June 29, 2009


One of Cheese's posters? Nope, this is the real thing! Onya Thrust.

Walk run as per usual, bloody dark, bloody long and short at the same time, but tucker was awesome thanks to a Dini/Flasher effort - preparation of which included getting wet with a Wii apparently. Whatever it took it was worth it. Vermon in the garage was as appreciative as we were, and Cheese was not impressed that when Dint threw the spent wigged whaffle tickets everywhere there was no loose change flying around. Better luck next time. Apparently Dyke recently found $1.83 after Flasher allowed Dint a free kick at the tickets with raffle money in it .

Oh, and Who awarded down-downs for all those whose run number was a prime divisible by three. According to his logic there were quite a few.

Next run from Bastards Place: 6 Adina Court Penguin.


PS If you were wondering where we ran,... I wonder that too as my gizmo showed me <this>... I believe it is 'user-error' (must replace 'user' apparently... is that the same as driver?)
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June 25, 2009


Attn: ALL LUNATICS       
  • Tues 7th July 2009 at 7pm from Otto's Grotto Ulverstone
  • Moon Walk followed by Pub Grub.
  • No charge but bring $$$ for counter attack and wigged waffle.
  •  Moon Moon



A reminder to those attending Waratah Wild West July 25-26, that a deposit of $25 each is required to reserve your accommodation at the Pub, payable to Burnie HHH by July 10th.

On! On!

Dini (dini@dhash.com)


Tassie Nash Hash 2011 - Calling for volunteers

If you think you may be available to assist in any way (either leading up to, or during the event), head to the Hash Tasmania blog site now (www.tashash.blogspot.com ) where you will find an on-line volunteer form to complete.

Tasmanian Hashers volunteering will be offered a discounted rate for registration (the special back-to-back price of $210, payable by end Feb 2010).

Check out the Aussie Nash Hash 2011 link to see progress so far.  As at 23/6/2009 there were 197 registrations received!


June 23, 2009

Receding Hareline

Next R*n will be set by Flasher from Henslows Road, Ulverstone.  On On at Cheese’s Place, Amherst Street.

Maybe next week run is at Flashers...

We'll just wait till someone posts the correct answer to trash AT dhash DOT com!


Tracka 1000

Tracka 1000 has come and gone. He dutifully ran the run that Foghorn kindly set for him and was then subjected to the usual abuse. The only difference was that we had the on-on at the Argosy and ate nice pub-food (Foghorn probably could've done better...).

Next run at Bastard and Pioneers in Penguin. Presumably from their house but lets wait till we hear it from the Bastard himself. Watch this space.

Click on the RunKeeper link on the map below for all the sordid details of the walker's adventure.

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June 19, 2009

Grunt 1000

Grunt urg ah BH3 1000th ugag!  Hrrm arr grr ughag hurr grmmmf.
Hhu mmrr gruff urk arrggle, ah Saturday 1:30pm hnmd grunc dranclurc 448 West
Mooreville Rd, Burnie.
Hrdump $25, grud, hrurrummp, arroooga, noo, urppl uh adrangarrr Slack Mac.
R*n: Saturday June 20th, 1.30pm
From: 448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie
Evening: Wear just your best skins and bones
On On, Feasting, Badge & Hat provided, BYO drinks.
Prehistoric value at only $25
Cavemen with big bones welcome
Cavewomen with appetite for big meat very welcome
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
June 20 - Burnie H3 1000th
Jul 25-26 - Waratah Wild West Weekend
August 15-16 - Devonport H3's Tour de Pisse
September 9 - 7th Global Harriettes R*n (09/09/09)
October 17-18 - Burnie 10 weekend

On on

PS. And don't forget even more pressing from: Foghorn's setting our next run
from the Spreyton Cricket Club next monday!

June 18, 2009

NEXT RUN 22/06/09

Foghorn will set a challenging run from the Spreyton Cricket Club car park starting at 6.30. Don’t be late as we need to On On to the Argosy at East Devonport to celebrate Black Tracka’s 1000th run. Cost will be the usual but a few extra dollars for drinks might be in order.

On On

Bald Eagle

June 14, 2009

Finger the Dyke opportunity

Remember next run at Dyke's place: 2/64 Tugrah Road, Devonport.

Also, more photos of the Highland Fling came in from Dini's Hash-Space page. OnOn!

