July 24, 2014

Run 1728

When:                  Monday 28th July @ 1830 for 1845 get away

Where:                 Oz Rock Inn, 10 Beach Road, Ulverstone

What:                      Celebratory Run commemorating Bastard’s 1000th Run and Koff’s 500th Run

Bring:                  $15 plus torch (of course Bastard & Koff are freebies)

Hare:                   Crow

On On:                1080s place


Run 1727 aroused 13 hashers to Penguin for a mission. But the trail did not go up Mission Hill! (not even a false trail which we did try to find). Triple Top, Bedpan and Thrust arrived and joined trail after all the hard work had been  done by Trailblazers Crow and Maggie. Their lame excuse was they couldn’t find the start! Bedpan shed her Onecees en route so to speak. Maggie stopped to assist – Thrust says he had a torch for her, but somehow it fell of the top of his boxcar’s roof. I am confused!

Great on-on with pork-on-roll followed by extra hot apple crumble. Bedpan composed herself in time for her usual excellent lippery. Somehow she finished up with the hub.

Thanks Bastard and Pioneer.




July 15, 2014

Run 1727

When:                  Monday 21st July @ 1830 for 1845 get away

Where:                 Lions Park, Surf Club Road, Penguin

Bring:                  $15 plus torch

Hare:                   Bastard

On On                 Pioneer’s Place


Run 1726 – A Taste of Bedpan

A pack of 16 started on the 8km trek under a moonlit sky. Six completed the endurance run which encompassed The Hillcrest – Don area. Excellent trail with plenty of flour.

The on-on ensued with a chicken salad preceding Oxtail Soup and Rice, followed by Custard Tart.

As well as being the hare, host and pussy lover, Bedpan controlled (?) the lipperary in commanding fashion.

Well done Bedpan!!




July 9, 2014

Quatorze Juillet - Bastille Day

When:                 Monday 14th July @ 1830 for 1845 get away
Where:                11A Percy Street, Devonport (opposite Morse Place)
Bring:                  $15 plus torch
Hare:                   Bedpan
On On:                Bedpan’s 

Dress:  Come as your favourite frog (and don't jump in Bedpan's pond!)

Run 1724 – Dawdle around Devonport.
12 Hashers followed copious amounts of flour around central Devonport. No false trails – no Master Checks. All hashers returned before 1930 keen to get to Molly Malones for a Nose Bag. But, alas, acting proxy deputy Lip Crow insisted conducting some downs before we were allowed to head to the pub to join Killer and Plunger.

July 3, 2014

Run 1725

When:                  Monday 7th July @ 1830 (note: late comers catered for)
Where:                 Rooke St Council Carpark (NW Corner) near Molly Malones
Bring:                  Enough money to BYO at Molly Malones
Hare:                   Guardsvan
On On                 Molly Malones (Lipperary in car park – weather permitting)

Run Report 1724:

In Thrust we trust and follow flour we must! That was our briefing. All was fine until we had gone about 50 metres. Then we found (didn’t find) the trail that had been devoured by the Wally Roos. Thank goodness for Poxy with his Dutch navigation skills, came across what looked like the remains of a Master Check. The call of “Master Check” had Hashers appearing from every direction with torches a-blazing.
Onwards we trekked until we found the HHH for the walkers. Then the serious hashing began. At first a pack of seven, then a pack of four, then a pack of two, bravely pressed onwards The Eagle Machine was in full power with more calls than the share market. Eventually we found the HHH at the foot of The Dude in the Nude. Great timing Thrust, the SPOT was just going past. Eagle said we will go Parker. GV said something that rhymed with that. Now there was a pack of one as the Eagle Machine powered onwards.
Eventually the last of the pack of one arrived back at 2030 hrs to a great On-On with a lipperary well handled by Assistant Lip Bedpan..

Thank you and well done Thrust (and Triple Top), a challenging run and a delectable On-On.


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