September 29, 2009

Fancy dress?

That's right, some of our hashers came in fancy dress. Geelong's victory was long wiped from our memories (what more than 24hrs ago they won), but still the clowns insist on dressing up!

Mable cooked his best ever meal for us tonight by sticking to the KISS principle and multiplying it by 10, and the run... well, I walked and ended up at Mollies for a beer with Bastard, Killer and Captain Crab. Maybe I forgot to look for flour. There were no complaints, except of course about the wigged-waffle which was conducted totally unfairly, giving all the best prizes to some birthday chick in need of a leg opener; Pioneer walked off with a memorable beer glass and a bottle of pink Cowgirl. Oh, and ahum, Dint 'won' the beanie that said he was good in bed - as he can stay in it for days...

Next week's run is set by Bastard in Penguin, from the Motocross just before the hole in the road.

Also don't forget, this weekend, October 2-4, is H5 1500th/Oktoberfest @ Bronte Park: $70 gets you meal, accommodation and grog, RSVP to H5's Sonar on 0415 164 748 . And LoonR Hash is celebrating the full moon this Sunday 4/10/2009 with Ringo's run in Burnie... Ringo will post location details when he gets around to paying for their power-bill (Dini still thinks it was the storms).

Mister GA

PS Flasher just reminded me Ringo is setting LoonR Hash from Romaine Park in Burnie.

September 27, 2009

Tracka to Dyke

This weeks run starts at Tracka's Parallel Solutions and the on-on is at Dyke's. Rain or shine!

....After the airline pilot had managed to land his plane -- albeit bumpily -- following a descent through exceptionally heavy weather, he came out of the flight deck to bid his passengers farewell before leaving the plane. The most memorable comment he received was from a little old lady who asked him politely whether he would please satisfy her curiosity on just one point: "Did we land, or were we shot down?"....

Q) What's worse than raining buckets?
A) Hailing taxis!

Mister GA

September 15, 2009

Dell Luck

Guardy pulled off another bloody good effort, which really isn't fair, he always gets a go...

Bald Eagle has inflicted long term psychological damage to his grandson by exposing him to Hash! The poor sod was called LJ, for Little Johnny, a hash-name that Harriettes will generally not go near when he gets to that stage in life. And speaking of Harriettes, Mullet (pronounced MULLEIGH, similar to the french word Malaise which loosely translates to Sicko) brought her horse Lenny again. Dint is in love with this horse and Coff was not impressed when Lenny obediently licked Dint squarely on the lips when he begged it for a lick.

Anyways, on to the more important news... Next week's run coincides with the Brownlow Medal Count and so is held at Cheese's place in Amherst Street, The Stone. Come as your favourite football hero and be prepared for a long night!

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Up cumming runs

21/09/2009 - Cheese at Cheese' house
28/09/2009 - Dyke and Mabel - TBA
05/10/2009 - Bastard - in the bush somewhere

September 11, 2009

Up and Cumming....

Monday September 14th, 6.30 pm: Guarde's Van from the Dell Luck Reserve at Don.

  • October 2-4
    H5 1500th/Oktoberfest @ Bronte Park
    $70 gets you meal, accommodation and grog, RSVP to Sonar on 0415 164 748
  • October 17-18 – Burnie 10 weekend
  • November 2 – Camp Quality run @ RYCT, Sandy Bay
  • November 20-21 – Launceston H3 - Pirates and Wenches @ Bayside Vistas, Bridport
  • 2010 January 30 – Gathering of the Moons (aka High Noon)
  • 2010 July 2-4 – 2010 Rainforest Interhash


September 7, 2009

Blind Hasher's Bluff

"Give me a sign", they said. And so it came to pass that the hare Black Tracka gave them a sign, and it was a bit faded, but all good. It took a while to find trail, and maybe that's because it was a bit of a last minute lay(nothing wrong with those), but Tracka set a fine r*n from the Bluff on a crispy clear evening with a pack of twenty or so in lukewarm pursuit.

Pizza and beer at the On On, mostly all good. "I love Hawaiian pizzas," says Cheese, "but the pineapple ruins 'em." Is it just me, or is he a fussy bastard? There were downs for crimes against football teams by other football teams. This is beyond understanding. It must be the umpires' fault. Maggie took a down anyway, maybe because he barracks for the umpires. The rigged raffle was just as rigged, with the usual quota of ice-cube nipple chillers and bottles of Kill- a-Brown-Dog Special Liquers which also make excellent paint stripper. These will be consumed disguised as erotic cocktails at the Global Harriettes's R*n at Burnie on Wednesday night, 6.30 from Oakleigh Park.

Next week's DH3 run is being set by avante-Guarde's Van from the Dell Luck Reserve at Don. Monday September 14th, 6.30 pm.

On! On! Dini

September 6, 2009

This week's R*ns

  • Black Tracka is setting this week's DH3 r*n from the Bluff Carpark, Devonport. Monday September 7th, 6.30. $10, wear odd socks.
  • A Bit of This is setting the Global Harriettes R*n from Oakleigh Park, Burnie. Wednesday 09.09.09, 6.30pm. $15, wear girlie clothes.
On! On!

September 4, 2009

Grizzly Update

I see a full moon a-rising.

The seasonally adjusted rising of the September full moon (which appears Sat 5 Sept) one day later than it does down south, for some odd reason, will be celebrated by a bunch of Loonies, led by Hare-y mooner B.A. Stard, starting at 7:00pm from the Penguin boat ramp (Sat 5 Sept).

With LoonR Hash, Devonport Hash and Global Harriettes all within days of each other, sage JMs Rosemary and Basil have decreed that the LoonR run will also be this week's official Burnie H3 r*n. That should swell the numbers in Penguin!


September 1, 2009

The Soff Touch

It was a wild, wet and windy night, no thanks to the Devonport Hash Monk Ringo who was later seen happily scoffing into a bowl of little dicks and escaping scott-free from a down while the rest of us froze our tits off. I personally hope his anemometer seizes up as retribution.

With the pack deemed complete at quarter to, it was down the road to Nes's place, then a bit of beach, a bit of defunct caravan park, with plenty of Masterchecks to keep the walkers and r*nners together, a very skilfull hare all in all. It pissed the r*nners off no end, particlarly Dint, which is always a bonus.

Eventually we all ended up out on the four lane highway, possibly not the most imaginative hashing territory. But there was plenty of trail, and the walkers were given the arse just outside Camp Clayton while the r*nners enjoyed another couple of kays of pure bitumen before heading home in fine drizzling rain.

Back at the Soff Inn, Who ran a circle certain to wilt any salad green you could name, with many downs distributed for crimes real and imagined. Launceston H3 sent Abba to check for civilised life on the Hashing northwest coast, and luckily he didn't find any, and has gone home a happy man.

The wrigged raffle went on longer than War and Peace, with a much happier ending. The prizes were no cans of baked beans this week... OK, so Crow won a DVD, a kind of, well, sporty type of thing. It was a lot more popular as a prize than the nipple chiller ice-cube trays (can't imagine why - they are so useful), and may just have set a precedent. Hope you have some more of those in you bottom drawer, Flasher.

A most hospitable evening, a regular occurrence at the Soff residence. The new family member (canine) is not yet that well trained, but does a mean job as the pre-rinse cycle on the dishes.

Next week's r*n - stay tuned for news on the blog.

Don' forget LoonRhasH on this coming Saturday night, 7pm at Penguin from the boatramp near the caravan park.

On! On! Dini

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