December 27, 2012

Last Lunar Hash Run of 2012

Nope, the dedicated amongst us Lunies have not forgotten! The full moon will be upon us in the short space between Xmas and New Years. So don't let that hangover hit you and show your face, or rather your bum, at NW Lunar Hash:

Full moon run: 29th January from the Penguin Basket Ball Center. On on at Bastards house 6 ADINA COURT PENGUIN - BYO GROG please!

December 23, 2012

Christmas at Home

Next Monday is Christmas Eve, so all your Hashers go find a home that you are welcome at and be Merry.

December 16, 2012

Christmas Run 17 December 2012

Meet at Poxy and PB's establishment (2 Eugene St) at 630pm!

Dinner en-route at Molly Malones (Buy-your-own) and On-On at Poxy and PB's (bring supper plate if u can).

Bring a $10.00 Kris Kringle , and Santa is paying for your run!

Last Run Report

Last run, set by Black Trakka, was apparently a mammoth run. Not that I would know about it as I, GoneAgain from Turners Beach, solemnly and truthfully declare, with my hand on the bible and to the Queen of Sheba, that I and Captain Crab seamlessly followed trail and unbeknown to us merged with Dint's trail from many weeks ago. We followed it to the OnHome sign, which looked surprisingly faded, at the top of Middle Road. All up I did less than the pack; 6.75kms in 76 minutes. A good run!

OnOn was at Trakka and Tinsel's, needless to say I got lost on the way there too... Tinsel had whipped up a veritable BBQ feast for us complete with chips and lollies. We had a solemn minute to remember Feels on Wheels and little Hermit who joined Cloud Nine Hash this week.

Anyways, glad I remembered to post this on the blog in the end, I've been very forgetful lately! Even forgot the combination for my bike lock yesterday, requiring Fanny May to pick me up. As she arrived, whilst a gentleman was hacking through it with a saw she asked if I'd tried 2012.... Sigh.

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December 14, 2012

Farewell Feels on Wheels

Today we say farewell to our Feels on Wheels. It was time for him to join the Cloud Nine Hash, and we will miss him very much. We will remember Feels on Wheels as the happy wheelchair-hasher with the awesome MadMax trike, happy like in the picture below when he fairly won the rigged raffle!

RIP Scotty, we hope life is great on the other side, and happy Hashing with Cloud Nine Hash.
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December 8, 2012

Cloud Nine Hash

Benni ( Hermit) says "thank you" to all the Devonport Hashers who have been so good to him at Hash events over the years. RIP and "on-on" a much loved hasher :(

Gone to r*n with the pack at Cloud Nine Hash.

OnOn Hermit,
Captain Crab

December 7, 2012


We all survived the Squeaky Point run last week, and recovered from the new raffle sur-prizes. We desperately need some quality donations to raffle off. Email to donate significant prizes such as cars and motorbikes, any cool gadgets and jewelry just to make a suggestion. No junk please.

So anyways, after being cheered up by the above photo of two young ladies at Cradle Mountain, next Monday's (10 December) run (starting at 630pm) is from the Waterfront Function Centre in Devonport <here>. Run set by Tracka and OnOn at Tinsel's place off Tarleton Road.

Oh, and don't forget: 17 DECEMBER CHRISTMAS RUN: Meet at Poxy and PB's establishment (2 Eugene St) at 630pm, dinner en-route at Molly Malones (Buy-your-own) and On-On at Poxy and PB's (bring supper plate if u can). Due to CPI indices and the likes Hash Mismanagement decided on a $10.00 Kris Kringle this year but decided that the usual run charge shall be waived!

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November 29, 2012

Who is Squeaking

Next Monday's nights run is UFO and Flasher's responsibility and will be
conducted at the Squeaking Point Jetty. Bring warm jumper, insect repellent,
$Money$ for Tracka's new non-wrigged raffle...

