April 28, 2008

Sof's Run

Sof's final run from his house! We ran 70 meters shy of 6 kilometers in 53 minutes, averaging 6.6 km/hr. At no time did we go over 20m in elevation, nor did we go below 0m, except when Dini wanted to know about my second, lesser known, identitiy. We burned a massive 318 kCals which is enough energy to raise a liter of water to just over 3 degrees above room temperature.

The trail (yellow brick road) leading to the crime scene...

Look at that dish!

Recent porn star Dint directly after sculling a 183ml glass of f@$k^n cold beer.
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Lost Property

Just lucky the camera lens was not damaged!

Golly! I like them... A reward for losing my camera?

The stuff nightmares are made of! Now this is punishment, I might have to throw the camera away now, it is tarnished for life!
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April 24, 2008

Thruster rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous

Robyn Moore had to have Thrust's signature! Robyn who? The one with the Blinky Bill voice!

And Paula Duncan just loved her too. Paula who? You know, that seven time Logie winner, actress who did the “Spray & Wipe” commercials!

Gosh, and we just run with her!
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April 22, 2008

Gosh Darnit

Technology for you... Did a recent update of the firmware for my N95 phone and sure enough the GPS function no longer worked. So according to my **paper-weight** (something it is always good for even when the batteries are flat or I forget to turn it on) we started at an unspecified location, and ran 0 kms over a 47.13 minute time period. We burned no calories.
When I wanted to show Prickle my sexy toy, advertising how it was far superior to the Windows Mobile operating system, it did not know where I was... and I realised that Houston we have a problem. Prickle left the scene dissatisfied and unfulfilled, and I was left standing in the cold with my useless toy in hand.

I fixed it today, so should be in action again next time... And who has my little Olympus camera? If it has any poop left on it I will be upset.


April 15, 2008

Dickhead Hash 1400th R*n

A highly successful and well organised event – oh sorry, no, that was a different Hash club - nevertheless a good night out with an egg-carrying pack of around thirty-something. Distance we ran –NFI.  Highest point on the run – that would be when Cheese stood on the back of Dykes ute.  Lowest point – watching Plunger eat a hard-boiled egg.   Maggie was entrusted with the Hub for using his new scarf to impersonate a Call Centre employee.  Grub and grog at Dannebrog’s later, where some of the senior members became a little blurry about where they had left the Hash record book.

On On - Dini


21/04/08            Guardsvan         Dell Luck Reserve (near Don Railway) Bring a torch

28/04/08            Soff                   40 Esplanade Turners Beach


On On

April 11, 2008


14/04/08  To be set by Tracka from 4 Oldaker Street, Devonport


On On

April 8, 2008

Blog reports

Anyone can email run-reports, just send an email to trash at dhash dot com and it should magically appear here. If you attach a photo (with the paperclip icon) that will appear on the blog as well!

GoneAgain has gone AWOL for a couple of runs, will be back soon!


April 6, 2008

Murchison HOFT

Phew, what a hike that was. Pushed my boundaries! According to my Nokia N95 we climbed from 745m. to 1275m. and was 10.44km each way. I don't believe it (mostly because I know it is 4kms each way according to <this website>! It took us a good two hours to get up. On the way down we took 1:45hr. as we charged to the car to get to the Warratah pub quicksmart. Home for tea despite advertising the food to the tourists drinking at the hotel!

Dyke, Dint, GoneAgain, Foghorn and Tracka were ready for it today. Although we were all happy to offer our lap to Prickle in case she showed up in Tuyllah on her bike she slept in! Bit hazy for the camera, but really was an awesome day.

Not for the faint of heart! Spotted one little snake...

Click on photos to see a slide show or click <here>.

April 5, 2008

Other Sports

More than half of you Hashers (58% to be precise) said you cheated outside of Hash by engaging in 'Other Sports'. So the new survey is designed to nail down exactly what other sports you actually do. Good luck!

April 3, 2008


Monday, April 7

Post Mt Murchison HOFT recovery run.
Usual Hash time (6.30 p.m. - Yeah, right!).
Run start - At Mersey Yacht Club carpark, East Devonport.

On, On - At Dint's place - 14 Church St, East Devonport.

Mt Murchinson HOFT reminder


Depart Macca's Car Park in Burnie at 9.30 a.m. (car pool from there).
Re-group at Tullah Cafe (formerly the tavern) - Prickle will be riding down
and meeting us there and Dint may be coming up from Hobart via Queenstown
(won't know until Saturday).

Also, Dint reckons the pics from someone else's trek, posted earlier, don't
really do the scenery justice, so why don't you come along and check it our
for yourself.
Alternate plan if mountain is fogged in - Montezuma Falls walk and maybe
stop at Rosebery Pub.
Alternate plane (B) - Go straight to the pub.

See you on Sunday,

On, On
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