May 28, 2013

Flasher's Flour

On this cool and dark evening we followed Flasher's Flour for miles and miles through West Ulverstone Heights. Those who persevered found the eternal steps back up to Maude Street and safely back to UFO's cooking.

GoneAgain took his CalendarDate for the run but had to carry her back with an ACL injury. A few down-downs for various racially vilified people and some innocent ones. An illegit raffle was conducted by Flasher himself and the main prize was a pre-owned (by none less than both Mullet AND Thrust) game of a trivial Sexual Pursuit game.

Anyways, you're all dying to know where we run next monday. It is at the Mersey Yacht Club in Devonport, OnOn at the Legendary Dint's place where we shall dig into some Pizza (we expect home made of course)!

ALSO, don't forget NW Lunar Hash is on Wednesday night, Otto Grotto in the Stone at 7pm. Bring wooly longjohns, mits and beanies.

May 25, 2013

Highland Fling 2013

Highland Fling - bookings closing soon

Numbers will be limited this year:
Only 2 ute loads of grog for the piss stops and 20 tonne of fire wood (see photo below)
So book your spot now or hear about it for those that did !

May 24, 2013

Flying Moons in the NW

Lunar Hash! You'd know this if you were on Facebook or checked the NW Lunarhash blog:
By order from the Grand Loon himself, LoonRhash does it's loony bit yet again!! The next LoonR "mooning" will be on Wednesday 29th May staring from Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone at 7pm. A table will be booked for us at the "R.A" afterwards.


Hi, fellow Hashers, FM's last posting until "HomeAgain-CumAgain" has "GoneAgain" !!!!!

Next week's run:_

WHEN:     Monday 27th May, 2013.
WHERE:    Flasher & UFO - 118 Maude Street, Ulverstone.
TIME:        6.30ish.
ONON:      Asiswhereis!!!

Blurb from Monday 20th May, by non other than our own "Tinsel" :-
Righto then, next weeks run is at Flashers and Sue's so that's that. There were 16 Hashers which was good. It was a cold night as you would know but Tracka had a fire pot which was good. We had tomato soup followed by wait for it.....Phil Maney pies which went down like a treat on such a cold night, followed by choccy cake!! Dint debated the ins and outs of pies, must have eaten a few cause he seemed to know all about them he he!! You know what Dint is like with food God help us!! Flasher got several down downs for all types of shite!! Can't remember why now, and Flasher also told us of Cheese's exploits at Pioneers place involving their bed... Say no more:) A few good laughs were had by all. And good to see "Dad" back from his travels in far away exotic places... That's all folks:)


May 18, 2013


WHEN:     Monday, 20th May.
WHERE:    Well's Car Park, entrance off Gilbert Street Latrobe.
TIME:        6.30ish, it's getter colder, Trailmaster will call OnOn soon after!!!
ONON:      Tracka & Tinsels' Abode.

Update from run on 13th May from Outerberbs!
Bastard's run saw a small pack departing the yacht club, good to see some savvy Burnie Hashers, Ringo & ABOT, know where the fun is to be had.
Pioneer served up a fine feast of Chicken & Corn Soup, as she knows just how much Dint loves corn, followed by roast pork rolls, all scoffed down with the usual display of impeccable manners!!!!! Did anyone work the pepper grinder out this time "Cheese"!!

See you at Latrobe, OnOn

Web Wanker "Gone Again" will be "Back Again" this week.  Back from his mum's birthday, awww, NashHash & the Wilds of PNG, so look forward to your usual late postings!!

May 9, 2013

Devonport Outerburbs?

Monday 13 May run is 630pm from the car park next to Burnie Yacht Club. On on at BAs house in Penguin!


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