February 24, 2010

Fabulous Prizes

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Just one of the great and fabulous prizes regularly on offer at the Wrigged Wraffle. Make sure you bring your loot each run and be in the running! Also on offer are 2009 calendars, porn DVDs, K-Mart catalogs, Shop-a-dockets, and outdated gift vouchers from Poxy!
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Bad Form

They do say that if you can't be good then be bad, but at least be good at it! Well, this week's run this principle was well adhered to. Mullet set a run through gorse and prickles and showed no remorse for it. She led the runners through private property and up the Don Heads, and made sure we were well fed on our return.

Dint didnt even have to try his best to offend, and Poxy (still trying hard to be the main sponsor of the Wrigged Wraffle) tried to pawn off expired shop vouchers as prizes. Flasher, willing to stoop as low as accepting outdated calendars as raffle prizes was not going to take this. So after the gourmet feed had prepared Poxy was suitably defamed in public with a customary down-down - see video in the album if you click below...

From Mullet's Hash Run into the Don
Next run (March 1) is a LunarHash run from 66 Turners Beach Road - Thrust's tent. Still starting at 630pm, and we'll moon the moon around 9pm.

February 15, 2010

Flasher's Les-bian Experience

From Lesbian's luxury abode at McCabe Avenue the trail ( and Feels on Wheels) plummeted to Watkinson Street and thence into the Don reserve walking trails. Phasing in and out of the suburbs and the bush, various Hash packs ended up passing through a Non-Piss stop at Coles Beach(weak as Piss), Don College grounds, the aquatic centre, the railway line, and a few other back streets they never knew existed.

A Bit of This found her next canine companion along the path, and is now sourcing a super-size on the Winnebago. Hope there is room for the owner, too - he was quite cute.

It took a long time to get back to the beer, and everyone seemed to get there by a different root although there was only one home trail. Lesbian made us all very welcome. Lots of chips, lollies, sausages and other healthy food later, there was a raffle that only Mable wanted to win, but Feels on Wheels got the gong and the wine, even though the best prize for the night was clearly not the wine but the half full jar of pickled onions won by Bald Eagle.

Hand Job plied her trade on the Hare's overworked palms until he begged for mercy.
Next weeks r*n is from Mullet's house, 215 Stony Rise Road, Don. Head for Dell Luck Reserve but if you get there you've gone too far.

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February 14, 2010

15 February Run

Next run at Lesbian's in McCabe place, Devonport.
Dont forget that today Speed Hump's Valentine's Day breakfast r*n starts at 5pm at the House of Hump: show up in or out of your pyjamas.

Yesterday saw a bunch of foolish Hashers assemble outside the Wattle Hill Caltex Service Station in Latrobe to clean the highway. Auspiced by a friendly volunteer from CVA we spend the next two hours loitering along the highway, dodging roadkill, finding treasures and serving the town we don't live in.

Well done dudes, love yer work!


February 9, 2010


Reminder for everyone and anyone who has ever Hashed in their life, here is your chance to redeem yourself: Come to the Wattle Hill Caltex Service Station opposite York Street on the highway past Latrobe at 10am on Saturday 13 February to help clean up the highway.

We will spend 2 hours showing off our best Hash Gear to passing motorists who will be slowed to a crawl for the occasion by professionals donning reflective gear. We will be issued with all the necessary equipment to do our job. Be there!

Anyways, back to business. Dints run at the Quarry on the Forth Farm Road was hilarious. We all tripped and fell, slid and crawled up and down barely existing tracks. Lantern and Mable came to grief and possibly others that escaped my attention.

All was forgotton with the great feed that awaited us at Killers House, no doubts thanks to the efforts of the Lucky B#tch. The food was soo good that the last Hashing stragglers to line up for the main meal had to be disappointed, but the smell alone was enough to satisfy. With the soup and the fancy ice-creams, coffee, cake, 30 year old sherry, the wheel of brie and everything else in ample supply everyone managed to replenish their calories.

Next run at Lesbians in McCabe place, Devonport.

Also as a courtesy reminder,... Burnie Hash is running in our hoods on February 21 - DT setting a run from Ottos Grotto in Ulverstone at 5pm.
And dont forget to pay for your discounted volunteering at NashHash! Pay $210 by Feb28 into the of AUSSIE NASH HASH 2011 account: BSB 807 009 Account No. 60067447 using your real name as the payment reference.

February 1, 2010

Pizza = Cheese

Cheese's Run from his the rowing club was memorable not so much for the actual run, but for the pizza afterwards. The pizza oven was excellent, and the pizzas that came out of it were 9/10. The run was a 1/10, so that is a total of 10/10 which is a disgraceful result for a hash-run. It was Cheese's birthday apparently and he got the hub and we'll forgive him once again for all his sins.

Free food everyone, yummy raspberries!

False Trail....

Next run is set by Dint at the end of Forthside Road, about 2.618kms past Belamy's Road turnoff on the dirt. OnOn is at Killer's in Forth (10 William Street).

But don't forget this Sundays' HOFT (Hashing Old Farts Trek) set by Black Tracka to the Alum Cliffs. Meet at the Deloraine Train park at 10am on Sunday February 7th. Bring Hat, Mug, Joke, Friend, $5, packed lunch and drinks, plus gear suitable for day walk in Tasmania (sunscreen, thermals, walking boots, thongs, gaiters, stilettos) and cash for pub meal after. Tracka also suggests bring towel and bathers (or not) as there is a swimming hole along the trail.

For those who rather ride a motorbike, some Hashers are meeting 1030am at the Caltex Servo out of Latrobe on Sunday (7 feb) to ride to Exeter and back via Mole Creek at or below the speed-limit.

And finally, a courtesy reminder for the Adopt-a-Highway chore; We are repenting for our collective sins by donning our Hash Attire and cleaning the road side on Sat. Feb 13 at 10am! Meet at the Caltex Service Station (near York Streat) East of Latrobe, drinks and barbie at 1230 if you're lucky!

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