August 26, 2009

A Soff Place to Land

Next week's run is being set by Soff and Soff Landing from 40 Esplanade, Turner's Beach. Monday 31st August, 6.30 pm.
On! On!

August 23, 2009

Burnie Hash House Harriers Presents...

October 17th, 2009

448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie.
From midday, r*n leaves 2pm.

Just $70... includes Saturday R*n and On On, Luau evening feast, Haberdash,
Badge, Sunday breakfast(maybe), post Burnie Ten On On. Dress in your brightest... grass skirts, boardies, coconuts, bikinis, hibiscus and bring pineapples to sit on. BYO extra drinks for a big night/morning. Accommodation... BYO tent, camper, caravan etc.

Plenty of space available. Entry From <here>.
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August 17, 2009

Next Run from the Big Apple

Poxy's trail kept the walkers and runners together, PB's tucker fed us well. GoneAgain safely and competently led the Burnie walkers up the garden path back to the OnOn, but tried to poison the food with Hawaiian Hot Chili sauce.
Poxy and PB were well tanned for today's Hash, we now understand why they picked to set the run days after returning from the Philippines. Poxy was quick to take off his shirt to don thewigged waffle t-shirt he won.
Next run set by FogHorn (the Gross Pom according to Dint who is now banished from attending FogHorn's run) from the Big Red Delicious in Spreyton,

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August 16, 2009

Pissing down for Tour de Pisse

Despite a miserably wet weekend we managed to somehow not get drenched. The riders assembled at 130pm and left in an orderly fashion at 2pm precisely. They were headed for unknown locations and unknown distance away. Upon hearing about the unknown distance Shrek, one of the punters from the Launceston chapter, decided he should probably fill up his rig with petrol to avoid running out somewhere inconvenient.

GoneAgain was the last minute appointed sweeper for the ride. He was given a map which without his glasses looked like a black circle around Mount Roland, and he had no idea where the stops were. He also failed to notice that Shrek had stopped for petrol after 1 kilometer, the first casualty of the ride. After a successful refreshment stop at Lake Barrington we headed off towards Mount Roland, when at the Round Mountain turnoff Crow's bike stopped for a Harley Break. After a 3 minute observation GoneAgain hurried off to catch the pack and brief them on their fate when he misread his black line and followed the blue smoke leading to Lorina... After frantic riding for a few hours he stopped at Mole Creek to message his compatriots who were lounging at Tracka's vineyard, safely out of mobile range. When they called GoneAgain from the OnOn to see if he was still on this Earth he was in fact pumping petrol next to an alarmed RACT man who was certain the place was going to blow up - with an activated iPhone a mere meter from the pump. GoneAgain escaped alive, without a fine and a full tank to boot.

Proceedings at the OnOn at Crows place were well on their way with well greased walkers. Dini will report on that later. Her photos are <here>.

Domain Renewal Confirmation

Is there any interest in sponsorship for our website?
GoneAgain has paid for the domain name registrations to date, and this could
easily be covered by sponsors who are prepared to pay say $20 per year for
their logo and message on this website... Any takers?


The following registrant referral received from your website
has successfully renewed a domain name with DomainPeople:

Domain Name:
Registrant: Centre of the Universe
Created on: Mon Nov 19 22:33:16 PST 2007
Expires on: Sat Nov 19 22:33:16 PST 2011

August 10, 2009

Cheesed Off

Cheese sat an unusually good run again. Even Killer was satisfied. The food was exemplary thanks to Dini making a grand effort. The on-on was uneventful except for the odd events.

What are they watching? A pole dancer?

Some people give Hash a bad name, and that bad name is not Dennis, it was in fact...

Flash! It was Flash who got the Full Moon Hash to run past the Advocate Office in Devonport last Thursday to harass Dint working late. His colleagues called the police when he saw us thugs descend on Dint.

Next run is the Tour de Piss!!! Be at Crow's OzRock Inn Restaurant in Ulverstone (Beach Road) next Saturday (August 15) at 130pm on yer broom-broom for a 2pm departure. Monday's (17 Aug) run is Poxy and PB's - who will be rosy cheeked after their wedding anniversary trip to the Philippines... but they'll be back in Cambridge Ct, Devonport, off Eugene Street...
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Tonight's Run

Hash run be set by Cheese from the rowing club in Ulverstone.

And in case you had not noticed the new Waratah photo links on the blog, have a look at the bottom of the blog and follow the links to the respective slideshows.




August 4, 2009

Thruster and GoneAgain

GoneAgain set a run through Turners Beach, showing local sights not seen before. The trail was set on shredded confidential financial records of Thrust's. Runners missed a refueling opportunity on Stubbs Road (pictured above in daylight). Despite the full(ish) moon illuminating the desecrated land, it was still pitch dark where those punters who elected to run ran had to traverse muddy expanses.

Thrust cooked up a storm, complete with quiche and curry. Down-downs were duly imposed on offenders even though all were drinking out of their own volition. The Rigged Raffle was well and truly Wigged, but no one cared as the prizes seem more like punishment to those who are lumped with them. Favourites in the raffle are ice-cubes and sweatbands of which Flasher has 23,541 more.

Next run is the LunarHash at the war memorial along the Mersey in Devonport: <click here>. Next Devonport Hash run will be set by Cheese from the rowing club in Ulverstone.

Oam GA

PS Tonnes of shredded financial records and confidential love letters and porn is still left over if anyone needs a good puzzle.
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