December 30, 2010

This is F**KING URGENT - Change for next run!

There has been a change for next Monday's Run. (3 Jan 630pm) It is now the wet
tee shirt run at Crows. The following week is being set at Les Biens at the
end of McCabe Avenue, Devonport.

Thanks and best wishes for 2011.


December 28, 2010

Up and Cummin

3/1/11 630pm - Alma Bridge (Wilmot side) 12.2 ks from Forth on Wilmot Road. Depending on weather conditions there will be wet foot trail for runners and dry foot trail for walkers (or a combination thereof at your choice) 6.45ish start. Dogs need to be on leash. On On at picnic shelter near bridge – Hare: .... Guardsvan

December 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho at HHH

Christmas was celebrated in the North West in traditional Hash Style. Burnie Hash was overwhelmed by Devonport Hash who all politely showed up respectably late. Phaywray and her little helpers cooked up a storm and no one was felt wanting for more... Well, except Santa of course. We all wanted more of him. We all duly sat on his lap hoping for that little bit more, but short of a flashing smile Santa Ringo was awfully well behaved.

The next night at Crow's abode, saw Devonport Xmas Hash started with several circles on the beach. Not sure if they were employees of the renowned Oz-Rock-Inn, just ring-ins or just a flook, but two beach bunnies showed up for a photo session, drooling over the handsome Santas present and wanting to sign on the HHH dotted line immediately. GoneAgain set the minimum Hashing age at 12 to cover all possibilities and promptly was told off with a down down and Cheese reminded him that the minimum age was 16. Miraculously the beach bunnies still qualified and we shall be expecting them to show their smiles at the next hash (even though they went to school in Launceston)!

Numerous runners made it to the end of the Ulverstone Rock Wall, and from there on the night degraded steadily with the lip having to hand out spankings with a wooden spoon and writing out sexual favour cheques for the goody -two-shoes who failed to join i against the lip. The night briefly reached a new climax with a superb meal at the ORI (Oz Rock Inn) but after that we resorted to the usual low standard of entertainment which included pole dancing (Crow wiped the pole with his tongue after each session). The night came to an abrupt halt when Crow was floored by his own entertainment unit which threw a heavy loudspeaker at him after he failed to maim himself on the pole.

Next Devonport Hash run shall be from the Tasmanian Arboretum on the Old Tramway Road near the Huge Banana (Eugenana).

God Protect Launceston as they are having LoonRhasH Christmas at the Duke of Wellington hotel at 7pm  with a pub-meal. 

December 20, 2010

Walking just isn't enough

Guardy's run at Alma bridge was a roaring success. Some hashers used muscles they hadn't used much before when they came upon the flex tree gym apparatus on the way to the dam. Mullét even found it quite fun to sit and bounce on it. She said she hadn't cum that way before - to the dam I presume.

December 19, 2010

Xmas Run Correction

Just to be clear....  Crow's Oz Rock Inn on Monday 20th of December (Beach Road, Ulverstone) at 6.30pm-ish. Bring spare shoes and gear in case someone decides you go for a swim.


    December 14, 2010

    Christmas Run 20th December

    Our Christmas Party will not be cancelled due to sexually inappropriate advances. At our age (average Hasher is now a respectable 38) that just is not going to happen.
    Our own Devonport Hash Christmas party will be hosted from Crow's Oz Rock Inn on Monday 20th of December (Beach Road, Ulverstone) at 6.30pm-ish. Bring spare shoes and gear in case someone decides you go for a swim.

    Dress with a Christmas flavour ... you turkey!!  Beware of the man with the big red nose.

    And on the Up and Cumming list we also see that the other frivolous festive events are as follows:
    • BURNIE HASH Christmas: Sunday December 19th - 5pm from Burnie Spotlight. Bring plate of food and a secret santa gift worth at least $500.
    • LoonRhasH Christmas at the Duke of Wellington hotel in Launceston: 7pm Tuesday December 21st. Pubmeal.

    December 13, 2010

    RUN UPDATE 13/12

    Due to persistent precipitation in the proximity, the river crossing has been aborted. Run will still start and finish at Alma Bridge. On On will be under cover.



