April 21, 2016

Run No 1819

What a night! What a dog fight! Something to Crow about! A “relatively” short run and walk preceded the shenanigans of Crows 50th. A gourmet feast of Crowing variety and proportion was laid before the assembled mass including the not often sighted Nez, Noddi Bob and Yep. Good to see them! We also welcomed new hasher Steam Shovel. A product of our hosts! Maybe we will be seeing more of Yep?
FC orchestrated his usual fine lippery, and the hub was “awarded” to Cistern for having kneeling pads on his knees.

Thank you Soff, Landing and Steam Shovel for your organisation and presentation.

Next Week’s Run No 1820:

Hare/s Apparent:  Guardsvan
When:             Monday 25th  April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where:            Don Railway Car Park
On On:            By Killer at The Chapel
What:             “Remembrance” Hash
Bring:            Torch and warm clothing 

Being Anzac Day Night it is timely that we remember:-

Our Anzacs;
Others that have died in the service of their community;
The 20th Anniversary of our Devonport to Dover Tasmanian Trail Ride;
The Port Arthur Massacre;
Our hashers who have joined Sky Hash:- Erection, Licorice, Pheels on Wheels, Mattress and ‘ere. 

Receding Hareline:
Run 1821: 2nd May   ~   Crab from T/B/A
Run 1822: 9th May ~ Koff’s Bald Headed Bash from T/B/A 

Note: Those hashers wishing to contribute to Koff’s Cause may donate be direct bank transfer to:-
Account Name: Devonport Child Centres Inc
BSB:                633-000
Account No:     139045926
Reference:       Fiona D           

Quote for the week:
Money will buy a fine dog but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

April 13, 2016

Run No 1818:

Starting from the Penguin Boat Ramp 18 ‘appy ‘ashers chased Cheese around the parks and streets of Penguin. Thankfully we didn’t catch him (well maybe Thrust did!) 

The walkers wandered while the runners waited for their return whilst admiring Cheese’s new addition to his stable of automobiles. It even has a spare engine in the back!

The on-on was at Pioneer’s place with roast in rolls followed by a delicious variety of carbohydrates and sugar.

Lower-lip Cheese was the master of ceremonies as down downs were dispensed to all the unwary. Tinsel demanded Flasher conduct the raffle which he did with aplomb. (or was it agrape?)

Koff announced she was shaving off her hair in aid of a work colleague suffering from cancer. Hashers were invited to sponsor her efforts, Details of how sponsorship can be made will be advised when someone can make sense of it.

GV won The Hub for having succumb to an unfortunate incident involving a bicycle and a fence.

Thank you Bastard and Pioneer for your hospitality.

Next Week’s Run No 1819:
Hare’s Apparent: Soff and Landing
When:            Monday 18th April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where:           49 Esplanade, Turners Beach
Bring:           Torch and warm clothing

Receding Hareline:
Run 1820: 25th April ~ Guardsvan and Killer from Don Railway
Run 1821: 2nd May    ~ Crab from T/B/A
Run 1822: 9th May    ~ Koff’s Bald Headed Bash from T/B/A

Quote for the week:
The best thing about the future is that it doesn’t start until tomorrow.

April 7, 2016

Run No 1817

Tracka and Tinsel’s Hash at Bells Parade took the form of a power pole run. Extremely well set and we didn’t get lost. (We just didn’t know where we were!)

A convivial on-on at the BBQ Shelter was enjoyed and the usual tom-foolery ensued. Dint won The Hub for property stealing with Eweturn a close runner-up for nicking some poor baby’s toy gonk en-route,
Shame I hear you say!!

Thanks Tinsel and Tracka.

Next Week’s Run No 1818:
Hare’s Apparent:  Bastard and Pioneer
When:  Monday 11th April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where: Penguin Boat Ramp (Western end of Main St in town)
Bring: Torch and warm clothing

Receding Hareline:
Run 1819: 18th April ~ Soff from T/B/A
Run 1820: 25th April ~ Guardsvan from Dell Luck/Don Railway with On-On at Killer’s Cathedral (Remembrance Run). Providing GV & Killer remembers!
Run 1821: 2nd May ~ Crab from T/B/A

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