March 21, 2014

Crab's Full Moon Paddies Revival

A weary troop of NW Hashers assembled at Otto's Grotto for a grueling walk to the nearest pub to get St Paddies over and done with. But alas, Captain Crab (in association with Guardy) had more in store for us. The walkers trail led us past the music bowl, past the water-slide, onto the beach and down the garden path back to Otto's Grotto. The runners did the long variation.

And there, back at the OnOn, much to our surprise were cans of Guinness awaiting for us complete with prepared salad rolls and chips! BitofThis and Ralph Harwood would've loved the 99 calorie portions of Guinness which were no doubt inadvertently served at 6-7 degrees C. - just about perfect.

Circle was held with the usual aplomb, down downs for the various attendees and the hub was re-delegated. To end the formalities of our Circle we sang the most important part of our Devonport Hash Song with gusto; the bit about Burnie taking it up the ar$e. This would've been skipped if it wasn't for the benefit of Knickers and Ratchet who were there representing the West of our NorthWest Hashers.

The troupe left for RA Cafe, the nearest pub meal, and continued celebrating the Full Moon of  March.

Next RUN (24 March 2014) at Lantern's Shed on Stoney Rise Road under the Bass Highway. Bring your digestives and prepare for his usual battalion sized rations.

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