November 25, 2009

HOFT Ahead

Don't Forget:

28th, Saturday— A HOFT (daywalk) to Bird River Bridge/East Pillinger, approx1 hour south of Queenstown on Kelly Basin Road. 10:00am Meet up at Bird River— this equates to a 7:00am departure Burnie (yes it took 3hours including 2 piss stops). 15k round trip - 3 to 4 hours plus extra time to look at old town site and look at relics. Bring lunch and liquids. No fees, no fires, no dogs. The walking track from Bird River Bridge to East Pillinger is situated along the alignment of the railway track. There are a few short sections of uneven ground due to past land slips along the track, otherwise it is level and easy. Walking boots or strong shoes are advisable as it is often wet underfoot. Allow 3 to 4 hours for the return walk to East Pillinger, plus a couple of hours to explore the relics.

December 2009
  • 2nd, Wednesday, 7pm—LoonRhasH #6 Xmas Mooning will be set by Ballpoint @ from the Deloraine Community Centre (near the bridge).
  • 20th—Burnie HHH Santa R*n
  • 21st—Devonport Hash Christmas R*n
  • 25th—Christmas Day R*n @ 8am, The Waterworks Reserve, Hobart
  • 31st—LoonRhasH # 7 Blue Moon R*n—Set by Speed Hump: New Years Eve Night on the Terrace, Burnie.
  • Hobart: 31st—Full Moon Hash Blue Moon R*n from Thistle and Thorn’s Place, 21 Victoria Esplanade, Bellerive.

January 30th, 2010

  • High Noon for Full Moon and LoonR Hash #8 @ Campbelltown - see below

(click for bigger image)

  • February 2010—Red Dress R*n Hobart. (?20th?)
  • June 12th, 2010—Highland Fling @ TBA
  • July 2-4th, 2010—World Interhash, Kuching.
  • February 25-27th, 2011—Aussie Nash Hash, Hobart

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November 24, 2009

Tracka Does Henry

Trail was hard to find at first but soon we were all tiptoe-ing through the tiny shiny orchids, and very pretty they were too if you could see 'em. Mona Loona wore holy shoes and High beam wore deformed pants, but there was plenty of flour to keep everyone on trail and a sh*tload of ants really busy.
On back to Foghorn's new beer garden (for which he collected the hub) and after a past-its-use-by-date raffle, the sun slowly set on Who's last lippery for the Hashing year.

Flasher caught in a religious moment.... Hallelujah

Up and cumming runs

Run No. 1486 - 30/11/2009  AGM Start from Poxie and PB's 3 Eugene St Devonport
Run No. 1487 - 07/12/2009  Dint from ???????????
Run No. 1488 - 14/12/2009  Cistern from
14 Mission Hill Rd Penguin
Run No. 1489 - 21/12/2009  Chrismas run from Oz Rock Inn

November 16, 2009

Eagle's skirt around Dooleys

Damn straight, we ran around Dooleys today. Around the perimeter, up Lochner Street, and back over.... All the run details are <here>.

Mullet and Lenny coming out of the wilderness at dusk...

Downdowns for all sorts of far fetched reasons and a rigged raffle that saw HandJob with three prizes...

Next run set by Tracka from the Henry Somerset Orchid Reserve off the Railton Road somewhere, where we will be at a prime time to trample any of the 43 recorder orchid varieties. OnOn at FogHorns in Talbor Ct of Melrose Road.

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And PS we received this message... No idea who they are, please enlighten me in a comment:

Moved over from Perth, we were running with Wigram H3 back home in NZ. Wigram is a pretty non athletic group more interested in walking or jogging to the beer, do you cater for the slow types or are you a pretty full on group like Garden City? Hope to hear back soon
Afterburner & Diaphragm

November 9, 2009

Dykes Dash to Devonfield

(cool interactive map is <here> - created with iPhone/RunKeeper)

Because no flour was spared, some dim-wits up near Devonfield meticulously removed the trail*, and we returned to base to be met with Burgers and Coleslaw and the undeserving were duly subjected to a couple of Down-Downs.

photo created using iPhone/Photoshop

Next run (16 Nov) is set by Eagle from Bell's Parade.


* If you are up that area and smell fresh bread being made,.... call the cops.
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November 5, 2009

Maggie's Mounts

A stirrup cup of plonk from the Hash Bus, a gallop around Turners Beach, then it was back to Maggie and HJ's place for a delicious nosebag and the running of the Beer Barrel Derby. First past the post was Cheese who didn't spare the whip, while Mabel's mount threw him off into the garden. Everyone had a ball on Maggie's marvellous racing machines.
Dyke deservingly took the Hub home for using a drainpipe instead of a garden hose as a smoking device and having to call the fire brigade.
Next week's r*n is from Dyke's house at Tugrah Road, with Mabel as kitchen b*tch.

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