Find more photos like this on HashSpace

June 9, 2009

Black Tracka needed

Twas a moist start to the run today as we started from Bells Parade with a round about way out. Flasher's Canberra in-law immediately felt at home with the circling about the bush. Eventually we took off in some definitive direction up-river before running through scenic Latrobe CBD.

The walkers and runners were split after a short run across Remembrance Way with the runners skirting along Dooleys Hill before we all got lost. The pack split into different factions, some running as far as 9.x kilometers with GoneAgain OAM coughing behind.

Down Downs galore, especially for the new Sir GA OAM who also dobbed himself in for winning $12K in the lotto which he has to share with 15 ambulance drivers... Plenty of snacks to go round flushed down with soup and beer.

Energiser above, another one of Flasher's numerous in-laws, Anita Appleby (AA) from the Cairns Clan was named after the AA battery that she seemed to be: Energiser.

Here is the RunKeeper's Edition of GoneAgain. To see the altitudes and distances etc. click <here>.

Next week's run at Dyke's: 2/64 Tugrah Road, Devonport <map here>.
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June 8, 2009

Highland Fling 2009

Congratulations to the McHerpes clan for winning the Highland Fling. Serious efforts were put into  the tossing, pulling, drinking and the compulsory academic challenge.

Walking was all I could muster this weekend, so here are the walks as recorded by the iPhone's RunKeeper. Click on the maps for more info. Saturdays main run was a good acclimatisation for the weekend. All donning our warm woollen scottish attires, we braved the chilly air and drizzle.

The recovery run on Sunday involved a good mix of dirt road, dirt hills, dirt rocks and lots of wet stuff. The kilts certainly allowed a good breeze to cool the sweaty parts. Beer on the side of the highway  was a ripper, all that was missing there was some good haggas

Don't forget today's Queens Birthday Run is set by Black Trakka (sic.) in Latrobe on Bells Parade just past the Axeman's Hall of Fame.

June 3, 2009

Highland Fling Change to Start Time

Please note that the starting time for the Highland Fling r*n this Saturday is now advertised on the Chardonnay Blog as being 1pm (not 1.30pm as originally advertised in the flyer).

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 general meeting

As soon as Tasmania was announced as host of Aussie Nash Hash 2011, people started to bring forward their thoughts on how to make it a successful event.  While all these ideas were welcome, we weren’t really ready to take note.

We are now.  The first general meeting of people wishing to assist in the organisation of Aussie Nash Hash 2011 will be held on Tuesday 16th June, starting at 7:00pm at the Italian Club, 77 Federal Street, North Hobart.

This meeting will be used to ‘brainstorm’ the various aspects that go to make up a good hash event in order to provide soon-to-be-appointed sub-committees with a brief on their allocated areas.  The bar will be open (buy your own) to assist in the process of making unintelligible scribblings on paper.

We realise that the holding of this meeting in Hobart on a weeknight precludes many northern folk from attending, however we do encourage participation from all hashers and will make available notes from the meeting to all clubs and interested persons for additional comment.

If you have half a mind (all that’s required to go hashing) to input into this event, please attend.

If you have further questions, please contact publicity hound Herr Flick or any of the other more appropriate persons listed below.

On! On!
Lone Arranger

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 GM

Lone Arranger – 0429 346 266 or faulks42@bigpond.com
Herr Flick
0438 340 564 or herrflick@netspace.com
0407 876 567 or dini@dhash.com
Bloody Mary 0409 421 467 or mary.hey@MyState.com.au
– 0418 143 481 or grizzly@dhash.com

June 2, 2009

Next weeks run - 08/06/2009

Bells Parade - Black Tracka.

Forth Time Lucky

A pack of twenty or so set forth in Forth on an elusive trail set by a sleep-deprived Killer and sons.  At the first check the pack split three different ways, each calling “On!”, but soon returning to the check.  Much of the Forth metropolitan area was covered, with much head-scratching, ball-scratching and general loitering, before trail was at last located across the bridge.  Some courageous trail-setting by the hare utilised both sides of the same road, and what’s more he got away with it.  The last MC was up the Kindred road, with the On Home set a further kay or so up, to appease the runners.  A fine repast from the Killer family restaurant, a wry circle from the slippery lips of Foghorn, and a welcome return of the Rigged Raffle, courtesy of Flasher.  Froggie presented Killer with a disc of English Football’s finest moments, possibly one of the briefest recordings ever made.  Come on you Re-eds!  The stayers wrapped up the night with chocolate cake, port and bedtime fairy tales.

O! On!  Dini

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