July 29, 2008

Devonport HHH Tour de Pisse

Next r*n 956 will be le Devonport HHH Tour de Pisse.
If you haven’t registered your interest, do so NOW by calling Black Tracka on 0419 442 220.

Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road Ulverstone.
R*n, Wa*k, Cycle, Motorcycle.
Saturday August 2nd, 2pm sharp.
Hash cash: just $50 gets you
le weekend extraordinaire!

Forth to Guardvan's

Start time 28/07/08 18:46 Duration 45min 9sDistance
5.4 kmSpeed (average) 7.2 km/h Speed (max) 32 km/h Pace (average)
8min 21s per kmPace (max)
1min 52s per kmAltitude (min) 0 m Altitude (max) 64 m
Dude, with pretty stats and pictures like this we could be mistaken as dedicated athletes! But I really want to know how many strides I made. Anyone got a stepcounter handy?Posted by Picasa

July 22, 2008

Hub in safe hands

Beer Bitch PB gives “The Look” after being vexatiously awarded the Hub at Bald Eagle’s run.  Her glare bored a hole through 40mm plate steel, deeply singed the concrete floor, and killed every blade of grass within a 5 km radius. Cheese, the object of her displeasure, was strangely unaffected.  

It was a cold mother of a night, with Tracka offering around anti-freeze in the guise of an Absinthe bottle. A pack of 25 or so ran/walked in a chequer pattern across East Devonport until they were hypothermic.  Back to Eagle and the Nest for icy beer, toasty food and a red hot circle, then on to Dyke’s new house with special HHH carpet for après Hash treats and just one more glass if I must.  A good night, with not so much as the sniff of a GPS.   On On 



July 14, 2008

Bastard's GPS Run

OK, it's a first. We got three lat/long locations and had to find them using a GPS. My GPS took 10 minutes to get its bearings, but we all somehow got a run/walk in. Skid got the odd digit wrong, but all's well that ends well. We climbed up to 114 meters high and almost got our feet wet in the sea. We covered 6.88kms in just over an hour - if you followed me.

Sordid scenes were followed by down-downs.
Had a good Burnie crew turnout, and we no longer sing the usual ahum, Burnie takes it up the...

No tub pics.

Glad to be back dudes,

July 11, 2008


14/07/08            Bastard             Adina Court, Penguin

21/07/08            Bald Eagle        Girdlestone Park,John Street, East Devonport

28/07/08            Guardsvan         103 William Street, Forth

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July 7, 2008

Senior Old Fart Hasher Advice

Devonport Hashers need to be made aware of the responsibilities of major office bearers.


GRAND MASTER - Only a figure head. Does nothing!

JOINT MASTERS -  These guys are responsible for organising major Devonport Hash functions etc. including AGM.

TRAIL MASTER -  is responsible for securing run list in advance. Not week to week. This gives the hare some time to think about the run he/she has to set.





(Senior Old Fart Hasher)

July 2, 2008

NEXT RUN 07/07/08

07/07/08            Tracka              Cherry Shed, Latrobe (where Gilbert St meets Bass Highway)


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July 1, 2008

New Shoes for Debris

Even though he is still wet behind the ears(with a few black bits from his latest hair colour), Debris rises to the occasion for the sake of Hash tradition. He will make a great hasher when he grows up.

Beach Boys and Girls at Bicheno

Launceston Hash House Harriers Annual Event

20th - 21st September

Run start 2.00Pm
Drink stop
Dinner in the Restaurant 7.00 pm
Hash Circle & Party at the fire pit

Beach recovery run 10.00 a.m
Late check out

What U Get
A Hangover, A Good Time, Some Horrible Memories, Lots of Laughs
A Bed, Meal in the Restaurant, Breakfast, Beer & Wine

All-inclusive $100.00

Bicheno By the Bay Holiday Resort

Check it out www.bichenobythebay.com.au

Contact Smeg 0407579848

RSVP By 30th July


Launceston LH3 will not be responsible for any person or persons that behave in a reasonable and responsible manner; all Hashing principles must be applied.

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