April 27, 2012

Next R*n @ High Tide

This week's r*n is being set by Black Tracka from the Waterside Function Centre (Old High Tide Restaurant), Devonport Road. Wear odd sox, bring a torch, batteries which fit the torch, $10 plus change for the fabulous wrigged wraffle.

6.30, Monday April 30th.

On! On!

Oh, and PS, from GA, run report from Din't run: After a false checkpoint (a first?) we got on the road to roam around East Devonport heights. Woodfires kept GoneAgain coughing loudly whilst Soff lurked softly behind on his crutches. The runners made it pretty much down to the river and had a good run. The OnOn at Dint's place was the usual BBQ with Beer consumed in a haze of plastic fumes from the fire which was liberally fed with hydrocarbons and treated pine. A good time was had by all despite Cheese running the entire proceedings for the night.

April 20, 2012

Cheese's Shed

Another fabulous feed and meet at Cheese's place. Curries and cakes compliments of Dini's Award Winning Kitchen... Plenty showed up for the OnOn but many walkers only made a whimpsical attempt at the craftily set course, wasting no less then 10 minutes on the trail. The runners had a good go at it and coincided their return with the three real-men Hashers who walked (most) of the trail.

Despite the ever growing collection of motorbike's in Cheese's shed he was not nominated for a down down. Plenty of others down-downs were awarded  followed by Flasher's rigged raffle with endless fabulous prizes... Can't we just line up the prizes and beers and forget about the rigamoral of ancient customs? Nah, this is Hash, what would we do with our spare time!

Dini wore the virtual hub all week apparently and was reawarded it. Also good to see Knackers making a comeback, now that we rarely see Knockers and Knickers. Sof (seen sipping medication in picture) sported a new hip and Captain Crab was accused of misadvertising as the radio commercial for CradleCoast Tours claims he is a laugh-a-minute guy. Obviously no Hashers have experienced any of his tours, so who has the last laugh now?

Next run set by Dint from the East Devonport Recreation Centre. BYO personal protection devices, it will be dark.
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April 9, 2012

Ninja Hashers

Ninja Hashers were not seen around Devonpprt tonight because they were so incredibly stealthy under the cover of darkness. Following a flour trail set by Dyke in and out of the gutters (you listening Tinsel?) of Devonport, through The Don and back to the dilapidated and now closed Aquatic Centre where no other daros dare hang out. We didn't loiter around in the cold either and wasted no time getting our butts down the road to Dyke's Den in the Shadow of the Tiers.

Highlights of the night included UFO getting the ups and downs from Cheese and MatchSticks playing dress-ups using various used apparel including Poxy's poxy sox. Dini was awarded the virtual hub which will now forever live in Burnie Hash's war chest. A holy Easter raffle, fully rigged and without porn, completed our Easter run.

Next week's run from Cheese's fortress; Amherst Street, The Stone.

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April 2, 2012

Too much is never enough

Everyone who counted made it to Lantern's place in time to catch the bus for the mystery drop-off location.

The run home was along the dirt tracks of Kelsey Tier, with Tinsel strategically peeing on the trail just as the pack came past. Torches were swapped and shared and Flasher couldn't find the right buttons to make his little light shine. GoneAgain came to the rescue after FannyMay volunteered his light to UFO who was relying on Flasher's... Anyways, the walkers made it home in one piece, but the runners didn't. Crow  tripped by a man-hole meters from the drive-way. Nurse Guardy, the rocket surgeon he is, bandaged him up.

FannyMay gave her maiden lip and did a splendid job, coming up with down downs for  amazing reversible numbers some of which were reversible when you multiplied the sum of their squares. BitofThis was very impressed to sneak under cover of  winter time and actually get a nomination for The Hub! The pack howled the hub to Crow for kneecapping himself.

Lots of fresh and unusual faces, like Turtle, Phucnose, Foghorn, Poledancer...

Sigh, what is in store for us next week when Dyke sets the trail from the Devonport Pool... OnOn at his place.

Don't forget next week's Burnie R*n is on 2012 Easter Saturday from the campsite of Dini at Narawntapu (Bakers Beach) National Park. The trek in will be a car ferry to save the expense of a Parks pass, and it's BYO everything. Meet at 2pm at Marana Drive intersection, for a walk up Archer's Knob (approx 2 hours return). On On later will incorporate LoonRhasH at the Shearwater Country Club, meet at 6.30pm.
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