March 5, 2014

Moorland's Mermaid

Calendar Girl and GoneAgain set trail at Moorland Beach. It took a fair bit of cosmic bargaining to get low tide to happen at the right time and prepare for the ideal run environment to attract the likes of Cockadoodle who had missed a few hundred runs. Bastard and Pioneer coerced her into coming.

The pack assembled at the bottom of the corrugated dirt road past the airport and down from the now truly abandoned pulp mill. We headed off onto the beach. Through the sandy fly ridden track, on the beach, off the beach, more sand, lots of see weed, more flies, and eventually back to where we started. Cockadoodle completely back to her good old self found a bed for a nanna nap which confused most runners who thought she was a mermaid. Easy mistake to make.

So, escaping the biting flies of Moorland we raced back to civilisation and settled in the comfort zone of Fanny Mays home - mainly to sample her cuisine. Cheese brought ample piss with him, FM supplied great food, brownies, port, a fire pot and super company. GA had spiked the beer with GingerAle as that was the closest drink available to GingerBeer at the WesleyVale shop - which made the beer curdle nicely for the down-downs.

CalendarGirl was in charge of discipline and bit visiting Snif-Phallus's (sic.) dog (whom she loves playing with everywhere else) at every opportune moment just to show who was in charge here. Ultimately it was FM who was in charge. Towards the end of the night BedPan felt a little toe-y and was treated to crutches and painkillers.She is doing everything possible to get out of her NZ hiking commitment coming up.

Eerily enough prophet GA had seen the signs in the window a week or two in Sydney that Cockadoodle was on the cards, and even took a picture.


Next run: Dint's Stoodley Run. The run itself will be sign-posted from Stoodley Rd (about 2.5km past Railton, on the Sheffield Rd). The OnOn will be at the park just around the corner from the pub – turn left at Crocker St, which becomes Railton Rd (which is actually the road to Kimberly) – the park is on the right only 20m around the corner. IF you are confused about the directions click on the links for the Google stuff.

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