July 29, 2015

Agent 99 Comes and Goes

And so exactly 17 hashers of mixed decent met at the about to be called  former home of Eweturn. When all arrived at the soon to be called former home, all found Eweturn feeling unwell and being looked after by 99, an import from Burnie Hash.
Bastard set the trail for a nice walk/run around the newer parts of inland Turners Beach with the runners chasing trail over the railway line, and  back over the railway line,  and through some paddocks back to Eweturns, who by this time, had retired to bed by herself.

After another 1/2 hour or so GA finally arrived in company with his friend and 2 dogs. They actually followed the entire running trail at walking speed (ed), as GA does.

Bastard did the lip and downs were awarded to -
  • Bastard for setting the run,
  • 99 for providing the food,
  • Dint for 1000th run which he was unable to complete last week,
  • Dint for 1001 runs reversible,
  • 99 for being a Devonport hash virgin,
  • Soff for 799 runs,
  • Black Tracka for 1255 runs,
  • OverDose for 16 runs - something to do with Sweet Sixteen.
A new hasher brought along by GA was named Cranium, who was unable to do the down and proxied it to GA.

The Hub had returned and Dint did it proud showing it to all and sundry. The next wearer just happened to be GA in honour of his recent 50th birthday.

The biggest loser award for this week was shared between Maggie May and OverDose, both being unfortunate supporters of Carlton.

The raffles were won and won and I won won too - and so did Cheeze and most everyone else.

A piece of lost property turned up having been lost somewhere in the past. With a name like Bald Eagle enscribed on the towel sort of gave it away as to who owned it. He did wonder where it got to.

Coming events this week include Drunken Walkers at the Forth Hotel meeting at 1/2 past on Thursday.
Closely followed by Loonah Hash at the town of murals Sheffield Hotel on Friday at 1/2 past 6.

NEXT RUN: A little less closely following is next weeks run set by Bald Eagle from his garage at 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport.

And finally a cry for help - Eweturn is moving this Saturday and is asking hashers (they are the only people she knows these days) for help in getting her stuff moved to her new abode all of about 1 km away.  If you really must know, it's to Thrust's empty house just up the road and around the corner. Bring your trailer. I am sure there will be refreshments available when all is done.

July 23, 2015


July 21, 2015

Dint's 1000th run

And so it came to pass that give or take 18 hashers met at the Elimatta Hotel in Devonport to celebrate the reaching of 1000 runs by Dint.

At the appointed time but 2 minutes early because we were having a meal there and did not want to be late, the trail led to the leadlight just up the road, then back down the road to the Vietnam Vets BBQ shelter, and a wander back to the pub.

But while we were all at the shelter, Tracka called for some quiet and made mention of this significant milestone for Dint. Tracka then disappeared around the back for a moment, only to re-appear with what looked like a car door off a Camira, complete with a significant dint - all this while enjoying some green ginger wine. Dint was suitably chuffed. Then everyone put their own comments with permanent marker on the door - most were kind.

Back at the pub, hashers sat at a long table, ordered their meals and enjoyed a tab at the bar. Even Supa Sal and her sex partner Ringer were there. The only down offered was for Dint for his 1000th run and then he was only able to drink about an inch of it before passing it on to nearby hashers. It was most unlike Dint but he was unwell but it didn't stop him from being on the radio the next morning.

Other downs that should have been made were for the biggest winner (Cheeze) or the biggest loser (Soff). Cheeze really rubbed it in when, standing on his balcony on Monday morning, made rude comments to me in the public carpark below.

Gorn Again again reminded everyone of his forthcoming 50th birthday to be celebrated at the East Devonport Bowls Club on Saturday 25th July from 3.30pm

Next weeks run will be at Eweturns, 210 Eastlands Drive, Turners Beach, the day after the Burnie Hash will have been there. Wonder whether she will use the same trail?

Forthcoming runs are

  • 27 July - Bald Eagle TBA 
  • 3 Aug - Bonor TBA And we need more!!
  • 10 Aug - Gone Again and Fanny May from Valentinos in Devonport
FROM FACEBOOK: It's Blue Moon time again!! No Cheeze blue or otherwise though! As 'once in a Blue Moon' we stray far afield this month we will visit "The Murials". Meet at the Sheffield Pub at 6.30 pm on the evening of Friday 31st July for Meandering, Munching and Mooning. . 

Thanks to Tracka for organising such a wonderful trail, a special award, great food (I guess that's why we keep going back there), and for doing this while not feeling too good.

On On

July 14, 2015

I smell 1000 Runs cumminup!

From the late Whiskers, Canberra HHH in the 90s 

Soff’s computer has chucked a wobbly so he has asked that I send this to you.

Run 1779 Next Monday’s Hash is a celebration of Dint’s 1000th Run starting from near The Elimatta Hotel, Victoria Parade, D’port at 6.45pm. Trail is in the hands of Tracka (I hope). On-On will be at The Eli. Buy our own everything. Expect your usual SMS on Sunday enquiring as to your potential attendance.

Run 1778
Seven walkers and five plodders exited Coles Car Park with “fond” farewells from Hare Cheese. Both the walkers and plodders followed trail to the summit of Mount Trevor. (Well ... some did). The walkers were pleased to see an HHH and the plodders went on a downhill sprint in anxious anticipation of seeing some trail.

