January 12, 2012

1600 Runs coming up

That is right, how time flies. Devonport Hash is celebrating their 1600th run on 30 January. Just because it is one week off the actual run-date we will still celebrate it. JointMaster GoneAgain and Maggie just don't care as this dates suits them just fine, and it suits Crow too! If you prefer to go on your sex-holiday in Thailand, off you go, but Adam and Eve will be at Crow's Oz Rock on 30 January with great raffle prizes from our Major Sponsor, a good stroll and a nutritious meal. See you there!

Also don't forget the High Noon for Full Moon Pyengana weekend in a few days!

Last run from PB and Poxy's place was a planned fiasco. Right down from the circular trail set by a virtually live hare who intended to stump us, to the cold wintery weather in the only week of summer Tasmania was supposed to have. Grog was OK, and the snags were fine once they were cremated.  Overal score 9 out of 10. Onya Poxy!

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