February 27, 2012

It Was a Hot Summer Night


A nice little pack tonight, including a few fresh faces - visitors Blowback and Copit from Townsville, Pole Dancer on the north-south hasher exchange program, and Knackers who has finally been granted shore-leave, much to his wife's chagrine.
Trail veered to the north along the pretty river bank, and stopped suddenly with an arrow pointing across the water. It was only Flasher and Dint who followed this suggested trail, the others long-cutted via the bridge. Another crossing saw the walkers confronted with such a lengthy detour that they capitulated and all got their bits wet.
R*nners trail took the fit b*stards up and around the only hill in Latrobe, walkers squelched their way home by various means.
Hares Tracka and Tinsel served up a very fine repast of roast swan and salads. Circle rambled on with virtually no one escaping a drink. Dyke seemed particularly charge-prone. UFO took home her first Hub for designing a new-shaped road bike using just some pavement and a bumper bar.
Raffle was the usual colourful lottery of recycled treasures and asian imports.
Next week's r*n is being set by Maggie from Crosby Street, Turners Beach.
On! On!
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February 20, 2012

Coles Cold Draught

It was a bitter wind which blew in from the sea, but it couldn't sap the joy from a great run and a delectable on on of roast pork with crackling served up with bone-handled knives. Brilliant stuff Guardy. Soff downed for a birthday, Foghorn for a long absence and Super Sal for an even longer one. The raffle moved to a warmer corner but the air was filled with flying jugs as Dint showed his appreciation of his raffle winnings. Highbeam gave Flash the puppy eyes and extracted the wine, and for the rest of us there was plenty of out of date chocolate to be had.
Next week we are at Bells Parade with Black Tracka haring.
On! On! Dini
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February 16, 2012

Run No 1603

When:     Monday 20th February @ 6.30ish


Where:   Coles Beach, Devonport. Start check will be within 50 metres of toilets.


On On:    Yes

February 6, 2012

Dint's Bush in the City

Dint set us a r*n of many colours, a bit like the rainbow we saw at the end. Streets, river's edge, park, bush, gorse, mud, and a car park. Well, it was a car parked in the gorsey bush near some mud, and it wouldn't go no matter how hard we pushed it. Couldn't see the Jaguar badge on it, but pretty certain that's what it would be. Oil had all leaked out of it long ago. R*nners and wa*kers found the HHH, the pack split asunder, going home by more routes than a Bangkok sex tour.

Back at Koff's place, Dint lit a fire so toxic it made its own layer of dioxinous slag in the Mersey silt. Koff compensated more than adequately for the added pollutants by producing a vast spread of the healthiest, tastiest hash nosh in a decade. After many downs for the sinners, Cheese collected the Hub for Alzheimers. Maybe he'll remember to wear it next week. Dyke won a beautiful prize in the raffle, which Thrust immediately coveted for next week's red Dress R*n. At least she wouldn't have to tape anything down to make if fit properly. A very pleasant evening, with, for the record, hardly any rain. Never rains on a hash r*n.
Next week's offering will be set by Cheese from the Ulverstone Rowing Club, with the on afters at Harley Court. And don't forget LoonRhasH this Wednesday at 7pm from Otto's Grotto.
On! On!
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February 3, 2012

Adam and Eve 1600th

The 1600th run, celebrated on the 1599th run, saw people scrambling out of our way as Adam and Eve escorted the pack through the Ulverstone neighbourhood. More Adam and Eve's came out of the cupboard after the run in the safe harbour of the Oz Rock Inn. Good run/walk through the bushes at the foreshore of 'the Stone' and a Garden of Eden style feed (finger salad and finger BBQ), a bottle of wine to share among the 12 wine drinkers and a couple of cases of beer for the real men complemented an all up good evening. The evening came to an abrupt end when inappropriate prizes, from our major sponsor (Adam and Eve Adult Superstore, Fyshwick, ACT), were raffled out. We think winners were keen to go home and try them out! No snakes were harmed during the evening. Pics here.

NEXT RUN set by Dint from Robert's carpark under the highway at 1 Formby Road.OnOn at Church Street, East Devonport.

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