December 28, 2016

Run 1854

 Hare/s                          : None

Where                          :  Reg Hope BBQ Park opposite Argosy Big Bargain Bottle Shop, East Devonport

 When                          :  Monday 2nd January 6.30 for 6.45 start 

What                            : Run Dawdle the Victoria Bridge and return in a clockwise circuitous direction. Runners Twice ~ walkers once. Trail will be set with invisible flour.

                                            There will be no winners, but the hashers who finish with the most other hashers behind them will get a (sur)prize.

                                            Weather permitting there will be a sausage sizzle on~on. (sausages, bread and sauce). If you would like something else, bring it!! Also BYO drinks. Bottle shop opposite.

                                      If the weather turns chook, I will communicate with those that indicate “Y” to your Sunday Text.

Note/s                         :   Cost - Nil




Upcoming Runs


09/01                Crow from Oz Rock. Wet T/Shirt Run.

16/01                Flasher from TBA

23/01                Knickers and Ratchet from Port Sorell  TBC

30/01                Cheese Birthday Bash from TBA.      

06/02                     Foghorn TBC

13/02                Maggie from TBA

20/02               Poxy from 808 South Road, Penguin




On ~ On ~ More ~ On


New Year wish .... As we slide down the banister of 2017 may the splinters be pointed in the direction of our travel.


November 22, 2016

Overdose hoping her beach shack is waterproof...

Was advertised as having magnificent views, low maintenance, easy care care garden, timber construction, only minutes walk from facilities and public transport,... Looked great on the internet....

May 5, 2016

Run No 1821:

...... the night was dark and stormy as we gathered at Otto’s Grot,     (see note 1)
‘twas remarked that we would be better off, snuggled in the cot.
But alas, the stout and hearty gathered for the fray,
‘cos we all knew it was ....  the second day of May.
Some notes we had to read to tell us where to go,
Which hasher called the hare, a useless so and so?                          (see note 2)
Dint did his own hash which caused us great concern,
Tracka tripped over a chain
But really when all was said and done, the night was not so drab,
We were all indebted for the munificence of Crab.

FC did his usuals and down-downs did abound,
Tracka won the hub for bouncing off the ground.

Note 1:  the wind blew the “to” off the end of Grotto.
Note 2: the original text incorporated the word “blunt” but your scribe couldn’t find a word to rhyme with this!


Next Week’s Run No 1822:  
(Koff’s Bald Headed Bash ~see donation details below)

Hare/s Apparent:     Koff and Dint
When:                Monday 9th May @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off

Where:               Palace d’Agatyn, Church St., East Devonport

Bring:               Torch and warm clothing 

Receding Hareline: 

Run 1823. 16th May ~ Guardsvan from 103 William St, Forth   
Run 1824   23rd May ~ T/BA 

Note: Those hashers wishing to contribute to Koff’s Cause may donate by direct bank transfer to:- 
Account Name: Devonport Child Centres Inc
BSB:                633-000
Account No:     139045926
Reference:       Fiona D   

Quote for the week:
A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.

April 21, 2016

Run No 1819

What a night! What a dog fight! Something to Crow about! A “relatively” short run and walk preceded the shenanigans of Crows 50th. A gourmet feast of Crowing variety and proportion was laid before the assembled mass including the not often sighted Nez, Noddi Bob and Yep. Good to see them! We also welcomed new hasher Steam Shovel. A product of our hosts! Maybe we will be seeing more of Yep?
FC orchestrated his usual fine lippery, and the hub was “awarded” to Cistern for having kneeling pads on his knees.

Thank you Soff, Landing and Steam Shovel for your organisation and presentation.

Next Week’s Run No 1820:

Hare/s Apparent:  Guardsvan
When:             Monday 25th  April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where:            Don Railway Car Park
On On:            By Killer at The Chapel
What:             “Remembrance” Hash
Bring:            Torch and warm clothing 

Being Anzac Day Night it is timely that we remember:-

Our Anzacs;
Others that have died in the service of their community;
The 20th Anniversary of our Devonport to Dover Tasmanian Trail Ride;
The Port Arthur Massacre;
Our hashers who have joined Sky Hash:- Erection, Licorice, Pheels on Wheels, Mattress and ‘ere. 

Receding Hareline:
Run 1821: 2nd May   ~   Crab from T/B/A
Run 1822: 9th May ~ Koff’s Bald Headed Bash from T/B/A 

Note: Those hashers wishing to contribute to Koff’s Cause may donate be direct bank transfer to:-
Account Name: Devonport Child Centres Inc
BSB:                633-000
Account No:     139045926
Reference:       Fiona D           

Quote for the week:
Money will buy a fine dog but only kindness will make him wag his tail.

