January 26, 2016

Aust day run

Great dint trail through bush up over and  around the banks of the Mersey river at Shale rd. Koffs food was even better. Thx...Ttackers Aust day raffle prizes went to fc, crab, maggie and guardy. Downs were shared around and a quick departure before being locked in!!hub went to basted for falling off his motorbike in  Vic

January 21, 2016

Run No 1806

We were hosted by Knickers and Ratchet from near their holiday “home” at Port Sorell. 

On arrival of the Motor Bike Brigade the pack dispersed on trail that led to the walkway across the marsh and then to Panatana Rivulet. Lantern decided he needed extra distance so followed what turned out to be a false trail. 

The first Master Check was missed by the front running pack, before crossing the walk-bridge into the wilderness. Following sand tracks made acceleration difficult before a divergence of trail saw the walkers go one way and the runners another. After a sprint along a fenceline Cistern came to a note at a Master Check. 

It was lucky Cistern discovered the note as he was the only one able to read. The note gave some instructions which said something like "get lost and return to walkers trail". Two followed instructions while others followed Lantern deeper into the wilderness. 

On returning to the walkers trail a group had sidetracked into Tripletop’s Estate. The diehards kept to trail and found a Master Check (which was missed by the other lot!). A few hundred metres then another deviation into more wilderness. This was after another false trail was explored. A brief stop at the Lookout while the pack waited for Dint, and then along more Sandy Track to the HHH was found. 

Shortly after the shot-cutting walkers were cum across. After apologies all headed from home. The running pack were back, changed and lubricated before the walkers got there. It was good that Cheese was away otherwise he would have been worried sick.

Great tucka and camaraderie ensued. Dint acted as Lip and dispersed down-downs to the thirsty villains. The raffle was shared between the Port Sorell mob. Rigged again! Comeback Flasher – we need you.

Tinsel proffered some lame excuses as to why she should wear The Hub again next week. 

Thank you Ratchet and Knickers for allowing us to  share your evening.

See you at Dint’s Bonnet next week.


Run No 1807

When: Monday 25th January at 6.30 for 6.45 startWhat: Dint & Koff’s Australia Day Run. Wear your Australiana gear.Where: End of Shale Road, Latrobe(when your front wheels get wet –stop!)

January 13, 2016

Run Number Something or Other (11/1/16)

Maggie used his laser designed dribble dropper to disperse flour between two townships i.e. Turners Beach and Leith. Firstly through the scrub to the railway and then across the bridge to Leith. 

After a devious “root” including a 2 K false trail the walkers returned via their outward trail and the runners were invited to traverse the Forth River. Two didn’t accept the invitation and Crow was nearly lost at sea.
Crow provided the tucka (takeaways from Oz-Rock) which was great.
The lippery was conducted by Cheese in FCs absence. I think everyone had a “down” except Eagle ‘cos he’s always a Goodie Goodie.
Tinsel decided not to wear The Hub on account of Tracka forgot it. Think she won it again for next Monday. Raffle was run and won by Icant Remember. (One of Killer’s mates).
Thanks to all. See you in the great outdoors at Port Sorell.


Next Monday's Hash (18/1/16)

Will be hosted by Knickers and Rachet from The Rootunder at East Esplanade, Port Sorell. Usual time with motor bike contingent leaving Crows at 6.00pm.

Eweturn & 99 enjoying the great outdoors of Airlie Beach. A reasonable excuse for absenteeism from hash.

January 9, 2016

Wally Words of Wisdom

Whoever is mailing these individual pics, it is very nice, but please put them in one email and use the email subject to describe what it is about:

ie. Subject: Dickhead's Run
3 attached photos and perhaps onbe paragraph to say something like: These photos were taken by Dropkick at Dickhead's run. A lot of fun was to be had and we all got smashed...


January 6, 2016

Tracka pics

Trackers creek run

What a lovely evening to get wet! 15 or so hashers traipsed up and down dale around Latrobe and inspected Reliquaire. Lovely BBQ at bells parade followed. Raffles prizes to Crab tinsel soff plus others. Next week Maggie at turners beach boat ramp.

Kind Regards,

Howard Smith
0407 335 925
Multi award winner of tourism awards in 2013 and 2014. Check website!

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January 2, 2016


Famous downs

Crows run

Water run

As gies with DHH tradition. Crow organized another water run along Ulverstone's lovely scenic beach and diverting slightly to include a courtesy visit to the caravan parks. This years run was a little earlier than usual, which may account for the slightly reduced starting lineup of a dozen warriors. Nevertheless a great outing held on a balmy night and followed up with a scrumptious BBQ.good to see dyke and Supa sal turn up as well. Next weeks run is at Bells Parade ( tracker)
Onon, Crab
Kind Regards,

Howard Smith
0407 335 925
Multi award winner of tourism awards in 2013 and 2014. Check website!

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