January 28, 2013

Invasion Day

Here we go for a second time.... Too tired tonight I think...

Yes, we did the Invasion Day Run. We invaded Dint and Koff's local playground and ran 4.5kms around East Devonport. We had down downs, cussed a lot, accused each other of having bad names, bad manners, bad spirits, being competitive, not wearing odd socks. Lousy prizes were won, except for Maggie who won valuable collectible beer glasses for his garage sale.

Next Monday's run from the UDCC, turn first left after the bridge and follow that for a mile or two till you get there. If that is too complicated follow the Google map directions to the Ulverstone District Cricket Club HERE. Make sure you bring a pressie for Cheese, the Birthday Hare. HERE is his wishlist.

Also, Sunday February 10 is coming up soon. Time to get the mountain bikes dusted and pumped up and ready for the Sheffield to Latrobe backward Tassie Trail ride with GoneAgain.
* Meet 10am at Well's carpark in Latrobe where we'll sort out the bike transport to Sheffield.
The ride is 95% downhill to Syke's Sanctuary for a muesli bar, and on to Railton for a picnic lunch. Then a 5-10km moderate climb, followed by some potential trespassing (depending on whether the land battle over a 100m laneway was won, see page 24 of the Ammendments) followed by more downhill through plantations to Latrobe for beverages of sorts. For more info email the cycleguru@dhash.com.

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January 27, 2013

Australia Day

We're not sure if BitofThis got her Citizenship this week or not, but she asked me where Devonport was running this Monday...

Next run this Monday at Church Street in East Devonport, pretty much opposite Dint's home. Eagle is setting the run.

More trash later....

Recovering in St.Mary's

January 20, 2013


Tentative dates!

Sunday 10 Feb at Noon: Mountain-biking with GoneAgain from Sheffield pub to Latrobe. 

Sunday 7 April: Motorcycle Road Skills MAIB day ride - fun day for $50 including nice lunch and certificate... The Road Skills Course includes a segment on riding techniques, bike control and management, followed by a facilitated on road ride designed to develop road skills. Only five places available. 

Speak to GoneAgain or leave comment below!

Other events on the horizon according to the Gospel of Burnie :

  • January 26/27—High Noon for Full Moons @ St Marys
  • February 16-17th—Launceston H3 visits Golconda - Inquiries and RSVP to Hash Pash 0417393750 on or before Jan 31st. 
  • February 16th—Park Beach Pig Pen 
  • March 16th—Bream Creek Show 
  • March 23rd—Red Dress Run, Hobart 
  • March 31st—Hot Cross Bunnies May—Burnie AGPU 
  • June 8-10—Chardonnay Highland Fling 

And the biguns...

  • New Zealand Nash Hash, Nelson, February 15-17, 2013 
  • Aussie Nash Hash Brisbane, May 4--6th 2013 
  • Interhash Hainan, March 13--16, 2014  
  • Not Interhash Brussels, Belgium  25--27 July 2014 ...Odyssey....but think about it… Seriously! A Beer Odyssey.

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January 17, 2013

Port Sorell Bike Hash

That's right, the annual motorbike Hash hosted by Knickers and Ratchet from the Port Sorell roundabout BBQ Rotunda is on again next Monday (21 Jan). Motorbikes leave 6pm from the Oz Rock Inn in Ulverstone. Burnie Hash is doing the trial run the sunday before: <click here>.

Last run was from the rear of the Spreyton Primary School. Guardy set a terrific 5 star run. The walkers never made it past the racecourse to Kelcey Tier where the Rambo/Whimp mark and the HHH were. The runners ran wild and seemed to have run most of the trail. Guardsvan's specialty curried sausages was complemented with a terrific rhubarb and cream and/or custard desert. He sure makes a good one man Hash band. Dint just wanted cream. FC and Cheese enjoyed the fizzy sugar powder from the raffle and made sure everyone got to wear some. Dint promised the hub to Cheese next time it showed up in the circle.

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January 15, 2013

StMarys High Noon Full Moon - Info

Info for those going to the HIGH NOON FULL MOON AT ST MARY'S FOR THE Australia Day Long Weekend.
·       Pub still has some room's
·       Other accommodation nearby
·       The Recreation ground has free camping with clean toilets and showers
·       See attached info on St Mary's accommodation and other things around St Mary's etc etc.

January 12, 2013


When:  6.45pm 14th January
Where: Bay Drive, Spreyton. (Behind Spreyton Primary School near tip entrance)
Trail Options: Run and Walk
BYO Seat.
Hare: Guardsvan.  Phone 0417398235


No more happy campers

We have won the battle again. Long live Devonport Hash. All the happy campers, including the little ones, were watered into submission. Dyke had to take special care of a little young girl that put up a particular brave fight with a bag of flour, and after an arduous fight he won that battle too, albeit with some drama and tears.

The down downs at Crow's were plentiful, with Foghorn strategically placing himself in position to catch the inevitable spills. Special down downs for Bedpan and Koff who quietly turned fifty, for Maggie to show up after the battle was won, claiming a water allergy, for Foghorn just so he could dowse the audience with beer....  Anyways, you know the routine.Tucker was served after the circle and we all vowed to come back again next year.

Next run (14 Jan) set by Guardsvan from the back of the Spreyton Primary School network near the Spreyton tip.

The weekend after that (21 Jan) is Knickers and Ratchet's Port Sorell Motorbike Hash from the Roundabout BBQ area. Motorbikes leave from Oz Rock  in Ulverstone at 6pm sharp.

And the weekend after that on the weekend of Jan 26-27 (Australia Day weekend) is the 10th consecutive High Noon for Full Loons at St Mary's. RSVP to bitathis@dhash.com or phaywray@dhash.com.  Click on the flyer below for the readable image.

January 7, 2013

War on Campers Tonight

Where: Crows Nest - OzRock Inn in Ulverstone
When: 7th January 2013 – 6.30pm (DHHH Time)
Bring: Change of clothes – YOU WILL GET WET!!!!!!
Cost: $10 for food & grog

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