October 31, 2008

BBQ at Ratchet and Knickers'

1054 Isandula Road, Gawler
(as if any NW hashers need to be told the address)
(google link <here >!)
Saturday 15 November
1.00 pm till late

Special home-grown beef kebabs provided!
BYO grog and extra bbq meat if required
Any further information or directions
phone 6429 3291 or 0419 180 182

October 28, 2008

The Soff Spot

Soff's run was strategically set to have a drink stop scheduled at the unsuspecting Nez down the road. Here we are ambushing Nez's abode before we kicked Thomas' footbal on the roof and drank all his port.

Lost on the beach...

This is where we ran, or where GoneAgain ran, which is not exactly where everybody else ran.  My N95 gadget was on me the whole time as I ran around Nez's backyard and ran up and down at the on-on so I actually clocked over 10kms...

On On

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October 26, 2008

Models wanted...

You may have noticed the new look website. Some people just have too much time on their hands, or (as in my case) suffer from distractions when procrastinating with important stuff....

Now, to get to the point. We have this gross belly (replaced by a beer bottle now...) as a backdrop for the new-look blog, this is because I was cheap and this model was free of charge. Cute female models are still needed, any volunteers?? See GoneAgain---- (and Dyke, you do not qualify even if you do look dandy in a dress).

October 23, 2008


27/10/08 (Soff)  40 Esplanade, Turners Beach

03/11/08 (Maggie)  Picnic area opposite Turners Beach PO ( towards the river from Soff’s)

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October 20, 2008

Hash Space

For those that followed the HashSpace's Celebration Giveaway for passing 10,000 members we have an update. The dudes from HashSpace were giving away a free rego to World Interhash 2010 in Borneo, and all you had to do was submit a photo of yourself with other Hashers and the word HashSpace in it. Turns out it was more of raffle and not a contest. But GoneAgain and some Hashers at Flasher's place (during a Burnie run) made the following valiant effort:


The free rego was given to a Hasher called Mommy who's name was drawn out of a bag!Posted by Picasa

Burnie Ten

The Burnie Ten was held on Sunday and a reasonable number of competitive hashers were seen running along with the elite sportsmen participating. Photos of the weekend will be posted soon.

October 19, 2008

HOFT Extreme Event

The date has been set: Sunday 16 November
LEVEN CANYON - Gunns Plains to Loongana, 14 km, 12 hours (seriously!).

This is a slow and somewhat arduous section of trail, especially when rain makes the steep sides of the gorge slippery. This section should be spread over two days to take full advantage of the wild river views and excellent campsites in this compact wilderness. Of course we will just battle through in one day, so no need to bring tents.

Disclaimer notes and legal advice pending. All complaints can be directed to tracker AT dhash DOT com!

More info <here>.

October 15, 2008

Phillip Island

So what is the big deal dudes? Someone email me a report and if it is any good I might come over next year. Crow, get your Harley ready, I'll be needing it if it comes to that!

Bastards View of the Phillip Island trip <here>, and Prickles trip <here >.

October 14, 2008

DHASH emails

If you think you have a dhash email already or like to get one, just send an email to the email address you like to have with something like; Do I, GoneAgain, have  an email address here?
If you then find this same email back in your in-box you already have it, if not you will automatically get one very soon... Confused Pioneer? OK, just open your email program and create an email for pioneer AT dhash DOT com and write in the message; 'Av oi Got wan? Chearz, Pioneer' .
Then click send and receive, count to ten, wriggle your nose, touch your bottom, and check your email as per normal. If you find this email then you already have it, and if not it will magically happen within 24 hours!


October 13, 2008

Killer's Renovation Passed the Test

Yesss, Killer's renovation is a success. Onya Cheese and Mabel, Killer and LB, well done for making this perfect hash-space! Food and nibbles were in similar taste. Company left a lot to be desired and just wouldn't leave.


Cough and Dini in Sepia and B&W. Lol, did I say Cough, ahum, cough, I should really stop doing this blog after Hash and whilst consuming my pre-sleep scotch... Sorry PB, make that PB and Dini!! Thanks Anon for pointing that out!
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Who takes it up the what?

Killer's set an exploratory run today, we went through paddocks over and under elctric fences, had a drink stop, played a game where half of us were sent away while the others got beer and champagne and then the others could come back, then Dini tied ripped bed-sheets together and Cough beat up Flasher. Rules? Refer to Hash Rule number 1 and Hash rule number 3: No Rules!

5.5km of up and down and around in 55 minutes of frollicking. We had a 40m elevation gain for the runners and 20m. for the walkers.

Who rubbed off the name? Mabel?

I don't think it was Mabel who got it up the ars$, I think it was Dyke!

Dint's hand writing! This is the same font they use at the Advocate.
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October 7, 2008


13/10/08            Killer                 William Street, Forth

20/10/08            Poxie                3 Eugene Street, Devonport


On On

October 6, 2008

Tea Tree by Eagle

Only the toughest showed up today, the others were at Phillip Island.

The trail went to the Spirit of Tasmania and then told us to Hash home. It was just shy of 7km and the four runners took under 49 minutes. Watch out Burnie Ten!

Eagle set a modest run today and then tried to poison us with wine (it apparently had alcohol in it which burns your stomach...). Flasher played lip and PB refused to be the beer bitch. GoneAgain flashed medical devices and plugged everybody in to check their oxygen levels and heart rates. Skid scored the highest heart rate by being consistently above 100 at rest and Poxy scared us with low oxygen reading (explained by his passive smoking habit...). PB revealed she f#^&s Poxy not on mondays, not on tuesday, not on wednesdays,... but maybe in the Hilton Hotel. Foghorn got drunk and evaded an early 60th birthday down down. Fab & Backdoor graced us with their pressence but they will be Ghana again soon.
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Famous hashers get horny for Burnie's Viking weekend


October 1, 2008

6 October 2008

Next run  (6 Oct) TeaTree Lane -East Devonport. Hosted by BaldEagle.
All complaints to be directed to baldeagle AT dhash DOT com!

Burnie Ten Viking

Cöme and get rujned at the Burnie Ten weekend
October 18th and 19th, 2008

Your choice of Rjape or Pillaje, with Pljunder thrown in.
(Sjorry, we’re fresh out of stjeak knives)

This year Burnie Hash Joint Masters (Ratchet Bloodaxe and Rjngö the Ganger) invite Hashers from across the island to celebrate the Burnie Ten by retjurning to the glorious age of the Vikings. After all, a nice Tassie girl married one….

On Saturday October 18th, assemble at the Valhalla Moose Farm (they lay better than chickens) at 448 West Mooreville Road Burnie. There is plenty of space for anyone wishing to camp or park caravans. Registrations from 12.30 pm. Journey to the r*n via Longboat (or Longbus in this case) pushes off at 2 pm sharp.

That evening, dress in authentic costujme and join us for feasting and merriment in the Viking Drinking Hall at Valhalla (BYO drinks). Fjords welcome. Animals on a leash please. On Sunday 19th, those seeking to inflict more pain on themselves will participate in the Burnie Ten (starting at 11.15 am—register separately at www.burnieten.com.au).

Afterwards, join us for circle, on on and warm down in the heated pool and the all-new second-hand cedar spa tub (it’s Viking Hot) until the Åquavit runs out. 

A viking good time

The entry form is <here>!

Where are we running?

Who is setting the run on 6 October? If you know it just email it to trash AT dhash DOT com!!

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