And just to remind you about the DHash Xmas run this year; Meet at Poxy and
PB's establishment at 630pm, dinner en-route at Molly Malones (Buy-your-own)
and On-On at Poxy and PB's (bring supper plate if u can). Due to CPI indices
and the likes Hash Mismanagement is proposing a massive $10.00 Kris Kringle
this year. If you have an objection write it on the back of a Sony Bravia
52" 3D touch-sensitive LCD TV and mail it to PO Box 48 Turners Beach TAS

Report on the AGPU coming soon!


November 24, 2012

Pissup at FORT FORTH

That's right, it is that time of the year again! The Annual General Pissup as it is widely known in the Hashing world is here again. We call it the AGM apparently but I have no idea what that stands for (just another TLA); Monday at 630pm in William st at Fort Forth, Killer's place! Might want to bring a dust mask as Killer is constructing new stables.

Oh and a run report on last week's run from Porridge and Tandem's place... It all started with world peace and an ocean full of whales (or two whales in Bass Strait at least). I personally walked 2% of the trail so it wouldn't be fair to say it was a piece of cake, maybe those runners who finished the 2+ hours ordeal can provide a report as a comment. The food was great for those who made it back in time to the mystery location at Coles Beach. We had both Crab and Foghorn on 100 runs. Coincidence? Nah, forget that thought. Flasher's last raffle was definitely rigged and a few tempers were frayed by the time we were given our marching orders. ... in any case the whales were gone and peace was broken again, phew, thank goodness, how sedate life would be. OnOn.

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November 22, 2012

Christmas Run Transport

As we know the Joint Masters (or their proxies) have decreed that the Christmas Run will be divided into two parts.


Firstly, dinner will be a buy-your-own at Molly Malones and the après On-On will be at the establishment of Poxie and PB (with bring a supper plate for those in a position to do so). The “refreshments” will be supplied by DH3. There will be no cost for this. (i.e. no $10 contribution).


The purpose of this communication is to find out who may be interested in getting a lift to and from the venues. If there is enough interest, it will be further considered and arrangements made.


If you would like to “get a ride” please tell someone who cares or ...... email me at


On On!!






November 16, 2012

Show Us Your Map of Tassie Run

Run number: 1642
When: Monday 19 Nov 630pm
Hare: Tandem

Abel Tasman sighted Tassie on 24 November 1642, and so he decided to call in
on Coles Beach to celebrate the discovery. However, his iPhone equivalent of
the day saw him landed on Coles Bay instead. So to help Mr Abel in hindsight
we will proudly show the map of Tassie on Coles Beach on our run, run 1642,
370 years later. Everyone has to display a map of Tassie somewhere on their
body during the run (and no Hawthorn jumpers Cheeze).

Last Monday's run was a miraculous success with a good run and plenty of hot
pizza. Captain Crab did a marvelous job from the confines of Otto's Grotto.


Sample map of Tassie. It's all natural down there.

November 8, 2012

Confucius Says

Just in case anyone is not confused yet, the run on MONDAY 12TH NOVEMBER, 2012 starts around 630pm from the infamous Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone. Captain Crab may be doing surprise gourmet pizzas and it is rumoured a quality run will be set by Black Trakka. Be there! And yes, Daryl, that includes you!


Confucius says:

  • Man who drop watch in toilet bound to have shitty time. 
  • He who fishes in another man's well often catches crab. 
  • Squirrel who runs up woman's leg not find nuts. 
  • Man who lay girl on hill not on level. Boy who go to bed with sex problem wake up with solution in hand.
Due to Jet Lag, or hmm !!!!, GoneAgain & Fanny Mae got it wrong, luckily Crab has corrected us, so over to Crab:-

Copy & Pasted, Quote:

Ad should read we are all looking forward to a good run in a beautiful location on Nov 13 th ) ( Not 16th) followed by a scrumptious meal( ie not pre emotive) Crab.

November 7, 2012

Holiday for Hub

Everyone else has gone to Asia for a sex holiday or so it seems, and so it was only natural for the Hash Hub to go and see what the fuss is all about! Anyways, our Hub is back in Tassie after some casual sex in Singapore and is ready to be passed on to a different hasher.

