July 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap

Guardsvan set this week's innovative trail using power poles instead of flour - a great idea unless you make a mistake and have to rub out a bit of trail - you'd need a chainsaw...
Runners and walkers were given cards with a list of the pole numbers to find on their trails, and it all worked a treat. Although a false trail is impossible on this sort of run, Dyke still managed to make one and did an extra 3kms for his sins. Perhaps as this was a Christmas themed run, he went in search of the North Pole.
The Forth Pub proved impossible to bypass on the trail home, and Poxy coaxed some drinks out of the formidable bar wench even though she had closed the taps off for the night.
Back at the Guard-house, Santa had a wonderful festive feast laid out. Turkey aplenty (the roasted one, and then there's Dint) and the meal was perfect down to the last detail, served with the best bone handled silver and even cranberry sauce! Lions fruit cake morphed into Plum Duff with the clever addition of randy custard, and there was a vat of Madeira on hand to wash it all down.
Guardy's lippery was quick and quirky, and the hub was awarded but I have no recollection of the lucky recipient. A top raffle, with very few Hashers fortunate enough to avoid winning something. That USA porn has a real fear factor, six hours, I mean, really!!!... just looking at the covers is seriously eeeeiiwwwwww! And none of them are wearing Santa hats.
Well done Guardsvan, a great night - you really are a very curly Hare.
Next week's run is being set by Black Trakka from the Latrobe Library in Gilbert Street, with on afters removed to the Tarleton Road establishment.
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July 23, 2011

Events Update Downdate

The bonfire proposed for this evening is now not happening.... maybe Tracka failed to keep his powder dry? and all bangs are off. Someone apologises for any inconvenience caused, but I'm not sure who.

Guildford weekend has been postponed to a year to be determined, but definitely not this year.

The good news is that the Devonport Hash Club will be putting all its efforts into the fabulous Tour de Pisse, scheduled for lift-off on September 17th from the Oz Rock Inn, Ulverstone.

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July 20, 2011

The Day After

It was a shell-shocked pack who took to the deserted pathways and beaches of Coles Beach after the holler-caust. Mostly runners, but a dedicated group of strollers, sufficient to warrant the big flour "W" laid by the Hare Poxy after many hills, stairs and loops and even a mastercheck on the beach. PB put on a great spread, sans Muffin but avec Chocolate cake, so she is redeemed. The alphabet soup caused more dyslexia than dyspepsia, and the Pies were winners (unlike the Hawks who had a bye). Guardsvan embraced the lippery like the tart I suspect he is, and no one escaped without a good rogering. Poxy took the Hub again for contributing to the national debt by having the RBA governor buy him lunch.
Next week we are at Guardsvan's establishment in William Street Forth for a celebration of Christmas in Winter. 6.30, Monday 26th July. Wear a Christmas Hat and bring the usual $10, raffle money, odd stockings and extra Christmas spirit if you are a p*sshead.
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July 18, 2011

Up Cuming Run

When: Monday 25th July

What:  Christmas in July Run and Feast

Where: 103 William St., Forth

Bring: Christmas hat, $10, Wigged Waffle money and extra grog if you need it.

The turkey is getting fat and the Christmas Pudding is on the boil. The run/walk will require hashers to be able to count to 9 and know and read the alphabet.

Santa will be on hand to assist those who have difficulties.

Happy Christmas.


July 15, 2011


Sunday 17 July! Meet at Ulverstone Macca's car park at 930am. PhayWray will lead us Astray. Wear sturdy boots and bring an umbrella...


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July 12, 2011

Full Moon for June 2011

Stop Press Read All About It
NW Lunar Hash is mooning the Full Strawberry Moon on Friday 15th of July 2011 from the Argossy Hotel in Devonport. Be there at 630pm!


July 11, 2011

Opportunity for Redemption coming up

Reminder for everyone and anyone who has ever Hashed in their life, here is your chance to redeem yourself for 2010/11: Come to our stretch of highway at the Wattle Hill Caltex Service Station for the 2011 Adopt-a-Highway clean up. Meet opposite York Street on the highway, just past Latrobe at 10am on Saturday 27th of August. Spend a couple of hours showing off our best Hash Gear to passing motorists as you scour the ditch for roadkill and raffle prizes. We will be issued with all the necessary equipment to do our job. Be there!

GoneAgain's Birthday bHash went off with fireworks and we never even lit the sparklers that Captain Crab brought along. Brilliant run, salivating catering, rowdy company.

Next run at Poxy and PB's place, 3 Eugene Street Devonport. Make sure we pay appropriate respect to the lofty Devonport Hasher who missed out on running with the hub today because he had a dinner appointment at Admiralty House in Kirribilly with the Governor... Sigh.

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July 10, 2011

Its Complicated

As we get older it is harder to estimate one's true age. GoneAgain tried to carbon-date his fingernails this week and gave up in the end. The cake he received reflected his last known age, plus one, which made this the 18th anniversary of his 21st birthday. This was a nice number, but the above scientific calculations put him closer to 26 and 480months.

Anyways, judge his age for yourself and come on over for GoneAgain's Birthday bHash on Monday 11 July.

Last weeks run was the third consecutive Pizza Run, and was staged at Bald Eagle's Nest. Before we were treated to the pizzas we were kicked out of the garage to dodge the flurries and squalls in the unsafe hoods. Runners and walkers went their exasperated ways, with the unmarked walkers trail doubling over itself no less than 4 times in front of the KitKat Cafe, yet failed to phase the pack. Runners were seen darting off not chasing a life hare as promised, but being chased by the wolf; Thrust was let loose in their direction after a five minute head start. The runners knew they had a cougar on their tails and bolted to the safety of Bald Eagle's nest in double pace. All survived the torrential rains that the faithful Monk directed either side of our outside adventure.
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July 2, 2011

Bald Eagle's Nest

Before we forget.... Next run (4 July 2011) is from Eagle's Nest: 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport. If you thought Australia doesn't have 4th of July, think again. We do have it here, we just don't celebrate it like our Yankee Hashers OK. Well come in stripes if you like!

Last week's run was from Tracka's work garage. We all dutifully walked over to the Tenpin Bowls place and bowled over the innocent pins without a drop of alcohol. We dashed back to the on-on for a quick fix of traditional Beer and Pizza. Yummoh said all of us, as we had our down-downs and the obligatory hash-raffle.

Word went round that certain people are taking roadies from Hash, which is not good Hash protocol. The runs are worked out at $10/run on the assumption each hasher drinks 1-2 drinks, so unless we want to cough up more every week lets stick to the plan! For the thirsty hashers we recommend they invest in an extra raffle ticket to cover the excess consumption. And please do not take roadies!

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