January 24, 2014

Dint's Projected HOFT

Below Poster says it all. Click on it to get the (big) picture.

WHEN – Sunday, February 9, 2014 (bush-walk led by Dint)
WHERE – To Projection Bluff and the Western Tiers
START TIME – Meet at Deloraine Train Park, at 10.30 a.m. sharp (that’s 10.15 a.m. Hash time), to car pool to the start of the walk (approx 30 minutes travel)...

January 23, 2014

Bike Hash and OZ Day 2014

Don't get too excited yet, the below photo was taken at the back of the Mole Creek pub where we had the Breaking Wind in the Willows Full Moon at High Noon run. The NW was well represented with good specimen of Kylie Moles - even though of the many Moles in the Wind in the Willows none were called Kylie. Notable was also Spoof who came as a spelunker, which really was as close as a mole as we got for the evening. Anyways, enough is enough. Now to the real bits you want to read about...

The Bike Hash! Knickers and Ratchet set their annual Port Sorrel Bike hash in all their spare time whilst lounging around our corner of tropical paradise in Tasmania's NW. Walk/Run was a permutation of the limited trails that we hadn't yet done, and we can award them another high 3/10 for trying. On return our right footwear had been stolen, with Tinsel later trying to return it as lost property at the Circle. She got the down down for this evil deed, but all was quickly forgiven because she was turning 100 the next day. No hash raffle to report on because Flasher is actually working his butt off.

The strange man who normally stares at us each year was notably absent, as was Cheese's superbike. Cheese felt obliged to take our Hash booze in his van. This selfless act surprised as all as we all know he could've barked anyone else into bringing it along for him. For once we actually appreciated having Cheese!

And so we come to the next important bit that you really care about, it is Foghorn's annual Australia Day Run. No one could be more patriotic than a converted pom I suppose. Foghorn is conducting an un-armed sandal race for us, women have to come covered in black dresses and cover their faces and men have to bring along their own prayer mats. Metal detectors at the gate. Be at Foghorn's nest on 27 January 2014 up in the hills nestled somewhere between Melrose and Aberdeen; 8 Talbor Court, Aberdeen.

Happy Chinese New Year!


27/01/14              Foghorn                          Foghorn’s Place, Aberdeen
03/02/14              Cheese                           T/B/A  (Birthday Run)
10/02/14              Bald Eagle                     T/B/A
17/02/14              Soff                                Soff’s Place, Turners Beach
24/02/14              TF & High Beam           T/B/A
03/0314                FM & GA                     T/B/A near Moorland Beach

Hashers who are keen to set a run on a specific date, please let me know in advance so I can slot you in.


January 17, 2014

Triple Tops Candlelight Feast

With amazing timing Hashers arrived at the the Round Mountain lookout at about the same time. Thrust was there to frantically keep cars away from the gourmet table so as to avoid dust covering our fare.

The pack headed up the trail, straight up I should say, to the top of Mount Claude. GoneAgain and Foghorn were last to leave the carpark and didn't quite make it to the champagne up the top moving at GoneAgain's leisurely uphill coughing pace.

Back down the hill, again miraculously well timed as we all got back within minutes of each other, we attacked the home-made sushi and rice paper rolls that were waiting for us. We impressed not only ourselves, having such an extravaganza at hash, but we also impressed the virgins amongst us. 

The virgins were named Spittin, as she followed BlowJob (being her daughter) and Weed was chosen for the conscripted resident chef from Taiwan (responsible for the menu-de-jour), and Rocky, a Sheffield Resident friend and care-taker of TripleTop's investments.

When the sun went down it got nice and cold up top and after we ate lots of everything and the candles were burned on both sides we all disappeared home,... Home, to what was once called civilisation, but now seemed rather down to earth and dull compared to what we just experienced. Thanks TripleTop and crew!

Next run is the annual Motorbike Run starting from Crow's OzRock Inn in Ulverstone where the motorbikes leave at 6pm. Runners meet at the roundabout BBQ park in Port Sorell at 630pm, the usual time. The run is of course hosted by Burnie's premium Hashers Ratchet and Knickers.

Also don't forget this weekend is the Breaking Wind in the Willows High Noon for Full Moon at the Mole Creek Hotel. so get your acts together for 18th January. 12 noon!!! 

  • $12 r*n and bucket. 
  • BYO meat for BBQ afterwards and a grail should you need a drink!!! 
  • Meal in the Hotel in the evening. 
  • Camping $5 per night at rear of the pub. 


January 13, 2014

Breaking Wind in the Willows

Come on you farts, you know it is going to happen, so get your acts together for 18th January. 12 noon!!! 

Mole Creek Hotel; "Breaking Wind in the Willows" - Dress accordingly, don't dress Goofy. 
  • $12 r*n and bucket. 
  • BYO meat for BBQ afterwards and a grail should you need a drink!!! 
  • Meal in the Hotel in the evening. 
  • Camping $5 per night at rear of the pub. 
Further details from Ringo 0417118661 or A Bit of This on 0428592420. 

Don't forget tonight's Triple Top Starlight Extravaganza run from the carpark near MountClaude on Oliver's Road. Meet at the Big Apple in Spreyton at 630pm for car pooling if you want. Dress warm with tops and tails and bowtie on top. BYO plates and cutlery, candlelight dinner and entertainment provided.


January 8, 2014

Waterfight the minute the rain stops

Amazingly the January Winter Weather made way for a few hours of summer for us. Just enough to do our annual assault on the happy campers in Ulverstone.

Though cooler than usual we still carried all kinds of weapons. Amogst the crew was our secret weapon Triple Top who seeked out and overpowered juniors at hoses and fire hydrants. GoneAgain's huge gun malfunctioned leaving him with a mini water pistol and his camera and bullet proof raincoat. No animals were hurt.

Circle done by BedPan, food by Crow, raffle by Flasher,..  all ritually performed at Oz Rock. On offer were expired bra catalogs, fried fish, and Fanny May triple choc walnut brownies for all losers in the raffle (which obviously included the unfortunate prize winner).

Lost property was reunited with owners and proxy-owners...


Next run is our own Triple Top Starlight Extravaganza on Monday 13 January. Meet at theBig Apple in Spreyton at 630pm to make our way to Round Mountain Viewing Area on Olivers Road where the Triple Top usually starts. Dress code on Triple Top's express request: BOW TIE on top, and clothing casual/optional below the waist. BYO chair and (empty) plate/cutlery.

HOFT: February 9th. 2014: Burnie HHH R*n no 1250. Dint is masterminding a HOFT to Projection Bluff. Meet at the Cherry Shed Latrobe at 10am or the Railway car park Deloraine at 10.30 to car pool onwards. Fantastic views from the top and (Dint says!!) it's a reasonably easy walk of around 3 hours return. Wear long scoparia proof trousers and bring nibbles, a drink and money for a pub meal later. Ring Rob "Ringo" Munden on 0417118661 or Caroline "A Bit of This" Waterhouse on 0428592420 for any further details (like what colour socks to wear etc).
Hobart Full Moon advises us of the following two events:

Sat/Sun 18-19 Jan
High Noon for Full Moon
Mole Creek
Theme:  Mole and all his Fiends from Wind in the Willows
A Bit of This & Others
Sat 22 Feb
Time TBA
Red Dress Run
Charity:  Bethlehem House
Venue: TBA

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