Next run, 16 November 630pm, at Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone; Captain Crab is setting the run and burning our snags! OnOn-----


October 30, 2012


Last weeks run was everything pink!  Some were a little more Pink than others, Flasher tried to tell us he'd bought the outfit just for Pink Ribbon Day, hmm!!!!!
By the time the Slippery Lippery was completed, Wrigged Raffle was won & lost, the Hash Grub was FINALLLY served, the pack literally fell over each other jostling for the best position.   Dyke excelled with Curried Sausages, Lasagne, Mash, Garlic Bread, topped off with a delightful array of non fattening deserts:)  All pinkish of course (natural colouring)!!!

UFO was seen trying to rein her raffle prize in:- Both last seen trotting down the lane!!


Monies raised for Pink Ribbon Cancer Campaign totalled - $200 & something, fantastic effort Hashers!!

HARE:                                                Dint.

LOCATION:                                      Reece High School Car Park off William St/Middle Road                  
TIME:                                                 6.30ish.
ONON:                                              Dint & Koff, Church Street, East Devonport.


October 25, 2012


Monday 22nd run was set by Hare Tracka from Maggies. What a fine Run/Walk it was.  I think Tracka missed his calling as an engineer as he is attracted to railway tracks, dual highways & roundabouts, oops & another dual lane highway.

The walkers were elated to have the company of the broken wing Eagle, forget Hashings, (wash you mouth out or Eagle will) so we dutifully complied to aforesaid challenges +++  Tinsel & Fanny Mays bladders were at bursting point after an hour, but struggled on (with a silent challenge to whom had the better pelvic floor muscles) with a race at the finish to la toilet!!!

Maggie excelled himself with potato/cheese mash & sausage casserole which no doubt he is still eating.

Ablie & Christie took the limelight with their puppy ways, photo's to follow at some stage.  Albie was sent to the bird cage!!!!

CHRISTMAS UPDATE:  Molly Malones, Monday 17th December.
LEAVE FROM:                Poxy & PBs'.  Final orders for meals, by 7.45.
HASHERS:                      Cover own expenses at Mollys. 
ONON:                            Poxy & PB's. "Bring a chair if you wanna sit down".
HASHERS:                       BYO plate of nibbles/desert for OnOn.
SANTA:                            Not talked about, but yes please.
D'PORT HASH CLUB:     Will supply quality drinks for OnOn.
WRIGGED RAFFLE:        You Betcha!
DRESS CODE:                  It's Christmas, say no more!!!!!!

RUN:                    Monday 29th October, 2012
VENUE:               Dyke's abode.
ONON:                Ditto
THEME:               EVERYTHING PINK, Pink Ribbon Run/Walk
FOOD:                 EVERYTHING PINK

Monies taken will be donated to Pink Ribbon Day.


Vale Mouse

Faithful and loving companion of Fanny May and Gone Again.
A fine little Hash Hound, Mouse was always in our hearts and never under our feet. 
Gone to r*n with the pack at Cloud Nine Hash.
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October 19, 2012

Hash Monday 22nd October!

In my absence last week, PB was my trusty secretary & a fine job!!!  Nothing wrong with brown nosing if I want a lift to Hash, tee hee.

 Gardy set an inspiring run from his much loved venue. Hence taking his downdown graciously. Thank goodness I wasn't there as Hash has become somewhat competitive, I'm hoping the inventor of this nonsense received a rowdy downdown.

The new Hasher "Porridge" Tandem's son won a box of chocolates for the runners, coming in closest to his estimated time.
A Bit of This taking the trophy for the walkers.

Gardy showed his culinary skills, serving Roast Pork with Apple Sauce & Gravy in rolls, to finish with Cream Cake.


Maggie's Place, Turners Beach, 6.30ish be there!!!

REMINDER:  Burnie 10 this weekend.  I believe a bevy of Hashers have been working very hard decorating Ringo's Ranch & making final arrangements.  They need to know if you'll be there for catering!
Good luck Burnie Hash :)


October 13, 2012

Hash 8/10/2012

Don't know where Hash is 15th October, see GV's Post Below:

Hash 8/10/12 set by Tracka was memorable, well at least for Bald Eagle, who now has to fly tandem for a number of weeks!!!!!