April 13, 2016

Run No 1818:

Starting from the Penguin Boat Ramp 18 ‘appy ‘ashers chased Cheese around the parks and streets of Penguin. Thankfully we didn’t catch him (well maybe Thrust did!) 

The walkers wandered while the runners waited for their return whilst admiring Cheese’s new addition to his stable of automobiles. It even has a spare engine in the back!

The on-on was at Pioneer’s place with roast in rolls followed by a delicious variety of carbohydrates and sugar.

Lower-lip Cheese was the master of ceremonies as down downs were dispensed to all the unwary. Tinsel demanded Flasher conduct the raffle which he did with aplomb. (or was it agrape?)

Koff announced she was shaving off her hair in aid of a work colleague suffering from cancer. Hashers were invited to sponsor her efforts, Details of how sponsorship can be made will be advised when someone can make sense of it.

GV won The Hub for having succumb to an unfortunate incident involving a bicycle and a fence.

Thank you Bastard and Pioneer for your hospitality.

Next Week’s Run No 1819:
Hare’s Apparent: Soff and Landing
When:            Monday 18th April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where:           49 Esplanade, Turners Beach
Bring:           Torch and warm clothing

Receding Hareline:
Run 1820: 25th April ~ Guardsvan and Killer from Don Railway
Run 1821: 2nd May    ~ Crab from T/B/A
Run 1822: 9th May    ~ Koff’s Bald Headed Bash from T/B/A

Quote for the week:
The best thing about the future is that it doesn’t start until tomorrow.

April 7, 2016

Run No 1817

Tracka and Tinsel’s Hash at Bells Parade took the form of a power pole run. Extremely well set and we didn’t get lost. (We just didn’t know where we were!)

A convivial on-on at the BBQ Shelter was enjoyed and the usual tom-foolery ensued. Dint won The Hub for property stealing with Eweturn a close runner-up for nicking some poor baby’s toy gonk en-route,
Shame I hear you say!!

Thanks Tinsel and Tracka.

Next Week’s Run No 1818:
Hare’s Apparent:  Bastard and Pioneer
When:  Monday 11th April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where: Penguin Boat Ramp (Western end of Main St in town)
Bring: Torch and warm clothing

Receding Hareline:
Run 1819: 18th April ~ Soff from T/B/A
Run 1820: 25th April ~ Guardsvan from Dell Luck/Don Railway with On-On at Killer’s Cathedral (Remembrance Run). Providing GV & Killer remembers!
Run 1821: 2nd May ~ Crab from T/B/A

March 30, 2016

Next Week’s Run No 1817

Next Week’s Run No 1817

Hare’s Apparent:  Tracka & Tinsel
When:  Monday 4th April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where: Bell’s Parade, Latrobe
Bring: Torch and warm clothing

Run No 1816

Fifteen Hashers gathered at Scurrah Street for a feisty foray.
(in the warmth of the gas heater we wanted to stay)
We trecked under the Underpass as quiet as mice
then along the highway for kilometres thrice.
Then up the banks and across a paddock,
(and for the on-on we didn’t have haddock.)
Poor Flasher got caught in an electric fence
and “flashes” ensued for some moments hence.
Eventually all returned to FC’s
for gourmet stew without any peas.
Rhubarb and apple topped with ice cream
was just what we needed to boost our esteem.
Down downs ensued and raffle won,
it was all over before it begun.
Crow has the hub for run 1817 –
if he don’t wear it he won’t go to heaven.

Thanks FC

Receding Hareline:
Run 1818:  11/04  Bastard TBA
Run 1819   18/04  Soff TBA
Run 1820   25/04  GV TBA

Trailmaster Dint is looking for Hares for May. Please consider.

March 24, 2016

Run 1814 Report

Due to the Basslink Cable being in a state of non-function Lantern had to re-route the Hash because of excess water flow in the Wilmot River. We therefore have something to thank Basslink for, because we didn’t get our shoes wet.

Lantern’s trail roughly followed the river downstream before heading for the hills. We gained altitude so quickly that Eagle’s nose bled and Overdose had to take big breaths. Then a sudden descent down a Mountain Bike Trail over ramps, jumps, logs, roots and sliding ironstone pebbles. To the delight of all the daring dashers the trail came out of the jungle to the smell of Lantern’s delectable delicacies roasting on the portable oven and a welcoming fire.

What a feast!! (Lantern is taking reservations for any upcoming hasher’s wedding reception catering)

Lip FC conducted his usual Lippery with Bastard being awarded The Hub for not wearing it. (I think). Tracka’s raffle held Hashers breathless while the lottery was  overseen by the duty government supervisors.

Thank you Lantern.

On On!!