    December 6, 2010

    Kelcey Tier Virgin Territory

    Dyke promised us no hills and no mud, no false trails, an ocean full of whales and world peace. And what did we get?
    Well, Oh my God, what a fabulous room! Are all these your guitars? This place is bigger than our apartment. Uh, could I have a drink of water? Ya want some? Huh? Oh wow! Look at this tub! Wanna take a bath?

    Mable cooked up a storm, excellent bread (straight from the freezer), well rigged raffle complete with GoneAgain drawing his own number for the best prize - he was going to call out his own number no matter what, but luck was apparently on his side as well.

    Next weeks run is from Alma Bridge 12.2 ks from Forth Post Office on Wilmot Road. Park on right hand side over bridge. Bring spare clothes.


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    December 5, 2010

    Receding Hareline



    When:     13th December

    Where:    Alma Bridge 12.2 ks from Forth Post Office on Wilmot Road. Park on right hand side over bridge.

    Brief:       First part of trail will be transport leg. Runners and walkers will follow same trail. Walkers will be transported further than runners. Approx. distances

                      > runners ; 7 ks, walkers; 4 ks. Trail will involve river crossing, so suggest bring change of clothing and footwear. First transport load departs  6.45 pm.

    On On:    At picnic shelter on left   Wilmot side of bridge.




    December 3, 2010

    Devonport Hash office bearers 2011

    Even though Mabel is On-Sec, he can't spell and is computer illiterate, but more importantly, it was I who transcribed details of that abomination we called an AGM on Monday night.
    Details below,














    Guardsvan / Bastard

    Maggie / Fanny May





    Bald Eagle











































    Hand Job





    Feels on Wheels













    Gone Again






    Bald Eagle





    Gone Again

    Gone Again











    Hand Job






    November 29, 2010

    Remarkable Events at AGPU

    Most important news: Next run from Dykes place...
    Second most important news: FannyMay scooped the poop.

    Other important news: Poxy discovered a wasps nest and is smoking out the neighborhood.

    PS a new Mismanagement Commitee was democratically appointed by K'off, our new GrandMattress, which included GoneAgain as Marriage Counselor and shock horror Pioneer as the lip. Other surprising positions included Cheese as HashCash as he is low on drinking funds, Mable as OnSec to encourage him to buy a computer and no doubt Mable would have taken note of the positions allocated and will update the Webwanker with all the 'chosen ones', and faithfully write a weekly trash for us.

    November 24, 2010

    East of Loonsville

     Even Ringo was worried about the late start to this week's combined DH3 LoonR R*n. Maybe he was afraid he might miss out on his Pub meal if we didn't make it back on time. Luckily Dint had been very restrained and the r*n was quite short, looping around the prettier areas of East Devonport and finishing with a stroll past the local zoo. (what's that you say? it's a caravan park?)
     Soon the sizeable pack was back and loitering outside the lovely old church, wondering where the Launceston contingent had got to. It's not too hard to work out that they would be at the nearest pub. Poor Hash Pash had drawn the short straw again and was Des, and there was no flashing Fanny May to make it worthwhile!
     The Edgewater's dining area was soon vacated to accommodate the rowdy pack, and stand-in wraffle wriggers Dini and Cheese terrorised the hearts and wallets while the meals were prepared. PB showed off her new Hash Tattoo which has a subliminal message for Poxy - I feel it may be too subtle.
     Hash circle returned to Church Street where Hare Lip Dint let the power go to his mouth. Lots of downs and good fire kept the Loons out quite late. The moon hid itself behind the clouds, but when the other moons came out they lit up the entire street.
    Next week's run November 29th@ 6.30pm is the AGM from Poxy and PB's place, 3 Eugene Street Devonport.
    On On Dini
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    November 10, 2010

    And Here's a Picture of Them Doing it, Children...

