April 20, 2011

Yep, twas a good year...

Yep set us a good run/walk round the Penguin Hood, avoiding most precipitation and sparing the walkers from the most vertically challenging bits of trail. BBQ left nothing to be desired, and cake for desert... The highlight was when Flasher drew prize winning tickets out of Dini's draws. Some of us had to check personally if their number really was in her, ahum, the draw. Prizes were just mind boggling again, and some exquisite collector item beer was amongst today's collection. Guardy here is seen inspecting the original 2008 vintage use-by stamp on these ales. 2008 Really was a great year for Crownies.

Next run from Soff's Pallace on the Turners Beach Esplande, 34th lamp-post on your right.... If you can't find it, just get the map out and be at Dyke's place the next week!

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