December 31, 2009

Wigged Wafle on eBay

Hi, I saw this item on eBay and thought you might be interested.

Prized silicone ice-cube/nipple cooler tray
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December 28, 2009

Run in the Void

Tinsel and Black Tracka set this weeks run far far away from society. Assuming noone would find the spot, or bother to come in the void between NYE and Xissy, they were clever to volunteer. When Tracker heard that desparate hashers were going to show Tinesel was sent out to find the nearest resemblance to food (Dint did not recognise it as such) and Tracka led us up a mountain to punish us for showing up.

The run started suitable late, well past 7pm, as we trundled up 180 vertical meters to the top of the plantation.

Beer was reliable cold, even spotted some gigantic Heineken cans, Dint tamed the crowd, the wicked wafle was won by 'Coff who was the only one silly enough to buy a ticket (and so she won by default), and the sun came down as expected right on schedule.

Click on this above map to see all the gory detail. Make sure you change to 'terrain view' to appreciate the contours.

Next run by Guardy from the Alison Lizard Quarry: Durkins Road, Kelcey Tier. Bring your own chair.
Also dont forget Dyke's HOFT to Quamby Bluff, be at the Cherry Shed in Latrobe at 930 next Sunday (3 January!)!

WebWanker Mr GA
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December 23, 2009

DHash Xmas 09

Santa has come and gone...

For the rest of the photos click <here>...

And the next run is on Monday 28 December at Dalgarth Park on Dalgarth road, Bakers Beach (Narwantapu).
Dalgarth Road is 2nd turn to the right on Bakers Beach road.


  • 31/12/2009 - Humpy New Year and Blue Loon @ House of Hump - 120 Mount Street (Corner of Burton and Mount) at 7pm. Wear something Blue to match the Blue Moon and bring food and booze to share and $$$ for a spot of "out on the town".
  • 03/01/2010 - Dyke @ HOFT to Quamby Bluff - meet at Cherry Shed in Latrobe at 9:30am.
  • 4 January, Devonport HHH set by Guardsvan at The Quarry, Durkins Road, Kelcey Tier. BBQ on on. Bring your own chairs.
  • Burnie R*n 1036 - 17/01/2010 - Knickers @ Port Sorell
  • 30/01/2010 - High Noon for Full Moons @ Campbelltown
  • 07/02/2010 - Trakka @ HOFT ex TBA
  • 14/02/2010 - Speed Hump's Valentine's Day breakfast r*n
  • 27/02/2010 - Red Dress Run @ Hobart
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December 16, 2009

Sponsorship Gaff!

At this week's DH3 wrigged wraffle, the support of a major sponsor was blatantly snubbed by Hash Lip Mabel. He tore up his valuable prize in front of a shocked pack of fellow Hashers. With ungrateful behaviour like this it's no wonder the Hash Hawker is driven to Chickenfeed for his prizes.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Crow. We understand that all will be forgiven at 6.30pm this coming Monday night at the Oz Rock Inn.

Christmassy attire, odd sox, hub, and don't forget your freaking RAFFLE MONEY for a chance to win more great prizes!

On! On!
Hawker Flasher and The Ticket Bitch
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December 11, 2009

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 - call for Tasmanian volunteers

Many hashers in Tasmania have already offered their support in getting ready for and helping to run Aussie Nash Hash 2011.

We now ask hashers in Tassie to complete a simple online form that will let us know who wants to help, what level of assistance they can provide and what special skills they have that may be put to good use (such as opening bottle caps with your belly button).

The details will be passed on to the organising committee and you will be kept up to date with what's happening.

Click here >>> Tasmanian Volunteers form

The above article was craftily lifted from the Hash Trashmania website!

Dint's Toxic Bloom Run

Dint set a run through a most toxic environment. Risking life and limb, not to mention pets, we navigated the plantation from Swamp Road. The map is <here>, and Dini's photos are below.

Next run run from Cistern's place, Mission Hill Road Penguin...

Photos above show GoneAgain after a disagreement with a small mammal, Koff and Shoveit walking past a pond in which a body is surely decomposing, and the bottom pic shows Lenny obfuscating the trail markings.

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December 7, 2009

Toy Run 2009

From ToyRun_2009

For anyone interested, here are some random pics taken at the Toy Run last weekend!

December 6, 2009

Mis-management committee 2010

The Annual General Piss-up resulted in the following miss-mangement positions:

Grand Master - Crow
Joint Masters - Bastard and Guardsvan
Hon Sec - Bald Eagle
Hash Cash - Dint
Lip - Mabel
Lower Lip - Shove-It
Trailmaster - Cheeze
Poxy Trailmaster - Tracker
Snail Trailmaster - Hand Job
Poxy Snail Trailmaster - Feels on Wheels
Hash Hops - Flasher
Marriage Guidance Counsellor - Thrust
Hash Flash - Gone Again
Beer Bitch - Tinsel
Hash Gash - Pioneer
Web Wanker - Gone Again

Monday December 7 Run Details

Dint's Swamp Run
Swamp Rd forest plantation, Kindred

Directions - Drive to Forth. Turn west into Kindred Rd (near the hairdressers) and drive 14.3km up Kindred Rd. At about 10km, the road veers right and Swamp Rd bears off to the left as if you were going straight ahead. Follow Swamp Rd past a quarry on your left about 3km up the road and then look for a gravel parking area near a forestry road called "Nicole 2." - This is where the run will start. HHH directional signage will be erected for the directionally challenged and Burnie hashers who can't count past 10km.

See <map here>.

December 5, 2009

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