January 4, 2012

Water Pistol R*n

Campers lay in ambush and were totally confused when an underarmed oversexed undermanned band of waterpistol wielders gushed through their campgrounds. The response in the first one was very limited, but the second batch put up a bit more of a go with water bombs, flour bombs and fart bombs, thanks, FC. Flasher knows that size is important, Bastard shoots around corners, and Dint's was so heavy he could barely lift it off the ground. Such was the calibre of the weaponry selection.
Crow and Ten Eighty put on a great spread for the returning drippy Hashers, so good that the likes of CB turned up to find out what had changed at Devonport Hash in the last 2 years.
Pictured is Guardsvan, who has not changed his socks in the last 2 years and has failed to notice that one of them is missing completely. How odd.
Next week's r*n is from the house of Poxy and PB at Eugene Street, Devonport.
Also on the social calendar, Ratchet and Knickers' BBQ this coming Saturday from 1pm, BYO meat and drinks. Sunday is Burnie Hash's Brunch R*n at 11 am from (what a coincidence) 1054 Isandula Road, Gawler.
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