February 27, 2014

Hawley to Moorland

Hawley Beach proved to be a run on Virgin Territory. We saw parts of Hawley that developers had obviously not found yet. Trail was well laid with ample flour. According to Dint ants were seen hoisting flags on top of some of them trying to claim  what appeared to be reclaimed land.

TruckFucker made sure we weren't going to get cold and preheated coals to put into the fancy clay patio heater on the deck. In order to get the preheated coals up the steps he had to cool them down with water - as you do. High Beam had food for us all.

Naturally the spa was one of the highlights of the evening, and was enjoyed by the majority. It was decided to pour a gallon of bubble bath in to cover our fat. Cheese ran off with the little booze left over and left us needy in the spa.

When everyone had disappeared it turned out all the real men were still discussing the merits of a global lizard invasion in the man-cave downstairs where TF had his first prototype of the self-replicating pneumatic hydromatic invasive mechanical hybrid lizard.
. His other creations were hiding in the attic as they weren't save to turn on with strange humans like us.
And the next run (630pm on Monday 3 March 2014) is set by GoneAgain from Moorland Beach, turn left at the old and now abandoned pulp mill, past the Devonport airport. If you can find the see from the beach, and could be bothered walking the hundreds of meters across it you can swim! Prepare for sharks, snakes and sand-flies. Fortunately the On-On is at FM's save haven at 10 James Street in town. Watch the guard dog, don't step on her! Oh, BYO Spa.

February 24, 2014

No Costumes and Hot Tub

Since everyone survived the dog-eat-dog run from Soff's place last week, and survived Judy's gourmet kebab and apetisers there is a run scheduled for tonight!

Come to Truck F@ckers and High Beam's place at 23 Taroona Street in Hawley Beach for this weeks gourmet exercise at 630pm. Tropical temperatures should make this a tropical themed On-On, especially with the backyard cool hot-tub. High Beam hasn't thought of costumes, so just bring a towel if you want to get wet. Don't feed the dogs as High Beam has only catered for 35 guests.

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February 14, 2014

Hobart Red Dress 2014

You read it right. Keep calm and Dress Red!
22 February, 1pm start from the Brunswick Hotel, Liverpool Street, Hobart. $25. Be there!

Golconda this weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Launy Hash has their Golconda 2 weekend (North of Launy). Catering for binge drinkers. Note: Dogs not welcome :(

February 13, 2014

Bald Eagle's Miandetta

Bald Eagle set his run from the boat ramp past High Tide from where we meandered into town along the new bike path, up the hill in Miandetta and down through the scrubbery across the railway line and back to where we started.
Thrust made a cameo appearance for the run, TruckFucker came along and GoneAgain had a clandestine stop at the KitKat cafe before making his way to the OnOn at Eagle's Nest.  The pack decided we start paying $15/run to cover the bills. The Rigged Raffle will be thrown in as a bonus if we're unlucky. 
Anyways, food was fine, we all got down downs from Sub sub sub sub lip Lantern who did as he pleased, taking advantage of the respect we usually show to the lip.

Next run at Soff's place in Turners Beach: 40 Turners Beach Esplanade 630pm. Bring a pressie for the birfdayboy who will be standing on his head to make 99.

February 12, 2014


As I will be away for a couple of Mondays, I thought I should let everyone know the upcoming runs.

  • Monday 17th February  -  Soff & Landing                  
    from 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach (this is Soff’s 99th birthday when he is standing on his head!)
  • Monday 24th February  - TF & HB                               
    from  23 Taroona St., Hawley
  • Monday 3rd March   - Fanny May & GA             
    from  Moorlands Beach. Exact location to be advised
  • Monday 10th March  - Dint                                      
    from    Stoodley area. Exact location to be advised
  • Monday 17th March  - Crab                                      
    from    Ottos Grotto, Ulverstone
  • Monday 24th March  - Lantern                                               
    from    Lantern’s Place unless otherwise advised
  • Monday 31st  March  - Black Tracka & Tinsel      
    from    I can’t remember (the on-on is there as well)
Thank you to all the recent hares. We have had some great trails and on-ons.

Please note that it was decide last Monday night to increase the “run” cost to $15 and do away with the raffle. This will happen from and including the run on the 3rd March.


February 2, 2014


Run/walk starts at Ulverstone Cricket Ground (near old tip site) River Road, West Ulverstone. Birthday Suits optional!!


On On at Harley Court (Pistol Pete’s Place).


Last Monday night’s Australia Day Run was set by a genius. Foghorn had runners toddling off in the opposite direction to the walkers but all arrived back at the same time. Some would say it was pure f-less farse.

In keeping with the tone of the event, Master Checks were astutely located on top of Australian road-kill.

The on-on was a master piece of culinary achievement topped off with Foggy’s home-made lamingtons.

Thrust (dis) graced the occasion with her Grand Mattress Tiara adorned.





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