Hash Grub was also memorable, Tracka failed to burn sausages, & Tinsel served up not 1 but 2 Apple Crumbles, that were scoffed without even a burp, well maybe one or two :)

Welcome back to Devonport Hash:- A Bit of This:-

There's a fine Budda:- Oooh & a very cute Killer, did I say that out loud !!!!!

Nuff of that, so we don't end up with a duck show like last week, GoneAgain has given my his proxy as Joint Master "until 6th November". Sooooooooo after some DISCUSSION, about Christmas venues for our Christmas Dinner.

I have booked Hash House Harriers Devonport & hopefully all Hash House Harriers Burnie,  into 2 venues, "yes 2, NO, we're not having separate dinners, safer to book both at this stage, easier to cancel that to book".

Molly Malones & The Bridge Forth, for Monday 17th December, the very last order for a meal to be placed by 7.45pm at either establishment, they both know we are Hashers & we are very welcome, but don't want the place totally trashed :)

Forth don't usually open Monday nights for counter meals, but for a large number, i.e. approx. 35 they will!

Some made mention about East Devonport Yacht club, as a private function, I can follow this up if you wish? Many wanted Hash to also supply a bus, I'll leave that to other Joint Master Maggie :) Lantern may be able to help for small numbers.

OK you've something to think about, before Monday night & Burnie Hash, Sunday pm.


October 11, 2012

Hash Monday 15/10/2012

Where: The Don Hall – Don

What:    THE AMAZING disc RACE

Time:     6.45ish

On On:  Yes, yes

Hare:     Guardsvan


Amazing prizes for amazing winners of amazing walkers and amazing runners trail.


Be early to register before start!!




PS       The report from the IEI (Injured Eagle Infirmary) is that he has two breaks in his right wing and will not be flying for some time. Anyway, he finished up getting plastered last Monday night. Contact with the RSPCA has initiated a do not call roster!!!!




October 6, 2012

HHH Meet Monday 8th October, 2012

Hello Fellow Hashers,

Last Mondays Hash was set by Hare Poxy who was in fine birthday spirits handing out Willies Kentish Ale on arrival (last of the Grandfinal Keg).  Hash Grub from PB, at last some real sausages & hambuggers from the 4way butcher, (v noice)  an independent butcher worthy of patronage - no I'm not related!

Can't Stop from South bestowed us with his presence & received 2 down downs, 1 for turning up, the other for not sure of trail & mentioning out loud I'll just follow that "old bastard" poor Maggie :(

We have a new Hasher (we're sure she's an alias) as she managed to win/steal/cheat/acquire, yes 4 prizes all in that order, um, garden ornaments, other Hashers prizes, etc. etc.  Read an extract from Hash songs about how she loved Cock, recited with 100% passion & gestures, the men "Mesmerised".  Here's too BedPan a worthy Hasher.

FannyMay luckily made 2 Birthday cakes, thinking 2 birthdays, was duly given a downdown, as there were in fact 4, Happy Fuck You B'days, to Tracka, Pioneer, PB & Poxy.

Next weeks run, Monday 8th October, our first Daylight savings run & the winner is Tracka.
RUN from Henry Somerset Conservation Reserve, Railton Road.  Some may need torches !!!!
ONON back at Tracka & Tinsels.


September 27, 2012

The Brownlow hosted by Cheese!

The Brownlow run, it was a Faaaq freezing evening, the Hare directing the Runners one way & the Walkers tother:

Cheese received a rowdy here, here for a trail that nooo-one could find, much to the disgust of Cheese.
Some followed hearts & arrows, others followed old H signs, the walkers arrived back to the car park to find Flasher running around in circles, seems as though he didn't even find his way out of the car park!

Back to 33 Amherst to the well guessed menu, savs & pies.  D Bri being vego asked about his cuisine to be told there was a vegi sav somewhere in the pot!!  Luckily for D Bri chicken pies appeared.

