December 23, 2013

Very Merry Happies from DHash

Right, so we got that formality over and done with (xmas greeting etc.)

The Bastard of a run last week really wasnt such a bastard of a run really. Actually it was quite fun. Half way up there was a huge flour  sign to say 'almost there', and there was port and a magnificent view as well. This could almost be considered a mini HOFT...

Back at the OnOn we had two new virgins and plenty of food, well only because Dint wasn't allowed an entire second bun! Bedpan had her virgin lippery and worked the crowd so much that we feared the Virgins may never return. Anyways they vowed to come back and were named BlowJob (BJ for short) and Shrubbery as they are hairdresser and florist respectively.

Tonights run is the Devonport Hash Christmas Cheer in 33 Amherst Street, Ulverstone. Fabulous 17 Course Banquet planned. Apparently we also need to bring a dish (female preferably). Bring a $10 (not including GST) secret Santa present and $20 for the run. No raffle, save $5 hooray!! If you're lucky you'll receive a left-over fancy Dhash Xmas shirt in a size you'd like to fit in.
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