October 30, 2009

Ze Final Date for Hobart Full Moon

Its official: Captain Condiment F#cked Up, Grizzly couldn't care less, But
the Hare Murray the Rat (Jumbo Haggis) has confirmed.
Full Moon H3 is: 2pm Sunday 1st November at 20 Moomere St, Carlton


October 29, 2009



Run 178: Sunday 03 November 2009, noon start
Hare: Jumbo Haggis and Mistress
On on: 20 Moomere St., Carlton
Bring: BBQ meat, extra drinks for pissheads

October 27, 2009

Bastard's Phillip Island 2009

You are invited to view Bastard’s photo album

27 Oct 2009

Play slideshow <click here>.

Novemba Loona Runa

Tuesday 3rd November - Loona Hash at the Carrick Hotel starting at 7.00pm, set by Smegma.

Meet at Oz Rock Inn Ulverstone at 5.30pm for carpooling/pickup/coach/buggy pickup, next stop Dell Luck BBQ area at the Don at 5.45pm for another pick up. Pay $15.00 if you want to drink beer and purchase your own pub meal, don't forget to bring loose change and unmarked small denomination notes for Wrigged Loona Raffle .

On On


Flashers Bash

Flasher's trail started with a big downer, straight over the cliff behind his house. GoneAgain trying hard to keep up with the FRBs 'ran' over it and ended up flying out of control and into the scrub. In a coughing fit he decided to join the walkers again.

Flasher arranged the bestest food ever, qudos from all who partook in the feast.
Next run at HandJob's 'new' place; 1 Crosby St, Turners Beach.
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October 21, 2009

Effing Hills

While Crow showered with all his friends at Phillip Island, the rest of us climbed FC's hilly trails. It was great to stretch those muscles again after doing the Burnie Ten the day before. The HHH was in the bush just shy of Been-felt's Road (gee, wish I lived there!). The runners knew their way home, but the true-believer walkers weren't sure where the bush would take them and ended up back-tracking to get home.
Truly the Hash Hound takes a down for her 18th birthday.
Poxy was so well fed at the On On that his banana lounge couldn't take the weight and rebelled.

Next week's run is from Flasher's place, 118 Upper Maude Street, Ulverstone.

On On
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October 18, 2009


The Hash Monk held off the rain for Hash hour. The walkers went walkabout on an imaginary walkers' trail which consisted of made belief checks. No complaints about circle checks, but we were not impressed by the false trail we found (whoever made the fals trail up - we took turns imagining the trail).

The runners had a flour trail apparently, and no complaints were tabled from them as they had their mouths full of food. Crow's run was, as always, well catered for. As is not unusual, behind every successful man there is one amazed woman, and today that was clearly 1080 who even won an ice-cube maker for her freezer in the rigged raffle. Food was 5 stars as we have come to expect from Crow.

Don't forget tomorrow's run is at FC's: 191 Stubbs Road in Turners Beach which might be <here>... Just head for Stubbs road and follow your nose. If you get lost just call a friend or ask the audience.
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Hash Incidentals

Captain Crab now dutifully contains his Hermit for the Hash Runs. He has been severely punished by the law for failing to do so on several occasions in the past... and we don't mean down downs here, we mean nasty officers on duty actually fining him for having this beast off the leash! 

This is how Crow is going to fly. A motorised bathtub is in the making for Philip Island. This carbon unfriendly tub will be completed with fittings and other ornaments to make it into a complete mobile bathroom service

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October 12, 2009

Oz Rock Inn - Burnie Ten warmup

Next weekend is Burnie Ten and Hawaii 1-0. So here is our final chance to hone our drinking and running skills. Same time as always 630pm on Monday 12 October Crow is setting a run from TenEighty's 5 star restaurant; the fabulous Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road, Ulverstone.

Beach Road, Ulverstone, (03) 6425 1120
5 star restaurant offering a-la-carte menu. Bookings essential. Take-away shop also open day times from summer to the end of Easter.


October 5, 2009

Dial a Hash

Hash Lip Who is just a learner when it comes to trail markings, but he and a pack of fifteen or so still negotiated their way successfully around the Dial Range bush from the Motocross track, thanks to some excellent work by Hare Bastard. A fine clear evening in the bush, a modest length walkers and r*nners trail, with the On On removed to Pioneer's place for delicious barby tucker, ales and raffle porn on the telly.

They say never to work with children and animals, but little Half-moon along with his mum Creme Brulee and dad Ballpoint enjoyed their visit to Devonport Hash. Cheese was left, well, you know...holding the baby...

Black Tracka's constipation receives an unexpected boost from the Hash Hawker, bringing tears to his eyes.

Next week's r*n will be set by Crow from Ten Eighty's place, Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road, Ulverstone.

On! On! Dini

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