The lip was held briskly during ad brakes, don't really know why as you will see from pics, no one except maybe poxy gave a dam.  Poxy ready to climb into bed in his "saints???" dressing gown, awww! Spud in the horizontal position felt faint after seeing the scantily clad babes & Tug's raffle win, porn cover!
Down downs were light on, not even the Birthday Girl PB received one.
The wrigged raffle was the highlight of the evening the happiest recipient of Pawn we have ever seen went to Tug - say no more!

The excitement was too overwhelming for some :_ Crab was cradling his chocolate coated Teddy Bears!!
As you can see everyone else could hardly keep there eyes from the screen, De Bri winning the $40 booty from Dint's sweep.
 Cheese has one of the tidiest houses ever, & looked the part as the perfect kitchen bitch, although at the site of the almost fluoro orange gloves, "maybe even glow in the dark, eek" the female's took there leave!!!

Next weeks run, Monday 1st October is from Poxy & PBs, Eugene Street Devonport, the usual 6.30pm

 It will be the Hash celebration for Poxy's up & coming 60th, Birthday Butt Plugs mandatory as are BYO chairs. Poxy & Thrust share the same birth date, so we'll save your down down Thrust!  Promise we won't put dodgy ice cubes in warm beer :)

Fanny May

September 25, 2012

Birthday Invitation - advance notice

Devonport and Burnie Hashers are invited to attend Knickers' 60th birthday celebrations on November 17th. Click on the flyer below to read all about it.

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September 22, 2012

I forgot

Big Pussy's

Hash Monday 24thSeptember

Hi All,
Late notice is better than not at all. Any complaints forward to Web Wanker GA last heard of in Cambodia, even though his passport was soaked & his photo was un-identifiable!!!

6.30pm is the time, Ulverstone Yacht Club is the place to see the pack take off at their usual blistering pace!
Ok I haven't been for awhile!!!

OnOn is at non other than the gloating Cheese's fine establishment at 33 Amherst Street for a night in front of the box for the BrownLow draw or whatever they do.

In addition to the usual grub & raffle money, $2 if you wish to be in the Brownlow sweep thingy!

Even if you aren't interested in footy, take this opportunity to annoy the piss out of Cheese with loud cheering at inappropriate times!!

Oh, there is a theme, wear your footy club colours, it is rumoured if anyone is not in Hawks paraphernalia they won't win any of the outstanding raffle prizes!!


August 30, 2012

Make a Note of That

Many retirees insist that they are busier than they have ever been before, and this was clearly the case with Flasher, finding that he just didn't have time to set a trail.  A note r*n saw both the wa*king and r*nning packs scurry off down the street toward Cheese's house, clutching a handful of envelopes. At the base of the zigzag path, the wa*kers stopped to read their next clue.  Zero metres and several envelopes later, the instruction was On Home. Poxy decided that the dog hadn't had enough exercise and chose a longer route home, and the wa*king pack joined him.  On the way home they met Cheese on a parallel mission, having split from the r*nning pack to put a bit of extra length into his nightly exercise (and nothing wrong with that, I say).
Back at the Flash mothership a lavish spread awaited, wrapped up by a delicious  low calorie dessert. Raffle winners were rife, and the prizes priceless. The DVDs are down to four hour versions, are we trying to cut down?  
Next week's Hare is Cheese from his house in Amherst Street, Ulverstone, with Dini chained up in the kitchen.  Monday September 3rd, 6.30pm.
On! On! Dini

August 22, 2012

Eagles Marathon

Eagle's nest was where the pack assembled on an almost springy feeling evening. Despite spring being nigh the night was completely dark by the time we left, around 645pm.

The runners ran 7.5kms and were close to the point of calling for the transport division to haul them home from way past the Ambleside shops, and the walkers were long home entertaining Paul, a virgin runner from Hobart . Paul was lured in with no idea he was coming to Hash.

Plenty of space to display the curried sausages and rice as Bald Eagle has registered the MG and has parked it in the carport. We ate, swore, drank and abused each other with enthusiams, raffled off the usual crap at outrageously inflated ticket prices (what is this world coming to). We can tell Flasher is on a tight budget from the raffle prizes. No porn at all, not even the KMart catalog style porn.

