December 29, 2013

Dhash Xmas Run Pics

Well, its been another year. We survived somehow. Had a good turn up at Cheese's place where we were terrorised by a motley crew of alcoholics who arrived on Mad Max roughly welded together Unicycles with mostly flat tyres. They had no intentions of running/walking, and one of these weirdos was our very own occasional hasher Splonkar, in riot gear complete with fused on motorbike helmet.  Cheese himself was in butcher mode and was wildly swinging his electric knife around, keen to hit life flash. Christmas spirit prevailed everywhere, especially in bottles.

Food was great, with new potatoes, lots of meat, more meat and more meat and loads of deserts. No one had brought a salad and Dint didn't care. We did have a can of corn and some peas for the vegetarians!

Santa came and dropped off tons of cool pressies like faceless watches and stunt kites and we were all offered a go on (the) Bastard's lap - most refused.

A few poor sods were named, including Debris' young lover whom we called Shrapnel who proxied out her virginal down down as she was driving Debris home (on alleged L-plates). Cheese had somehow seduced his attractive neighbor Alison, whom we called Tasty. Cheese's brother also made a cameo appearance and was promptly christened Chalk - as opposed to Cheese appeared to have managed to score all the good family genes.

Bedpan handled the crowd admirably as lip, not spilling a drop of piss during the proceedings.

Tracka was a bit jealous of UFO getting Santa's attention, but got lucky himself later on in the evening.

Next run is at 630pm on Monday 6 January 2013 at the good ole Oz Rock Inn (in Ulverstone in case you were confused) where we have the annual war against the happy campers in adjoining campsites. Bring your biggest and bestest water guns and Hasherettes are encourage to bring their thinnest t-shirts (if you really have to wear one at all).  
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December 24, 2013


6th January          Crows    -    Oz Rock Inn (Wet T Shirt Run) bring change of clothes
13th January        Triple Top    -    T/B/A
20th January        Knickers & Ratchet    -    Port Sorell BBQ
27th January        Foghorn    -    T/B/A


December 23, 2013

Very Merry Happies from DHash

Right, so we got that formality over and done with (xmas greeting etc.)

The Bastard of a run last week really wasnt such a bastard of a run really. Actually it was quite fun. Half way up there was a huge flour  sign to say 'almost there', and there was port and a magnificent view as well. This could almost be considered a mini HOFT...

Back at the OnOn we had two new virgins and plenty of food, well only because Dint wasn't allowed an entire second bun! Bedpan had her virgin lippery and worked the crowd so much that we feared the Virgins may never return. Anyways they vowed to come back and were named BlowJob (BJ for short) and Shrubbery as they are hairdresser and florist respectively.

Tonights run is the Devonport Hash Christmas Cheer in 33 Amherst Street, Ulverstone. Fabulous 17 Course Banquet planned. Apparently we also need to bring a dish (female preferably). Bring a $10 (not including GST) secret Santa present and $20 for the run. No raffle, save $5 hooray!! If you're lucky you'll receive a left-over fancy Dhash Xmas shirt in a size you'd like to fit in.
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December 11, 2013

Guardy's Rotating Live Hare run

You wouldn't read about, but Guardy pulled it off. Told us all to run into the Don and rotate live Hares.
An hour later we all managed to get back to Dell Luck park somehow. Noone knew where they were going of course.

Back at the OnOn at Lantern's glorious food was served in his cave. Lantern still has one small light working, maybe next year that will be blown as well and we can have the circle in perfect darkness.

Bedpan's nursing friend was named Mattress, and the word is she likes to get stained. Being a nurse and her name being Ann, it seemed Ann-ama would've been good, but we thought we might scare her away - the last thing we wanted. We also had two other virgin runners, builders who only today arrived by plane into Devonport we called them B1 and B2 for convenience. Oh, and TripleTop only just made it back in time for the OnOn from Bon Jovi in Melbourne, the little runt.

Next run Monday 16th Dec: A Bastard of a run/walk from the Mount Gnoman car park at 630pm. OnOn at Bastard and Pioneer's - Adina Court, Penguin. Remember to pre-pay your Christmas Run (23/12/13 at Cheese's) and collect your t-shirt if you want it early for the Burnie Xmas Run
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December 9, 2013

Christmas Norwesterly

Christmas in the NorthWest

Monday 9th Dec: Dell Luck Reserve near Don Railway, brought to you by Guardsvan. Dedicated to Feels on Wheels – wear black arm-band. Dhash 2013 Xmas T-shirts available hot from the press for the introductory price of $10.

Monday 16th Dec: A Bastard of a run from the Mount Gnoman car park at 630pm. OnOn at Bastard and Pioneer's - Adina Court, Penguin. If T-shirts haven't run out they'll be available for $100 each in your exact size.

Tuesday 17th Dec: LoonRhasH at Railton. Meet Bad Santa at the pub at 6.30 for a topiorific stroll!! Bring a $10 gift for the man in red so he's got something for us. No photography so the old bastard feels more encouraged to misbehave.

Sunday 22nd Dec: Burnie Spotlight car park 5pm. $10 gift for that man in red again!! Bring a plate of food to share at the On-on which will be at Santa's Grotto aka Ringo's Ranch.

Monday 23nd Dec: Cheese's Devonport Hash Christmas Cheer in Amherst Street, Ulverstone. Fabulous 17 Course Banquet planned. Bring a $10 (not including GST) secret Santa present and $20 for the run. No raffle, save $5 hooray!! If you're lucky you'll receive a left-over fancy Dhash Xmas shirt in a size you'd like to fit in.

December 8, 2013

Feels on Wheels Memorial Run


When:                  9/12/13 at 6.30 pm
Where:                 Dell Luck Reserve near Don Railway
What:                   This is a Feels on Wheels Memorial Run – wear black arm-band
Bring:                   Yourself, friends and/or a mug.

See ya there.


December 2, 2013

Looking for the Wheredehellami bird

Not since I've joined Devonport Hash House Harriers have we run from this spot 3kms from Railton on Native Plains Road, so Tracka sure had us scratching our heads. Personally I can vouch for the false trails that were well marked on the walker's section, and the river crossings that left all but Highbeam with wet feet.

An impromptu shuttle/rescue service was started between the On and nearby civilisation (if you can call Railton civilisation) where most walkers got stranded in the end.

Next was the exodus to Bells Parade for the OnOn where Tinsel's kitchen had whipped up copious amounts of sausages, salads, breads and diet potatoe salad.

Two Alaskan Virgins were dragged in by GoneAgain (who keenly dragged them away again straight after the circle). They were Nurse Crotchet and Doctor Helga von Buben from Anchorage Hash. They were suitably impressed by us and we inspired them to climb Mount Murchison, Mount Roland, Quamby Bluff, and Cradle Mountain in the next few days before doing the Walls of Jerusalem in a day. Now they are Hashers we have a reason to be afraid of.

Next run from Dell Luck Park at the junction of  Waverly Road, Bass Highway and Forth Road, at the bottom end of Stoney Rise Road. Guardy will be your host.
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2/12     Tracka
9/12     Guardsvan
16/12   Barstard
23/12   Cheese
30/12   No official run
06/01   Crow

On On!


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