December 28, 2009

Run in the Void

Tinsel and Black Tracka set this weeks run far far away from society. Assuming noone would find the spot, or bother to come in the void between NYE and Xissy, they were clever to volunteer. When Tracker heard that desparate hashers were going to show Tinesel was sent out to find the nearest resemblance to food (Dint did not recognise it as such) and Tracka led us up a mountain to punish us for showing up.

The run started suitable late, well past 7pm, as we trundled up 180 vertical meters to the top of the plantation.

Beer was reliable cold, even spotted some gigantic Heineken cans, Dint tamed the crowd, the wicked wafle was won by 'Coff who was the only one silly enough to buy a ticket (and so she won by default), and the sun came down as expected right on schedule.

Click on this above map to see all the gory detail. Make sure you change to 'terrain view' to appreciate the contours.

Next run by Guardy from the Alison Lizard Quarry: Durkins Road, Kelcey Tier. Bring your own chair.
Also dont forget Dyke's HOFT to Quamby Bluff, be at the Cherry Shed in Latrobe at 930 next Sunday (3 January!)!

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