Anyways, run was good, walk was there, grub had no complaints, Paul was christened Rock Spider. Rock Spider can go back to Hobart and tell Spoof he has been officially named by Devonport HHH.

Next run 630pm on 27 August from Flasher and UFO's palace on the West Ulverstone hill: 118 Upper Maud Street.
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August 19, 2012

Arabian Night - Burnie 10

Just making sure we are all full of beans for the Burnie Ten weekend 20-21 October! Register now: And the actual Burnie10:

And don't forget the
Devonport Tour de Pisse September 15, less than a month away! Email to tellus you're cummin! 
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August 14, 2012

GoneAgain in Style

Hashers assembled at James St HQ expecting a good feed. Though hard to leave the safety of Fanny May's back deck, the trail master eventually blew the horn and we bravely marched out the gate, away from the kitchen smells.

The runners came to the first of many circle checks at the outdoor gym, where non saw fit to use the opportunity to bulk up. At this stage the walkers were already lagging by a country mile. GoneAgain took them by their scruffs and marched them to the Bluff where we caught a glimpse of the runners who by now had bagged the local light-house endorned peak.  As the runners disappeared with the bunnies in the dark fields behind the innocent campers, GoneAgain led the walking pack along the road to the next circle check where brushed past the runners taking off.

Alas, Dint and Mouse didnt follow the pack, they decided to scurry off into the scrubs behind the campground. Sporting a hammy injury and no torch it took Dint 45 minutes to find his way throught the adjoing pitch dark graveyard and meet the pack at the circle check 100 meters further along. By now the walkers had accepted Dint's disappearance and were just about resigned to drag Dint's prized posession (Koff) home.

Fanny May, from HQ, lodged a panic call to GA to ensure the walkers were en-route as the runners had long returned and were about to dig into the tucker, and would no doubt polish it off in no time. At this particular point GA was proudly leading the leisurely pack down his only False Trail. With the threat of no food the pace was doubled and all made it to the OnOn safely.

Food was the usual gourmet that we have now come to expect from FM and the prize-de-jour in the raffle was a packet of sparkles. Enthusiastically the pack lit them all and watched them sparkle with excitement (see pic).

Flasher announced to the pack that his car payments from the raffle were to be donated to GoneAgain this week to see him off quicker, and donated the $100 to the cause! GA accepted them gracefully and pledged to be GoneAgain as soon as possible.

When the beer was drunk, the cask wine gone stale, and the fire pot smouldering with ambers the Dutch Jans Premium Herbal Liqueur came out, much appreciated by Poxy in particular. We toasted Dini, who appears to have gone AWOL with the rest of the Burnie crowd (except for Matchsticks!).

Next week's run from Bald Eagle's Nest in East Devonport at 25 Torquay Road.
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August 9, 2012

Bald Eagles Cummin of Age

OzRock hosted Bald Eagle's 1300th run. For the occasion he was given a drink.

Oh yes, we also did a bit of a sprint around the block. Walkers took an hour, probably because en-masse the walkers headed off on the first false trail out the door whilst the runners, who took half an hour for the run, took off in the right direction. Anyways, a well hidden On Home under the Ulverstone Phallic was found by both packs, but not well understood by some runners who were still enthusiastically sniffing for flour as they trailed behind the FRBs.

So anyways, Crow cooked us twice baked spuds and other goodies which were elegantly served up by young Michael, his mum and his dad, a family affair. Flasher conducted a terribly tasty  raffle and handed out obligatory porn. Super Sal came along for Bald Eagle's special occasion and brought along a virgin. He was named Ringer - pictured below. Ringer is a Lions Club member who is defecting to us, just as Fanny May did during the height of the GFC! OnOn Ringer!

Next run at Fanny May's home! 10 James St Devonport.

