February 9, 2010


Reminder for everyone and anyone who has ever Hashed in their life, here is your chance to redeem yourself: Come to the Wattle Hill Caltex Service Station opposite York Street on the highway past Latrobe at 10am on Saturday 13 February to help clean up the highway.

We will spend 2 hours showing off our best Hash Gear to passing motorists who will be slowed to a crawl for the occasion by professionals donning reflective gear. We will be issued with all the necessary equipment to do our job. Be there!

Anyways, back to business. Dints run at the Quarry on the Forth Farm Road was hilarious. We all tripped and fell, slid and crawled up and down barely existing tracks. Lantern and Mable came to grief and possibly others that escaped my attention.

All was forgotton with the great feed that awaited us at Killers House, no doubts thanks to the efforts of the Lucky B#tch. The food was soo good that the last Hashing stragglers to line up for the main meal had to be disappointed, but the smell alone was enough to satisfy. With the soup and the fancy ice-creams, coffee, cake, 30 year old sherry, the wheel of brie and everything else in ample supply everyone managed to replenish their calories.

Next run at Lesbians in McCabe place, Devonport.

Also as a courtesy reminder,... Burnie Hash is running in our hoods on February 21 - DT setting a run from Ottos Grotto in Ulverstone at 5pm.
And dont forget to pay for your discounted volunteering at NashHash! Pay $210 by Feb28 into the of AUSSIE NASH HASH 2011 account: BSB 807 009 Account No. 60067447 using your real name as the payment reference.

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fabulously 41 said...

Have no idea when i read your posts what you mean, but you sound like ya'll have fun. I'm discovering that bloggers are either malaysian (what's up with that?), homebound mothers who can think of nothing 2 write about but their kids, or depressed homosexuals. I'm just a American southern woman wanting a good read. Thanks, ya'll sound like a great time! Enjoy!

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