Run No. 1815 - 28th March

Hare FC will be setting from 4 Scurrah St. Ulverstone. Usual start time of 6.30ish. No special instructions other than bring left over Easter Eggs!

March 17, 2016

Run No 1814:

Monday 21 March @ 6.30 - bring a change of shoes and a torch, just in case.

Lantern is taking us back to Paloona Dam Road again. Hopefully he will have better weather and won't get his trail washed away minutes after setting it.

Same place as last week, about 1km up the Paloona Dam Road. On-On will be back at Lantern's place. If the weather is horrible again, just go straight to Lantern's.

March 10, 2016

Run No. 1813

Run No. 1813: Monday 14th is a rehash of Eweturn's Paloona Dam Burnie Run from a few weeks back. Run starts about 1km up the Paloona Dam Road at 6.30pm. Bring a torch because it might get a bit dark in the wild. On on back at Eweturn's @ 66 Turners Beach Rd.

March 2, 2016

Run No 1811 was also Leap Year R*n No 6 and was hosted by the Phantom Hasher. The Phantom Hasher had obviously been working on the run for the last four years, because he put in a magnificent effort and lead the pack on a 7.5km commando course across the Don Heads. Obstacles included electric fences that had to be rolled under, cliffs that had to be crawled up and trains that had to be dodged. But if the penguins could do it, so could we.

The raffle was run. Not sure who won, apart from Eweturn who drew her own ticket with the help of ticket counting skills, and then fairly and squarely had her ticket drawn again. So she didn't feel too bad about it for very long.

The on-on was catered for by Dominos. The Lip had the night off. The hub wasn't spotted.

Guardy is still away but you will still receive your Sunday Texts from his outdated mobile phone.

Next Weeks Run:

No 1812: Boner from TBA

February 17, 2016

Been There Done That:

Run No 1809 was hosted by Cistern in freezing weather. (well not quite that bad). The walkers and runners endured the hills of West Ridge, Penguin to find, or not find, the HHH. Some short-cutting walkers only went one block and returned to the sanctuary and the warmth of the Hash House.

The raffle was run and won by CRAFT.

Lip FC gave downs for various multiple and other nefarious activities and Bastard was awarded The Hub again because of the strap adjustments he had spent hours getting right. It was considered dis-respectful that he only wore it for one block.
Thank you Cistern for the run and the splendiferous on-on.

Guardy will be away until the 20th March but you will still receive your Sunday Texts from his outdated mobile phone.

Upcuming Runs

No 1810: 22/02/16 ~  Hare Crab is setting from Ottos’s Grotto Ulverstone

No 1811: 29/02/16 ~ Tracka and Tinsel from Coles Beach, Devonport

February 15, 2016

Bream Creek Hash 19th March 2016

Don't forget the annual Bream Creek Show Hash @ 11:00am sharp on 19th March 2016.

It's a bus run so  don't be late: - The run will be from Kellevie to the showgrounds via the ragged tier.

Great views good running under foot.

On-On: ROBERT (Biddy Big Legs / aka Moses) BADENACH

February 10, 2016

Run No 1807

Run No 1807 was hosted by Foghorn at/from The Arboretum.

On a perfect evening the walkers explored the place where trees grow, while the runners headed off towards Paloona. About 5kms later an HHH graced the road centrepiece and lo and behold we did it all again in reverse.

The on-on was up to Foggy’s usual great standard.

Hash Lip FC performed as per usual. 

The Hub was awarded to Bastard in-abstentia (must be somewhere near Penguin!.

We welcomed visiting runner Scrubber and new runners Unfazed and Liquor (or Licker). Also it was good to see ABOT and Ringo make the trip east.

Eweturn ended proceedings by upturning the rubbish bag all over the floor of the BBQ Rotunda.

Thank you Foggy and helper/s for a pleasant hash.

Next Monday’s Run No 1808 is from Cistern’s Place, 14 Mission Hill Road, Penguin (use tradesmen’s entrance.

Photos from last weeks Run.

February 7, 2016

Dun & Dusted: High Noon for Full Moon @ Fonthill

High Noon at Fonthill has cum and gone again... Ringo has posted loads of entertaining photos in
his PicasaWeb. See the slideshow <here>.


Arboretum cumminup

Run Report: Cheese aged another year. There was run, there was drink....  That's all folks...

Next Run: Foghorn is hare from the Arboretum. 46 Old Tramway Rd, Eugenana.
8 Feb 2016 630pm sharp.

The Bellamy Rd bridge is under repair so Foghorn suggest we come through Spreyton!