Dint decided to quit the pack and much valuable time was spent searching for him. (I lie!) Anyway to make a short story long we eventually finished up back at The Red Grasshopper for a banquet of Pizzas.

Cheese conducted the “lipperary” and suprisingly Dint was awarded The Hub for very good reasons, not to do with his impending milestone. Thanks Cheese. Great Trail and great On-On.

Soff is looking for hashers to set coming runs. Please let him know when you are able to oblige.

Remember, Hash depends on you! Thanks and see you on 14th September. GV

July 7, 2015

Run 1777

And so it came to pass that about 13 or so intrepid hashers made their way inland to the rural location of Preston. And why would anyone set a run this far into the bush.  Why of course Bedpan did and used her perswasive? powers on Teabag to provide a location for the Onon. Teabag was a non running visitor to Ratchets and Knickers last run and is still visiting and house sitting.

In Bedpans normal logical thinking, she set trail heading further south and still further south until she set HHH at the Preston water falls. Unfortunately, she seems to have missed setting trail along the straight sections of road and the runners were heading every which way, but mostly back to the Onon.  For everyone to get to the start of the run, Crow's new found business under the guise of Uber transported the runners up the road a bit, and the wankers to the HHH.  Some of the wankers proved very wise and, after viewing the falls, climbed back into the Uber vehicle and got out again much closer to the Onon. Those wankers who walked the full distance earned their drinks.

Anyway, back at the ranch, Bastard did the lip and downs were awarded to -

. Cheeze - 530 runs,
. Tinsel Tits - 390 runs,
. Crow - 808 runs,
. Dint - 998 runs after a recount and still practicing,
. Bastard - for being stupid,
. GV - for being biggest loser.
. Cheeze - for giving wrong directions to Bastard,
. Bedpan - for setting trail out of her car, and using up much of Crow's Uber's clutch.
. Bonor - in absentia for an interesting photo in the Advocate - why was he apart from the crowd?

Teabag fed us with rice and curried sausages and followed up with fruit crumble - all very nice.

The raffles were won and won and I won won too. There seemed to be a theme with the prizes - all sweet things like lollies and timtams etc. Cheeze won won too and it was not a blow up doll. One day!

OD was not present, neither was the Hub. Must be that the journey from Wynyard proved too much.

Next weeks run (13th July) will be set by Cheeze from  Coles carpark, adjacent to Macca's at Ulverstone, with the Onon at the Red Grasshopper.

The run after that  (20th July) will be at the Elimatta Hotel in recognition of a 1000th run.
We need more hashers to set runs - what can you do?   C'mon!!!

On On


July 1, 2015


I lied. Next run is FULL MOON run hosted by the new Devonport Drunken Walkers:
Looney's gather on the rear car park of Furners Hotel in Ulverstone at 6.30pm on Thursday 2nd. July.

Next Devonport Hash run is at Teabag's current abode in Preston!

Address is 1411 Preston Rd, Preston.
Coming from Devonport drive towards Ulverstone and turn left on Gawlor road. Drive 10kms and continue straight (do not turn to Gunns Plains!), staying on what has now become Preston road for another 5kms, up a hill and driveway on right with BLUE mail box. Turn right at end of long driveway at sign that says Hornbag.

Run 1776 Report

Syncro had to be restrained for his 50th bday...
And so it came to pass that 16 hashers met at the carpark behind the Spreyton School and near the netball courts.  All good except there was no netball being played.  Under the light of a nearly full silvery moon, assisted by the glow from Venus and Jupiter, the pack left the carpark and headed off.

Right off went the wankers for a tour around the Spreyton racecourse and back through the dead centre, and the runners went just a bit further, up and around Devonfield to the Function Centre and HHH'd from there.

Back at TT's garage, TT served up tomato soup, some different lasagnes, and cake for sweets. All very filling.

Dint did the Lip and downs were awarded to -
  • Tracka for setting the trail,
  • TT for filling up our tummies,
  • Bedpan - 50 runs,
  • Dint - 998 runs for practice,
  • Syncro - 50th birthday,
  • Soff - biggest loser,
  • Eweturn - for not singing,
  • TT - no odd sox,
  • Tracka - ditto,
  • Bastard - for not remembering a hashers name (I can't either).
The raffles were won and won and cheeze won a prize - and it still wasn't a blow up doll.

Next weeks run will be at Preston apparently, and I say that because Bedpan has not come back to me with an address to go to. You know what a woman can be like now that Synco is around!  I guess there will be another post when we know.

Another month and another Loonah Hash. Yes - this full moon celebration will be at  Furners Hotel in Ulverstone starting at the very reasonable time of 6.30, and will be in conjuction with the Drunken Walkers.

Most of us know that Dint is on the radio. And sometimes he tells the listeners what the time is. For example, when the big hand is pointing at the 11 and the little hand is pointing at the 12 - it is not 5 minutes to 11. He actually said at Hash that he does it all the time. An another example of self promotion which he downed for last week was when awarding a prize to a listener, the listener said "you are a legend" and Dint said "I know".  And we all know Dint is a legend, for all the wrong reasons!

On On

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