May 5, 2016

Run No 1821:

...... the night was dark and stormy as we gathered at Otto’s Grot,     (see note 1)
‘twas remarked that we would be better off, snuggled in the cot.
But alas, the stout and hearty gathered for the fray,
‘cos we all knew it was ....  the second day of May.
Some notes we had to read to tell us where to go,
Which hasher called the hare, a useless so and so?                          (see note 2)
Dint did his own hash which caused us great concern,
Tracka tripped over a chain
But really when all was said and done, the night was not so drab,
We were all indebted for the munificence of Crab.

FC did his usuals and down-downs did abound,
Tracka won the hub for bouncing off the ground.

Note 1:  the wind blew the “to” off the end of Grotto.
Note 2: the original text incorporated the word “blunt” but your scribe couldn’t find a word to rhyme with this!


Next Week’s Run No 1822:  
(Koff’s Bald Headed Bash ~see donation details below)

Hare/s Apparent:     Koff and Dint
When:                Monday 9th May @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off

Where:               Palace d’Agatyn, Church St., East Devonport

Bring:               Torch and warm clothing 

Receding Hareline: 

Run 1823. 16th May ~ Guardsvan from 103 William St, Forth   
Run 1824   23rd May ~ T/BA 

Note: Those hashers wishing to contribute to Koff’s Cause may donate by direct bank transfer to:- 
Account Name: Devonport Child Centres Inc
BSB:                633-000
Account No:     139045926
Reference:       Fiona D   

Quote for the week:
A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water.

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