January 24, 2012

Aussie Bike R*n

The sleepy holiday town of Port Sorell didn't stir as the convoy of motorcycles burbled its way to the rotunda. The township dozed in the hazy warmth as the pack de-leathered, called itself to order and headed off on trail. Down to Panatana Rivulet, past the boats lying all akimbo in the mud, across the bridge, through the desiccated reedy bushland of she-oak and banksia to a Mastercheck, and at last On Home through the streets to the park. Peace reigned as the pack was fed and watered admirably by Hare Ratchet and his barmy catering army. Cash was taken and raffle tickets sold with barely a murmur. Eerily quiet.

At last the lippery was called to order, and the decibels rose as Dint (Gispert Bless Him) stood and delivered his best and worst, irreverently incinerating the Burnie Trash, riling up the likes of Koff to fire her furiously smoking barbs back at him, playing High Beam like a fiddle to extract the high notes, baiting Pioneer to unleash her amazing tact (almost equal to that of the common housebrick), and of course ritually punishing the Hare for his very existence with a small cup of brew. In the midst of the melee, it was reassuring to see that the little man who came and stared at the excessively rowdy pack last year was again hovering in the shrubbery ready to whinge to the authorities about the noise and his loss of amenity. All was well with the world! Goodness knows, Hash has a reputation to uphold! The raffle muffled the noise again somewhat as everyone stopped squawking and rummaged busily for their tickets to prove they had not won the Panetone cake, but definitely had the right one to win the Kinder Surprise.

There was a poultice of birthdays to celebrate - Mullet, Ringo and Cheese (plus Tinsel, had she been in attendance) marked with some very bad singing and a stodgy cake covered in candles and saliva. After heated competition from those theiving Burnie Hashers, Dint presented Cheese with the Hub as a 40th birthday gift.

Next week's r*n is the magnificent and fabulous 1600th, starting from the Oz Rock Inn, Ulverstone and featuring Adam and Eve, so get your Asp along at 6.30 Monday 30th January, and don't forget the fig leaves.

ed. YES, MAKE SURE YOU DRESS UP, Snakes, Apples, Garden of Eden, or just a simple (but large) Fig Leave or two will do!

On! On!

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January 23, 2012

Australia's Day

This Thursday we celebrate all things Australian. Beer and barbecues, surf and sunshine, racial prejudice and crap TV.
Unless you're going to Hobart to r*n with Chardonnay, there won't be a hash that day, so let's all Aussie up for tonight's r*n at Port Sorell. Bikes meet at Crow's Oz Rock Inn at 6pm, the others at the rotunda on East Esplanade at 6.30ish.
On On and Oi Oi Oi
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January 22, 2012

Red Dress Coming Up in Hobart

Saturday 11th February 2012* - 1pm start from Civic Club, 134 Davey Street, Hobart.
$25 - run, food, grog and badge. Run in support of Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

But don't forget this weekend (22 and 23 Jan) Burnie Hash and Devonport Hash all run from Knickers and Ratchet's summer residence at Port Sorell. Run starts at the Rotunda BBQ area at 530 for Burnie's run on Sunday and 630pm for Devonport Hashers on Monday. Motorbikes will be the preferred mode of transport for Monday's run, and bikes leave at 6pm from Crow's Oz Rock!
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January 17, 2012

Bridging the Stone


It was a perfect night for a Hash, even by D*ckhead standards. The pack took notes from the Hare Captain Crab, ignored them and ran where they pleased. That included a stroll to the clock, through the golden arches and then a jaunt across the new bridge and back. A fine feast of suntanned sausages, burgers and other culinary diversities followed. Little Diptits took home the hub, and Maggie won the major prize in the raffle, much to the disgust of UFO who thought that family counted and Flasher would rig the raffle for her to win something nice.
Next week we are at Port Sorell for the annual motor bike r*n with Ratchet and Knickers. Meet at Crow's at 6pm if you're taking your bike. Those on foot need to start much earlier, and the sensible ones driving can meet at the Camp Ground Rotunda at 6.30pm.
On On
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January 12, 2012

1600 Runs coming up

That is right, how time flies. Devonport Hash is celebrating their 1600th run on 30 January. Just because it is one week off the actual run-date we will still celebrate it. JointMaster GoneAgain and Maggie just don't care as this dates suits them just fine, and it suits Crow too! If you prefer to go on your sex-holiday in Thailand, off you go, but Adam and Eve will be at Crow's Oz Rock on 30 January with great raffle prizes from our Major Sponsor, a good stroll and a nutritious meal. See you there!

