December 6, 2010

Kelcey Tier Virgin Territory

Dyke promised us no hills and no mud, no false trails, an ocean full of whales and world peace. And what did we get?
Well, Oh my God, what a fabulous room! Are all these your guitars? This place is bigger than our apartment. Uh, could I have a drink of water? Ya want some? Huh? Oh wow! Look at this tub! Wanna take a bath?

Mable cooked up a storm, excellent bread (straight from the freezer), well rigged raffle complete with GoneAgain drawing his own number for the best prize - he was going to call out his own number no matter what, but luck was apparently on his side as well.

Next weeks run is from Alma Bridge 12.2 ks from Forth Post Office on Wilmot Road. Park on right hand side over bridge. Bring spare clothes.


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