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July 31, 2012

Dyke's Dash on Don

In typical Dyke fashion we had a tight, undulating run, plenty of circle checks, pitch dark running through the cemetery, the Don, past one of Dyke's druggy mate's  house. And after visiting him the Double Dutch arrows and trail confused the hell out of the non-dutch runners, but Poxy and GA saved the trail here.

Good food at Dyke's, starting with pumpkin soup followed by meat pies. And did anyone mention the beer??? Well, lemme tell you... we had a keg of GoneAgain's Seven Shed's Kentish Ale, left over from his fundraiser. Assuming Devonport Hash House Harriers would donate $1000 towards GoneAgain's ride for Cystic Fibrosis ( he valiantly pulled out a bottle of Jans All Natural Herbal Liqueur; The Dutch Friendship drink. Despite some saying it tasted like cough mixture plenty was drunk and some even took home the printed Jans propaganda. Jans is one of GoneAgain's sponsors for the Vietnam to Singapore ride. The $1000 HHH cheque is in the mail.
Anyways, now for the really important stuff:

NEXT RUN AT THE OZ ROCK INN. Clothing optional, Crow would love to see us all naked, especially Plunger. So be there; 630pm, 6 August 2012, Oz Rock Inn in Ulverstone.


Up and cumming…. 
  • August 2nd, Thursday 6.30pm—LoonRhasH from the Ulverstone Rowing Club
  • August 31st, Friday— LoonRhasH  BlueMoon
  • September 15th, Saturday—Devonport HHH Le Tour de Piss - Registrations via
  • October 14-15th—H5 Oktoberfest @ Little Swanport
  • October 20-21st—Burnie Ten Weekend… an Arabian Knight to remember…
  • New Zealand Nash Hash, Nelson, February 15-17, 2013
  • Aussie Nash Hash Brisbane, May 4-6th, 2013 Pay before December 2012! $475
  • Interhash Hainan, March 13-16, 2014
  • Not Interhash Brussels, Belgium 25-27 July 2014 ...but think about it… Seriously! A Beer Odyssey.
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July 29, 2012

Throw another plate on the fire!

That's right. We ran from Dint and Koff's place. Plenty of tomato sauce and plenty of flour on the run. The fire was doing well due to Dint's secret formula; plastic.  As the flames roared the dioxins, the carbon monoxide and  the furans engulfed us healthy runners. It kept the pack warm in the chili East Devonport night.

Where:                  Dyke's Garage
When:                   Monday 30th July  at 6.30ish
Hare:                     Dyke?
You Need:             $10 for run, $s for raffle, gum-boots, sense of humour and dry socks.

There may be a treat in store. Make sure you come if you like Seven Sheds Kentish Ale!!
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July 21, 2012

Special Massage de Tour de Pisse 2012

You've heard right, it is that time of the year again. The inaugural Devonport Tour de Pisse is cumming to Ulverstone again! The OzRock Inn at 1pm on Saturday September 15th, 2012.  For more sordid details refer to the poster above (get your glasses, magnifying glass or just click on it).
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July 19, 2012

Killer's Cake

An excellent trail was laid by Killer and imitation Chinese takeaway was made by LB. Killer laid enough flour down to make a cake a mile, but the rain washed it all away. Whether he actually set a run or not we're not sure, but the brave runners said they saw some evidence of soggy flour, but the walkers saw none on the way to the pub and back.

LB's imitation Chinese food was in fact a really nice stir-fry with rice, it was just served in Chinese takeaway paper baskets and a bottle of sweet chili sauce to fool us. Cheese, fresh bread, crackers other appetisers, desert, Stones ginger wine... and a poorly rigged raffle to end the night.

Next run from Church Street in East Devonport at Dint and 'Koffs place. Bring the gas masks for the fire. Bring plenty of cash for the raffle, a hat, don't forget odd socks...

And if you want to come to GoneAgain's fundraiser at Crow's OzRock Inn you have to be quick as Rock-Star Ruth from Kenya is singing. Full house is now expected, so need to book real quick.

Click on to book straight away! Total bargain at $40 per person (if booking a table of 10) or $55 at the door. Some drinks and all entertainment included. Must RSVP or book before Tuesday 24 July!

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