January 26, 2016

Aust day run

Great dint trail through bush up over and  around the banks of the Mersey river at Shale rd. Koffs food was even better. Thx...Ttackers Aust day raffle prizes went to fc, crab, maggie and guardy. Downs were shared around and a quick departure before being locked in!!hub went to basted for falling off his motorbike in  Vic

January 21, 2016

Run No 1806

We were hosted by Knickers and Ratchet from near their holiday “home” at Port Sorell. 

On arrival of the Motor Bike Brigade the pack dispersed on trail that led to the walkway across the marsh and then to Panatana Rivulet. Lantern decided he needed extra distance so followed what turned out to be a false trail. 

The first Master Check was missed by the front running pack, before crossing the walk-bridge into the wilderness. Following sand tracks made acceleration difficult before a divergence of trail saw the walkers go one way and the runners another. After a sprint along a fenceline Cistern came to a note at a Master Check. 

It was lucky Cistern discovered the note as he was the only one able to read. The note gave some instructions which said something like "get lost and return to walkers trail". Two followed instructions while others followed Lantern deeper into the wilderness. 

On returning to the walkers trail a group had sidetracked into Tripletop’s Estate. The diehards kept to trail and found a Master Check (which was missed by the other lot!). A few hundred metres then another deviation into more wilderness. This was after another false trail was explored. A brief stop at the Lookout while the pack waited for Dint, and then along more Sandy Track to the HHH was found. 

Shortly after the shot-cutting walkers were cum across. After apologies all headed from home. The running pack were back, changed and lubricated before the walkers got there. It was good that Cheese was away otherwise he would have been worried sick.

Great tucka and camaraderie ensued. Dint acted as Lip and dispersed down-downs to the thirsty villains. The raffle was shared between the Port Sorell mob. Rigged again! Comeback Flasher – we need you.

Tinsel proffered some lame excuses as to why she should wear The Hub again next week. 

Thank you Ratchet and Knickers for allowing us to  share your evening.

See you at Dint’s Bonnet next week.


Run No 1807

When: Monday 25th January at 6.30 for 6.45 startWhat: Dint & Koff’s Australia Day Run. Wear your Australiana gear.Where: End of Shale Road, Latrobe(when your front wheels get wet –stop!)

January 13, 2016

Run Number Something or Other (11/1/16)

Maggie used his laser designed dribble dropper to disperse flour between two townships i.e. Turners Beach and Leith. Firstly through the scrub to the railway and then across the bridge to Leith. 

After a devious “root” including a 2 K false trail the walkers returned via their outward trail and the runners were invited to traverse the Forth River. Two didn’t accept the invitation and Crow was nearly lost at sea.
Crow provided the tucka (takeaways from Oz-Rock) which was great.
The lippery was conducted by Cheese in FCs absence. I think everyone had a “down” except Eagle ‘cos he’s always a Goodie Goodie.
Tinsel decided not to wear The Hub on account of Tracka forgot it. Think she won it again for next Monday. Raffle was run and won by Icant Remember. (One of Killer’s mates).
Thanks to all. See you in the great outdoors at Port Sorell.


Next Monday's Hash (18/1/16)

Will be hosted by Knickers and Rachet from The Rootunder at East Esplanade, Port Sorell. Usual time with motor bike contingent leaving Crows at 6.00pm.

Eweturn & 99 enjoying the great outdoors of Airlie Beach. A reasonable excuse for absenteeism from hash.

January 9, 2016

Wally Words of Wisdom

Whoever is mailing these individual pics, it is very nice, but please put them in one email and use the email subject to describe what it is about:

ie. Subject: Dickhead's Run
3 attached photos and perhaps onbe paragraph to say something like: These photos were taken by Dropkick at Dickhead's run. A lot of fun was to be had and we all got smashed...


January 6, 2016

Tracka pics

Trackers creek run

What a lovely evening to get wet! 15 or so hashers traipsed up and down dale around Latrobe and inspected Reliquaire. Lovely BBQ at bells parade followed. Raffles prizes to Crab tinsel soff plus others. Next week Maggie at turners beach boat ramp.

Kind Regards,

Howard Smith
0407 335 925
Multi award winner of tourism awards in 2013 and 2014. Check website!

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January 2, 2016


Famous downs

Crows run

Water run

As gies with DHH tradition. Crow organized another water run along Ulverstone's lovely scenic beach and diverting slightly to include a courtesy visit to the caravan parks. This years run was a little earlier than usual, which may account for the slightly reduced starting lineup of a dozen warriors. Nevertheless a great outing held on a balmy night and followed up with a scrumptious BBQ.good to see dyke and Supa sal turn up as well. Next weeks run is at Bells Parade ( tracker)
Onon, Crab
Kind Regards,

Howard Smith
0407 335 925
Multi award winner of tourism awards in 2013 and 2014. Check website!

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