September 7, 2009

Blind Hasher's Bluff

"Give me a sign", they said. And so it came to pass that the hare Black Tracka gave them a sign, and it was a bit faded, but all good. It took a while to find trail, and maybe that's because it was a bit of a last minute lay(nothing wrong with those), but Tracka set a fine r*n from the Bluff on a crispy clear evening with a pack of twenty or so in lukewarm pursuit.

Pizza and beer at the On On, mostly all good. "I love Hawaiian pizzas," says Cheese, "but the pineapple ruins 'em." Is it just me, or is he a fussy bastard? There were downs for crimes against football teams by other football teams. This is beyond understanding. It must be the umpires' fault. Maggie took a down anyway, maybe because he barracks for the umpires. The rigged raffle was just as rigged, with the usual quota of ice-cube nipple chillers and bottles of Kill- a-Brown-Dog Special Liquers which also make excellent paint stripper. These will be consumed disguised as erotic cocktails at the Global Harriettes's R*n at Burnie on Wednesday night, 6.30 from Oakleigh Park.

Next week's DH3 run is being set by avante-Guarde's Van from the Dell Luck Reserve at Don. Monday September 14th, 6.30 pm.

On! On! Dini

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