March 27, 2014

Torch Time

Once upon a time, last monday in fact, the prevailing King of Stoney Rise, King Lantern assembled his armies at Lantern's Shed for an assault on the Neighbouring Kelcey Tier Green Belt. When the marching orders were given the army split into two units, one heading West and one heading North. This divided the smart from the not-so-smart soldiers. King Lantern thought it was quite amusing to see half his army march up the wrong hill, and encouraged them with lots of white powder (which suspiciously did not taste like flour).

Meanwhile the Reserves, headed by Queen Thrust, arrived and took off after the smart unit, crossing the goat tracks and into the wilds of the Kelcey Tier Belt. More junctions with lengthy false trails assured the smart were divided from the not-so-smart, especially by putting false trail signs on top of lofty mountains, where the not-so-smart turned back, only a few measly meters from where the smart ones were on trail. More false trails with convincing heaps of white unidentified powder led the not-so-smart up many more hills till the smartest of them all, Prince GoneAgain was filtered out and arrived on his lonesome at the Rambo/Whimps junction (aka W/R sign). The soldier prince bravely choose the Rambo marking and walked half way to eternity to the top of the Spreyton Field Cemetery to find the war had been won ages ago. With his steed he returned into the pitch dark magic forests of the Kelcey Tier, through marshes and enchanted valleys, with his hunting beast protecting him from evil bunnies and wobblies.

In the mean time Prince Guardy had set out to locate the missing soldier prince and with the aid of modern smoke signals and fire tubes he located and rounded him up at Tugrah Road where the troops had initially disappeared into the wild. And so without any serious casualties the win was celebrated with glass canisters filled with effervescent amber fluid and a matching feast complete with pink nude crustaceans.

Next run, Monday 31 May we are assembling at Bells Parade in Latrobe for a proper Torch Run set by Black Trakka.

March 24, 2014


                Daylight Saving ends so we are back into torchlight times.

                For safety sake please check your torches and have at the ready.


                April  7th                Guardsvan          Bay Drive (rear Spreyton School)

                April 14th              Bed Pan               T/B/A (back-up hare – Dint)

                April 21st               Boner                    Tucker Ave, Ulverstone. (Guardy pre-setting Hydro Pole Run)

                April 28th              FC                           T/B/A


                On On



March 21, 2014

Crab's Full Moon Paddies Revival

A weary troop of NW Hashers assembled at Otto's Grotto for a grueling walk to the nearest pub to get St Paddies over and done with. But alas, Captain Crab (in association with Guardy) had more in store for us. The walkers trail led us past the music bowl, past the water-slide, onto the beach and down the garden path back to Otto's Grotto. The runners did the long variation.

And there, back at the OnOn, much to our surprise were cans of Guinness awaiting for us complete with prepared salad rolls and chips! BitofThis and Ralph Harwood would've loved the 99 calorie portions of Guinness which were no doubt inadvertently served at 6-7 degrees C. - just about perfect.

Circle was held with the usual aplomb, down downs for the various attendees and the hub was re-delegated. To end the formalities of our Circle we sang the most important part of our Devonport Hash Song with gusto; the bit about Burnie taking it up the ar$e. This would've been skipped if it wasn't for the benefit of Knickers and Ratchet who were there representing the West of our NorthWest Hashers.

The troupe left for RA Cafe, the nearest pub meal, and continued celebrating the Full Moon of  March.

Next RUN (24 March 2014) at Lantern's Shed on Stoney Rise Road under the Bass Highway. Bring your digestives and prepare for his usual battalion sized rations.

March 14, 2014

Crabby Full Moon on St Paddies

A picture is worth a thousand words. So above is last weeks run-report, set by Dint in the Stoodley Plantation with a mention of next weeks St Pa-trick's Day run (leprechaun etc), and also a full moon for our next run.

Captain Crab is setting this monumental run which is Monday 17 March 630pm, concurrently the March Full Moon and the Devonport Hash House Harriers St Patrick's Day celebration. Captain Crab is starting the run from Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone and bring money for a Guinness or five!

March 11, 2014

Brussels T Shirts

Anyone interested in purchasing a T shirt with a Tassie theme for The Brussels Beer Odyssey please let Hands On know by Monday 7th April. Cost will be $25 Payment with order please. No payment no order. 

To order or for more info contact me directly by email or 0407236492.

On On
Hands On

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Ride to Busso NashHash?


You may spare yourself from the Nullarbor, but this may just be an option!
Register your expression of interest for the 4 day bike preamble to Busselton now!
And who is planning to drive to WA from Tassie
Remember to keep an eye on:

March 6, 2014

Next Monday run...

Stop Press.  Due to a sudden lack of trees in the Stoodley Plantation we are now meeting at Rail Track Rd which is approx. 2.8km past the Railton pub and signposted on the left as “Rail Track Rd”.

Stop in at Seven Sheds on the way to get yourself a decent beer to bring along.

March 5, 2014

Please Consider....

Fellow Hashers,

I am looking for Hares to set runs in April. Bedpan has volunteered for the 7th April. Any other starters?

Please consider!


Ph 0417398235

Moorland's Mermaid

Calendar Girl and GoneAgain set trail at Moorland Beach. It took a fair bit of cosmic bargaining to get low tide to happen at the right time and prepare for the ideal run environment to attract the likes of Cockadoodle who had missed a few hundred runs. Bastard and Pioneer coerced her into coming.

The pack assembled at the bottom of the corrugated dirt road past the airport and down from the now truly abandoned pulp mill. We headed off onto the beach. Through the sandy fly ridden track, on the beach, off the beach, more sand, lots of see weed, more flies, and eventually back to where we started. Cockadoodle completely back to her good old self found a bed for a nanna nap which confused most runners who thought she was a mermaid. Easy mistake to make.

So, escaping the biting flies of Moorland we raced back to civilisation and settled in the comfort zone of Fanny Mays home - mainly to sample her cuisine. Cheese brought ample piss with him, FM supplied great food, brownies, port, a fire pot and super company. GA had spiked the beer with GingerAle as that was the closest drink available to GingerBeer at the WesleyVale shop - which made the beer curdle nicely for the down-downs.

CalendarGirl was in charge of discipline and bit visiting Snif-Phallus's (sic.) dog (whom she loves playing with everywhere else) at every opportune moment just to show who was in charge here. Ultimately it was FM who was in charge. Towards the end of the night BedPan felt a little toe-y and was treated to crutches and painkillers.She is doing everything possible to get out of her NZ hiking commitment coming up.

Eerily enough prophet GA had seen the signs in the window a week or two in Sydney that Cockadoodle was on the cards, and even took a picture.


Next run: Dint's Stoodley Run. The run itself will be sign-posted from Stoodley Rd (about 2.5km past Railton, on the Sheffield Rd). The OnOn will be at the park just around the corner from the pub – turn left at Crocker St, which becomes Railton Rd (which is actually the road to Kimberly) – the park is on the right only 20m around the corner. IF you are confused about the directions click on the links for the Google stuff.

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