June 26, 2013

Sooper dooper Full Moon/Burnie Hash.

Trakka set a challenging run for the Burnie stalwarts; Ringo and A Bit of This arrived early then left in a hurry to light the 'home fires' after a weekend away in Hobart. Run took the pack around the streets of Burnie before returning to the waterfall to meet up with the LoonRhash representatives for a further stroll round Burnie. Supper at The Beach Hotel followed by singing the "f" off song to Ratchet and Knickers the newest Grey Nomads. The SDFM was mooned and we all went home!!!
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June 25, 2013

Sex Discrimination

If anyone has any wise words to say about the last run in Penguin, the Super Full Moon in Burnie or knows anything about where our next run will be please email trash@dhash.com !


June 19, 2013

Deflective and Defective

Swimwear? No-one brought swimwear for our Coles Beach Run. And so the hare guided us inland instead. We headed deep into the dark recesses of the Don Forest Reserve following the 875 grams of carefully distributed flour. The fact that GoneAgain had made an enormous, super-human, effort to adorn the trail with reflective signs was superfluous. Everyone found the scant flour marks and few noticed the reflective pink ribbons stapled to the trees, brushed up with glitter paint and topped with reflective stickers. As it turned out the pink tape was deflective, the stickers were defective and the glitter paint was ineffective.

The OnOn at FannyMay's was done inside the palace, in the northern annexe of the abode. Though the initial batch of cookery was deemed sub-hash-standard the eventually served simple fare of chicken and meat buns were well received, mostly due to the ice-cream and cake dessert.

BedPan deserved a down-down for thinking the Blog Dates were in fact run dates, the Lip got a down down for new shoes and a variety of other inexcusable crimes. Other down downs were handed out, and the rigged raffle included expired catalogs, chocolate and petrol vouchers.

And next run, other than the NW Lunar Hash run on Sunday from the Burnie Beach Hotel, is Monday (24 June) at 630pm from Yep's place, on the bottom of Mission Hill, numba Wan. Someone please let him know...

June 18, 2013

Burnie Stalkbook

Latest intelligence received from the Burnie FacebFacestalk page:
Next Sunday (ed. 23 June BedPan!!) will be the Sooper Dooper Full Moon for Loonies... soooooo Burnie Hash have coerced the Grand Loon himself into setting trail at 5.30pm from the waterfall at the end of Marine Terrace (near the Beach Hotel). LoonRhashers will join us there at 6.30pm for a short stroll set by Bastard and a meal at the Beach Hotel for everyone paid for by themselves. A well attended r*n from Parklands school yesterday when Ratchet found yet another use for Hash Hardly!!! 
A reminder to all Hashers from our friendly Flight Centre Agent: Early Bird fares for Europe (ed. Belgium/Holland NashHash!) next year will be released in mid-October... start saving NOW!!!! On-on.

June 13, 2013

Coles Beach - Bring Swimmers

If you think it was cold in Maggies garage, try Coles Beach next Monday! Fanny May will open her soup kitchen for us at James Street. Run starts from Coles Beach car-park in Devonport. Be there at 6:30pm and don't forget your swimmers!

Also, absolutely don't forget our Adopt-a-Highway this Saturday at 11am! Starting from the Latrobe Caltex Service station on the Bass highway for a couple of hours of scavenging. James from Volunteers Australia will be there with the Adopt a Highway van and he will equip us with the necessary safety equipment. Just bring a bottle of water, good shoes and a hat! Anything we find that may be suitable for the rigged raffle has to be given to Gone-Again first in case he wants it. Roadkill free for all.

June 12, 2013

Holy Maria H5 Oktoberfest

H5 has booked all nine six-bed cells at the Darlington penitentiary on the Saturday night, plus there’s camping available if that’s your thing (same price – the event is heavily subsidised).

It will be a CONVICT themed event and you will be providing the entertainment. All attendees will be required to sing for their supper – if you’re shy, form a group.


Payment can be made to H5 Hash Cash (KKK) or directly into H5’s CBA account: BSB: 067002 A/c : 28041332 - A/c name: Hobart Hash House Harriers & Harriettes. Please identify yourself when transferring payment.

June 10, 2013

Adopt-a-Highway next Saturday

Don't forget we are cleaning our adopted stretch of highway next Saturday at 11am! We need you all aboard. BYO grog for afterwards. Should only take a couple of hours if enough of us show up, or it'll take me all day alone. Bring in the armies.

If you really want to be up to date and a smartalec, why don't you say you'll be there using our Devonport Hash House Harrier FACEBOOK event! <click here>!

Did I mention StalkBook, the ultimate Stalking Tool? Well, join us at https://www.facebook.com/devonporthash
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Tour de WeeWee

This year's Tour de Pisse 2013 is on Saturday August 31! Be there!

June 7, 2013

Oh Maggie

We survived the Pizza run, probably because it was complemented with Koff's soups, garlic bread, beer and a legendary Pavlova that made us forget all the pain. Dint had smartly led us across the bridge from the Yacht Club, steering us against the traffic onto the off-ramp, into the on-coming traffic, up the Miandetta traps, down into Simon's whips territory and back across into East.

And next Run is Mon 10 June 630pm from Maggie's Cave at Volume 1 Folio 121442
in Crosby Street, Turners Beach.

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