April 20, 2011

Yep, twas a good year...

Yep set us a good run/walk round the Penguin Hood, avoiding most precipitation and sparing the walkers from the most vertically challenging bits of trail. BBQ left nothing to be desired, and cake for desert... The highlight was when Flasher drew prize winning tickets out of Dini's draws. Some of us had to check personally if their number really was in her, ahum, the draw. Prizes were just mind boggling again, and some exquisite collector item beer was amongst today's collection. Guardy here is seen inspecting the original 2008 vintage use-by stamp on these ales. 2008 Really was a great year for Crownies.

Next run from Soff's Pallace on the Turners Beach Esplande, 34th lamp-post on your right.... If you can't find it, just get the map out and be at Dyke's place the next week!

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April 14, 2011

Dinner at Bastards

Pioneer was kind enough to run the show for us last monday night, complete with officiating the procedings.

Bastard braved torrential rains (after a subtle dose of Pioneer tongue lashings no doubt) to set a trail for the undeterred amongst us. The heavens spared us from the worst as the great monk in charge of the skies is planning a wet bottom competition for the combined fullmoon event next monday - 18 April 2011.

The raffle was rigged as per usual and included tearful reunions of many owls and other recently obtained loot which was equally divided amongst the well fed culprits who had settled in for the night. No cat was on the menu as this photo was taken after dinner.

Next combined Full Moon Run will be at Yep's place, on the bottom of Mission Hill, numba Wan. Someone please let him know...

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April 9, 2011

Run a Duck!

Huge run (speaking for myself) from Flasher's place was followed by a huge meal from Flasher's kitchen (supplemented by delectable bits by Dini). Walker's never saw their on home as they were too slack to brave the dark night. That's right, it was dark! No moon, no nothing. Summer time had run it's course and it was back to torches again. GoneAgain almost kept up with the running pack with his duck-feet barefoot runners, and complained about his calves for the rest of the week.

Next run from Bastards Place: 6 Adina Court Penguin

Also, GoneAgain is promoting ICE for iPhones. If you have an iPhone and like to have a 'lock screen' showing an emergency number (ie. yer mate) to call (so people can see that number without needing to unlock your phone), email iceman@mylousyjob.com and donate handsomely to his beer-fund. It is also handy in case you loose your phone so honest finders can call the emergency number to return your phone.

April 2, 2011

No Warrawees Mate

No Warrawee photos as our WebFlash was too preoccupied with his feet which were clad in five finger Vibram shoes for a secoond hash run in a row!

Good turnout for Lantern's run, last chance to run in daylight as clocks will be returned to normal before Flasher's run next week. Or was it the reputation Lantern has for gourmet? Either way, good turnout. We scambled around the Warrawee walking track for almost an hour before ending at the BBQ spot where we had a feast in the dark.

We could've been eating anything for all we knew but it smelled and tasted great. Each time we returned to the tucker-table new dishes had appeared out of nowhere. And as a show of abundance, so many pavlovas were made that one could even be spared to dunk Lanterns face in one. Most of it disappeared straight into Lantern's mouth, and the crumbs were eaten by HighBeam and GA as crumbs don't count in any diet.

Bring your torches to Flasher's next run on Monday, April 4th: 118 Upper Maud Street, Ulverstone. Also bring clean underpants.


PS If you are on Facebook have a look at Tassie Hash: www.facebook.com/groups/tassiehash. Just an attempt for us to use Facebook a bit better. And if you really want to annoy people, tassiehash@groups.facebook.com is the email you can use to email every member of the group!

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