October 30, 2007

Lantern's bright light

For a Tasmania's first, here we have Lantern's run mapped out.
We started this run with a bus ride to our starting point at 231m. We navigated the wet and muddy terrain and descended down to 57 meters. The run was 5.23 kilometers (I took no shortcuts for the record!), it took us just on 45 minutes of running (not counting circle checks). Average speed (now we are getting personal) was 6.8km/hr, but, wait for it, my maximum speed was officially recorded as 39 km/hr (Kathy Freeman would've been left in the dust).


October 26, 2007

Dint's run

Poxy and PB putting in the hard yards...

This run weighed in at 6.3 kilometers and from a 3m above sea level start ascended to the dizzying height of 68 meters above sea level on Middle Road:

October 23, 2007

October 18, 2007

Receding Hareline

22/10/07            Dint                              Devonport Mini Golf

29/10/07            Lantern                         168 Stoney Rise Road Devonport

05/11/07            Flasher                         118 Upper Maude Street Ulverstone

12/11/07            Bastard                         TBA

On On

Bald Eagle

October 15, 2007

Receding Hareline

15/10/07            Tracka              Coles Beach Devonport ( carpark near toilets)


On On

Bald Eagle

October 3, 2007

Receding Hareline

08/10/07            Black Tracka     Henry Somerset Conservation Area (on Railton Road between Latrobe and Railton)


On On



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