September 12, 2014

Burnie Ten and Octoberfest on the horizon

Bald Eagle's run/walk was another original permutation of the well trodden East Devonport pavement. OnOn in his shed with his MG safely stowed away in its body bag, safe from doggy claws but not safe from FC body imprints.

Next run from Yep's place, on the bottom of Mission Hill Road, Numba Wan - he has been warned. Hone your pin-ball machine skills and get ready for the Game Hash of the year.

ALSO: Don't forget to train and register for the Hashers in Wonderland  BurnieTen weekend coming up 18-19 October at Ringo's Wonderland venue.  If you are keen register at: and also for the Burnie Ten at

And if that wasn't enough entertainment why not get your belly full at theH5 Octoberfest at Lemont on the weekend after the BurnieTen.

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