January 28, 2008

Foghorn's Australia Day Run

We ran about 3.5 kilometers today with an altitude range from 20 - 60 meters above sealevel (surprisingly low!).
Below I cleverly chartered 2.04 kms. of the run after I remembered needing to turn on the gadget.

Austrlia Day run!

Complete with flag bearer!
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January 22, 2008

GoneAgain's Run

We ran 6.5 kilometers if you were on trail the whole way.
Altitude was between sea-level and 58m.

We all squeezed in...

We all got a drink - or two..

Receding Hareline

  • 28/01/08 Foghorn Run at Arboretum, Eugenana OnOn at 8 Talbor Ct Aberdeen: <map>
  • 04/02/08 Cistern 14 Mission Hill Road Penguin rear entrance
  • 11/02/08 Guardsvan Durkins Road Spreyton (quarry)
  • 18/02/08 Tracka Myrtle Hole Latrobe (end of Shale Road)
  • 25/02/08 Cheese 33 Amherst Street Ulverstone

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January 15, 2008

Going to Bothwell?

Burnie Hasher Giggles is offering a ride to Bothwell Saturday morning, leaving from Wynyard, if anyone has not already arranged transport for themselves, or would like to be chauffeured. Price negotiable! Probably good conversation, a new bright red lipstick, or a green apple flavoured vodka.

She can be contacted directly on 0427 427 322.

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The Young Ones

The North West Coast’s most senior hashing Twins celebrate significant birthdays next week. Tinsel and Ringo (and indeed who could tell them apart) invite Hashers and other well-heeled hangers-on to join them for a commiserative barby, swim and drinks to help celebrate their respective milestones.

Saturday January 26th, from 4pm.
448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie.
BYO drinkies.

No gifts please, unless they are a walking stick with a stubby holder and a bell on it. Some overnight accommodation available on request.

Don’t miss this Once in a Decade opportunity.

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January 14, 2008

Knickers/Ratchet Port Sorell

Run? Yes, we ran somewhere. I had my 'gadget'with me, just did not turn it on properly... I was flustered with bike envy.

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January 7, 2008

Receding Hareline

  • 07/01/08 Crow Oz Rock Inn Ulverstone
  • 14/01/08 Knickers/Ratchet Port Sorell Caravan Park
  • 21/01/08 Gone Again - 2 Rose Court, Devonport
  • 28/01/08 Foghorn TBA
  • 04/02/08 Black Tracka TBA
  • 11/02/08 Guardsvan TBA
  • 18/02/08 Cheese TBA

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January 4, 2008

Wet T-shirt Run


RUN NOW AT CROW'S - Wet T-Shirt run
(OZ ROCK INN Beach Road, Ulverstone)
Bring water pistols and change of clothes.

Port Sorell motorbike run is on January 14 at port Sorell Caravan Park
(Ratchet and Knickers).



January 2, 2008

DHHH Next Run

WHEN: Jan 7th 2008 – 18.30.
WHERE: Port Sorell Caravan Park (Near boat ramp)
WHO: Not WHO but Knickers and Ratchet

DETAILS: Motorbike ride for those that have one
Organise your own group.



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