September 27, 2011

Medal-winning Boredom


Cheese set us a run through the Ulverstone Streets with little floury aitches, just so we would not confuse them with last week's TdP trail. This worked nicely for everyone except Flasher, who could not find any trail, old or new. After waiting out in the cold for a good 20 minutes in the pathetic hope someone would care enough to come looking for him, he gave in and legged it home. Meanwhile the pack had violated Cheese's fridge and were warm and toasty in front of the fire. Footy franks and pies set the classy tone of the evening's entertainment, a night of squinting at an extremely analogue ancient TV perched above the toilet door. The object? To try and spot a bit of decent cleavage among a sea of neanderthal Bronlow Medal contestants. At Round 12 the boredom reached excruciat, and about half the pack deserted. The stayers endured it to the bitter end, establishing that none of them had won the sweep. Still there was beer and chocolate cake so it wasn't all bad.
Next week Bald Eagle will kick off the first run of the summer, Monday October 3rd, 6.30 pm, starting from Dell Luck Reserve at Don.
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September 19, 2011

Tour de Pisse

Photos from the Tour de Pisse

Lantern's Light Tonight

 How do Hashers stay warm on a damp Ulverstone afternoon? Well, if you are Guardsvan, you go and stand in the oven. If you are Flasher, the sugar fix from the lolly bowl makes a great second best.
If you missed this weekend's Tour de Pisse, you can come along and see some of the same faces and the same bodies wearing those sexy yellow shirts tonight at Lantern's place. Monday September 19th, 6.30pm, Stony Rise Road Devonport. Odd sox, $10, torch, raffle money for a chance to win yellow coloured leftovers and a slightly used black microphone.
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September 8, 2011

Feels Gooood

It was perhaps a first for the Northwest, a wheelchair friendly run! Accordingly we had a good turnout. Glad I wasn't dragging a wheelchair with me, as the run sure had its ups and downs. The Spring Gods took pitty and furnished us with a mild moonlit night, which we all enjoyed in T-shirts - first one this season!  GoneAgain thought he'd show off he still has what it takes, thinking that surely he could go where Feels on Wheels could go. He handed Fanny May's furball to Pioneer, bravely  slipped into his Vibram barefoot runners and valiantly coughed off behind the runners. On top of the final ascent of the run, where the HHH was, GoneAgain almost collapsed on the doorstep of 'JR', the second most competent ambulance officer of the Northwest (and incidentally the Senior Vice-President of the HACSU Management Committee) whose house just coincidentally happened to be in front of the HHH.

Feels on Wheels had arranged his garage into a virtual Hash Theatre with ample seating for all, complete with a spare wheelchair for GoneAgain who really could've used oxygen and a new set of lungs in preference to wheels. The tucker on offer was respectable and the deserts were exemplary. The rigged raffle was perfectly rigged (see Thrust wearing her new bra on her face) and no-one caught the cunning Flash out on the shameless rigging of Asian raffle prizes.  This may have had something to do with the inebriating effect of  the liberal adjudication of down-downs sternly, and unfairly, handed out by our Lip Pioneer prior to Flasher's big event.

Enough of that. Next run is a combined Lunar Hash run; 630pm (12 Sept 2011) at Molly's in Devonport.

6.72 kilometers of flour laid in grueling suburbia... 
Details [here].

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September 2, 2011

Feel the Pain

Thrust was caught on candid camera recently looking very competitive
in the Sydney City to Surf. She is back amongst the land of the living
and may grace us with her pressence at Feels on Wheel's place next
monday 5 September - 11 Riverside Avenue at the Stone.
Last week's Pizza Fest at Bald Eagle's was a bit of a reunion, as all
the overseas travellers made it back in one piece - except Thrust who
was running late... (dejavu?).

Run? Yep, there was one. Yep wasn'nt there despite that last
statement). Walk? Yep (who? No, Who wasn't there either), we walked a
long time. Most walkers hashed home early, only the true believers
made it all the way to the HHH at Koff's place. Onya Trakka, GoneAgain
and Ringo. Next time you better run.

Maybe next week we will have a Where Are They Now session on dHash and
shame previous Hashers out of their hiding places for summer!
Suggestions of roque runaways gone AWOL? Dob in your mate, email with name/details and other dirt.

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