November 29, 2012

Who is Squeaking

Next Monday's nights run is UFO and Flasher's responsibility and will be
conducted at the Squeaking Point Jetty. Bring warm jumper, insect repellent,
$Money$ for Tracka's new non-wrigged raffle...

And just to remind you about the DHash Xmas run this year; Meet at Poxy and
PB's establishment at 630pm, dinner en-route at Molly Malones (Buy-your-own)
and On-On at Poxy and PB's (bring supper plate if u can). Due to CPI indices
and the likes Hash Mismanagement is proposing a massive $10.00 Kris Kringle
this year. If you have an objection write it on the back of a Sony Bravia
52" 3D touch-sensitive LCD TV and mail it to PO Box 48 Turners Beach TAS

Report on the AGPU coming soon!


November 24, 2012

Pissup at FORT FORTH

That's right, it is that time of the year again! The Annual General Pissup as it is widely known in the Hashing world is here again. We call it the AGM apparently but I have no idea what that stands for (just another TLA); Monday at 630pm in William st at Fort Forth, Killer's place! Might want to bring a dust mask as Killer is constructing new stables.

Oh and a run report on last week's run from Porridge and Tandem's place... It all started with world peace and an ocean full of whales (or two whales in Bass Strait at least). I personally walked 2% of the trail so it wouldn't be fair to say it was a piece of cake, maybe those runners who finished the 2+ hours ordeal can provide a report as a comment. The food was great for those who made it back in time to the mystery location at Coles Beach. We had both Crab and Foghorn on 100 runs. Coincidence? Nah, forget that thought. Flasher's last raffle was definitely rigged and a few tempers were frayed by the time we were given our marching orders. ... in any case the whales were gone and peace was broken again, phew, thank goodness, how sedate life would be. OnOn.

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November 22, 2012

Christmas Run Transport

As we know the Joint Masters (or their proxies) have decreed that the Christmas Run will be divided into two parts.


Firstly, dinner will be a buy-your-own at Molly Malones and the après On-On will be at the establishment of Poxie and PB (with bring a supper plate for those in a position to do so). The “refreshments” will be supplied by DH3. There will be no cost for this. (i.e. no $10 contribution).


The purpose of this communication is to find out who may be interested in getting a lift to and from the venues. If there is enough interest, it will be further considered and arrangements made.


If you would like to “get a ride” please tell someone who cares or ...... email me at


On On!!






November 16, 2012

Show Us Your Map of Tassie Run

Run number: 1642
When: Monday 19 Nov 630pm
Hare: Tandem

Abel Tasman sighted Tassie on 24 November 1642, and so he decided to call in
on Coles Beach to celebrate the discovery. However, his iPhone equivalent of
the day saw him landed on Coles Bay instead. So to help Mr Abel in hindsight
we will proudly show the map of Tassie on Coles Beach on our run, run 1642,
370 years later. Everyone has to display a map of Tassie somewhere on their
body during the run (and no Hawthorn jumpers Cheeze).

Last Monday's run was a miraculous success with a good run and plenty of hot
pizza. Captain Crab did a marvelous job from the confines of Otto's Grotto.


Sample map of Tassie. It's all natural down there.

November 8, 2012

Confucius Says

Just in case anyone is not confused yet, the run on MONDAY 12TH NOVEMBER, 2012 starts around 630pm from the infamous Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone. Captain Crab may be doing surprise gourmet pizzas and it is rumoured a quality run will be set by Black Trakka. Be there! And yes, Daryl, that includes you!


Confucius says:

  • Man who drop watch in toilet bound to have shitty time. 
  • He who fishes in another man's well often catches crab. 
  • Squirrel who runs up woman's leg not find nuts. 
  • Man who lay girl on hill not on level. Boy who go to bed with sex problem wake up with solution in hand.
Due to Jet Lag, or hmm !!!!, GoneAgain & Fanny Mae got it wrong, luckily Crab has corrected us, so over to Crab:-

Copy & Pasted, Quote:

Ad should read we are all looking forward to a good run in a beautiful location on Nov 13 th ) ( Not 16th) followed by a scrumptious meal( ie not pre emotive) Crab.

November 7, 2012

Holiday for Hub

Everyone else has gone to Asia for a sex holiday or so it seems, and so it was only natural for the Hash Hub to go and see what the fuss is all about! Anyways, our Hub is back in Tassie after some casual sex in Singapore and is ready to be passed on to a different hasher.

Next run, 16 November 630pm, at Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone; Captain Crab is setting the run and burning our snags! OnOn-----


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