Also don't forget the High Noon for Full Moon Pyengana weekend in a few days!

Last run from PB and Poxy's place was a planned fiasco. Right down from the circular trail set by a virtually live hare who intended to stump us, to the cold wintery weather in the only week of summer Tasmania was supposed to have. Grog was OK, and the snags were fine once they were cremated.  Overal score 9 out of 10. Onya Poxy!

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January 6, 2012

Up and Cummings 2012

Don't forget the following unforgettable cummings....

  • Sunday 8 January: A Bit of This is setting a Burnie HHH brunch r*n from Isandula Road at the all new and exciting, never-to-be-repeated-till-next-year time of 11 am.
  • Monday night, 9 January 6:30pm: NW Full Moon at Poxy's place
  • 14-15 January: High Noon for Full Moon weekend at Pyengana (see above). This year we're in the dairy, pulling tits. Milkmaids, cheesemakers, wranglers, mad cows, lots of bull. Accommodation at the Pub in the paddock, camping, or you can contact Lone Arranger for digs at the local hall. 
  • 30 January 6:30pm Devonport Hash 1600th Run from Crow's in the Stone: Adam and Eve all the way from Fyshwick are our major sponsor for the night, find a fig leave and come prepared.
  • 11 February - Hobart Full Moon Hash RED  DRESS RUN - watch this space!
And for the grey-nomads...

3-5 February 2012 - Newcastle H3 (NSW) - 1900th Anniversary Weekend
4 February 2012 - Brisbane Halfway H3 (QLD) - Cocktail Party
4 February 2012 - Sydney Thirsty H3 (NSW) - Red Dress Run
25-26 February 2012 - Gladstone H3 (QLD) - 30th Anniversary Run
25 February 2012 - The Great Fakarwee Safari
3 March 2012 - The 44th Hash Relay at Coonabarrabran
10 March 2012 - Brisbane Harriettes (QLD) - Annual Goose Chase
14 March 2012 - Brisbane Halfway H3 (QLD) - St Paddy's Day Green Dress Run
17 March 2012 - Royal Peninsula H3 (VIC) - 2000th Run
24 March 2012 - Brisbane Halfway H3 (QLD) - Stagger
20-22 April 2012 - Bayside H3 (QLD) - Bayside Weekend Away
5-6 May 2012 - Brisbane Southside H3 (QLD) - Fire and Ice 2012 - 27th Berging Championships
22-24 June 2012 - Cutlery H3 (QLD) - The Horny Devils Run 666
23-24 June 20120 - Brisbane Harriettes (QLD) - 1700th Run - Weekend Away

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January 4, 2012

Water Pistol R*n

Campers lay in ambush and were totally confused when an underarmed oversexed undermanned band of waterpistol wielders gushed through their campgrounds. The response in the first one was very limited, but the second batch put up a bit more of a go with water bombs, flour bombs and fart bombs, thanks, FC. Flasher knows that size is important, Bastard shoots around corners, and Dint's was so heavy he could barely lift it off the ground. Such was the calibre of the weaponry selection.
Crow and Ten Eighty put on a great spread for the returning drippy Hashers, so good that the likes of CB turned up to find out what had changed at Devonport Hash in the last 2 years.
Pictured is Guardsvan, who has not changed his socks in the last 2 years and has failed to notice that one of them is missing completely. How odd.
Next week's r*n is from the house of Poxy and PB at Eugene Street, Devonport.
Also on the social calendar, Ratchet and Knickers' BBQ this coming Saturday from 1pm, BYO meat and drinks. Sunday is Burnie Hash's Brunch R*n at 11 am from (what a coincidence) 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler.
On On
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