September 30, 2014

Receding Hareline for October 2014

  • 6th October: Maggie & Guardsvan
    Crosby Street, Turners Beach
  • 13th October: Trakka & Tinsel
  • 20th October: Fanny May & Gone Again
  • 27th October: Crab
  • 22nd December: Cheese
    Christmas Run.

September 25, 2014

Run Monday 29th September

Where:  Bells Parade, BBQ Shelters, Latrobe
When:   29/09/14 - 6.30 for 6.45 start
Bring:   Torch and warm clothes
On On:  BBQ Shelters
Hare:     Guardsvan

Cheese’s Run:
Last Monday saw 17 hashers roam the streets of West Ulverstone and return to the Hash House for a feast of Savaloys and Hot Pies and a viewing of the Brownlow Medal presentation. Our thanks to Dint for his excellent organisation of the sweep. Guardsvan drew Matt Priddis who was a popular winner.

Thanks Cheese (and Moldy and Tasty) for hosting the evening. Foggy held his usual slippery lippery and the hub was “awarded” to Crow for not bringing the hub!

On On

September 18, 2014

Tellum he's dreaming....

Just a reminder that Monday night’s run is at Cheeze’s and it will have a theme.

The theme is football, so wear your footy colours and scarves etc and enjoy footy food at the end of the run (savs and pies etc.)

Also bring an extra $2 to participate in my world famous Brownlow Medal sweep and you could go home $40 richer.

I’ll prepare a list of the top 20 hopes in the betting market and we’ll each draw for a player. First option will be given top those present, then absent hashers (i.e. partners etc. not attending who want to be in the sweep) and finally, any remaining places will be sold as seconds to anyone who wants another player (bring $4 extra if this is your intention – no guarantees you’ll get to spend it all though).

On On, Dint

September 12, 2014

Burnie Ten and Octoberfest on the horizon

Bald Eagle's run/walk was another original permutation of the well trodden East Devonport pavement. OnOn in his shed with his MG safely stowed away in its body bag, safe from doggy claws but not safe from FC body imprints.

Next run from Yep's place, on the bottom of Mission Hill Road, Numba Wan - he has been warned. Hone your pin-ball machine skills and get ready for the Game Hash of the year.

ALSO: Don't forget to train and register for the Hashers in Wonderland  BurnieTen weekend coming up 18-19 October at Ringo's Wonderland venue.  If you are keen register at: and also for the Burnie Ten at

And if that wasn't enough entertainment why not get your belly full at theH5 Octoberfest at Lemont on the weekend after the BurnieTen.

September 6, 2014

Full moon and Eagle coming up

Thank you Lantern for another entertaining Kelcey Tier adventure! This time the object of the run was to get several wheelbarrows which were strategically left around the well floured trail. Walkers were treated to a glimpse of the Tiers whereas the runners were exposed to the full elevation potential. Runners were guided to the top farmhouse track and sent down the steep Western tracks on the boundary. False trails and checks down misleading steep tracks, and a big HHH fter the fallen tree.

At the OnOn, below the Bass flyover, Lantern had prepared a feast of Lanternic proportions, consisting of meat, meat and more meat. Cake was trucked in from Ben Lomond by Crow who had full intentions of putting someones face in it, but.... it was a chocolate mud cake made by yours truly GoneAgain and was thus irresistible/irreverent to waste. In fact the cake was part of two cakes randomly made the week before. This cake had quite a life:

  • Said cake went to a Lions Meeting on GA's bicycle where GA won a Lions cake in the raffle - presumably the chocolate mud cake acted as raffle bait.
  • Cake was cycled to Surrey street that night, its intended destination, where the other occupants had  left the building in preference to a night at OzRock. Since GA had his house keys in his car, not on his bicycle he returned to Fanyy May's place for the night, with the cake..
  • Then GA used the cake to sell an accidentally purchased 'cake decorating turntable' on FaceBook. It sold immediately but the cake was refused.
  • Our mud cake was then taken up to Ben Lomond where we finished the last half of the first cake, and did not get around to this cake. It was left with 1080 to take home.
  • 1080 gave it to Crow to take to Hash to throw into Lantern's face as per ancient tradition.
  • The Gods interfered once again, and the cake survived to be eaten...


NEXT RUN: EAGLE'S PLACE, EAST  DEVONPORT (25 Torquay Road). 8 SEPT 2014  - 630PM

FULL MOON:  COMING UP ON TUESDAY: LoonRhash on Tuesday 9th will be from the Coles overflow car park near McDonalds in Ulverstone 6.30. pm set by Mr B*stard. On-on at Jade Willow. See you there!!

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