobile arrived.

While waiting for Cheeze, Flasher regaled all with a description of the names on the Hub - yes it was there and so was Bonor. Most hash names enscribed on the hub were remembered, as were their real names, but some were not.

Koff was getting excited by this time and brought out the pumpken soup and savoury toast without waiting for the runners - and a nice soup it was.  It was left to Dint to order and pick up Pizza's from Dominoes - they were either not very nice or there was too much - doesn't matter  - Dint's lunch on Tuesday. These were followed by lamingtons with jam and real cream.

For a change the raffle was won and won 
before the Lip -  just about everyone won a prize.

Bastard did the Lip and downs were awarded to -

Dint for setting trail, which could be followed, in extreme conditions,
. Koff for another excellent spread,
. Dint for 995 runs,
. GV for 1305 runs,
. GV for sending a txt message to Koff's landline.

The newly returned Hub was awarded to GV for reasons above, and again there was no port.

Next weeks run will be set by Cheeze from 33 Amhurst St, Ulverstone.

The following weeks run (June 22) will be set by Crow? from the Oz Rock Inn, 10 Beach Road, that's in Ulverstone as well.

The run after that (June 29) will be set by Tracka TBA.

But there is more! The run after that run will be at Tug's house of ill repute, also known as The Red Grasshopper, on 6 July.

While having a look at the front page of The Advocate this morning (tuesday after the monday run), lo and behold one could see Bonor (even from the rear you could recognize him) in his multi coloured shorts after participating in a "freezemnd" swim at the Ulverstone Surf Club beach,  And looking at another photo on Page 4, I think he was checking to see if his manlyness was still there. Done good!!

On On and I will be in Sydeny at part time hasher Herb's second wedding (stupid person) next week.


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