    For the three of you who read the blog and noticed the pictures would not appear, here they are! Silly me, I forgot to dance naked and spread the chicken entrails around the computer before I pushed the "publish" button...  
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    November 8, 2010

    Bridge over the River Mabel

    A river came between the run and the on on, but luckily Eagle and Mabel had arranged for there to be a bridge, built quite some time ago. They must have been planning this run for a while. Eagle was attacked by a fierce dog whilst setting, but this didn't stop him laying a marathon of hills for the runners, with a few rabbit holes chucked in for good measure. The walkers got a fair look at the railway line and a bit of park, and everyone collided at the Berrigan Road shops for a mastercheck. It was on home from there by whatever means you chose. The on on crossed the bridge to Eagle's place and after several beers and a few little dicks, Mabel looked quite impressive as the lip. Downs for the hares, Lantern for mud-surfing, Dint for fish-tailing and for so many other things he had to have the Hub as well. After a good feed the raffle was drawn. It must have been immaculate conception that saw Foghorn win a prize without even having a ticket. Also in the prize bag were some hot watches, some cold biros, and some absolutely frigid Porn which Fanny May won. The lads had her convinced it was good family entertainment and are pictured here reading the cover and not looking at the pictures.
    Next week's Monday run is from Bells Parade set by Black Tracka. But don't forget Saturday's 30th anniversary celebration Pyjama Party at Tracka and Tinsel's place, Tarleton Road Spreyton. 2pm for a 3pm run. Or cum early and help with the large erection. BYO everything and enjoy a big night out in the canvas five star Boags Hilton.

    On On Dini

    November 2, 2010

    Gone to the Dogs

    Dogs everywhere! Soff, Fanny May, Crab, and co-hare Handjob contributed two canines to the pack on this tit-for-tat-because-Hobart- gets-one Monday public holiday.
    The dog-free runners bolted into the blue and the dog-walkers meandered along to the bike track, collecting dog-shit bags on the way. By the time they reached the Mastercheck at Camp Clayton, the bags were full and Bastard handed out new ones. Trail headed for the sea but stopped short at another MC by the railway line.
    Some made like a train, but Soff convinced them to hash back along the beachfront. It was a clear and crisp evening and the walk by the pounding surf was refreshing, even if the rolly rocks made it hard going underfoot. The walking pack gathered briefly at the seaside church to pray for world peace, free dog food and more beer. On home by various means - railway, grass and through the back of the old motel and onto the streets.
    There were more dogs to be had on the streets and the pack was waylaid while A Bit of This patted a puppy with a crooked ear, but the dogs and their owners were soon put in their place by this bikey-mole pussy.
    Back at the kennel, Mabel ran a tidy circle but lost sight of the hub until it was rescued by Koff and awarded to Cheese for his creative sporting prowess. The raffle was over-run with Halloween seconds which made some of the winners horny. Wraffle wrigger Flasher's collection of perpetual prizes grows, and now incorporates not only highly desirable second-hand porn but a third-hand packet of winged Kotex.
    Next week's run is from the Roberts carpark in Devonport, with the On On at Eagle's place, 25 Torquay Road East Devonport.
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    October 26, 2010

    A Pink-Letter Day

    There were so many pink bits that Flasher hardly knew which way to turn. Most showed their support with pink shorts or shirts. But it was Dyke, of course, breathtaking in a little pink dress who stole the show. He probably caused a few vehicles to swerve as heads turned to stare at the pink pack following trail down onto Josephine Street. The runners disappeared far into the pink sunset while the walkers found the HHH at the bottom of Amy Street and slogged up the hill to home.
    After a grand spread, Shove-It ran a tidy circle. The hub was redeemed from Foghorn's clutches and foisted on to Dint, who can wear it without a bra. The raffle was themed with great subtlety - you'll never guess!! Pink!!!! Winners were falling over each other to avoid the fabulous prizes on offer.
    A great night out and a well supported fundraising effort for Breast Cancer research. Top stuff.
    Next week's run is from Maggie and Handjob's place, 1 Crosby Street Turners Beach.
    On! On! Dini
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    October 20, 2010

    Next Run at Flasher's Place -Think Pink

    Monday 25th October is Pink Ribbon Day for breast cancer awareness. And who better to set our run on a day celebrating breasts? Flasher of course!
    Wear something pink (preferably clothing), bring $10 plus your raffle money.
    All raffle takings will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and guess what? There will be fabulous prizes donated by major sponsors!
    Next Monday, 6.30pm, 118 Upper Maud Street, Ulverstone.

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