June 29, 2010

Whose a Pretty Boy?

Gotta luv her!

Harry Potter No Less!
Posted by PicasaWhere are Monday nights Great Photo's you ask??? Don't go there, not happy, so you're stuck with these!!!
Monday night, who told me it doesn't rain on Hash night, it just F... Pissed Down.
Dyke thought it was hilarious to push all out of Oz Rock's door, lol on you, sooo many Downers!!
The waterproof "Bloke Hashers" did the full run, the Walkers sorta did and got soaked for their efforts and some (you know who you are) wimped completely!!!!

Crow and TenEighty put on a fantastic feast, yummy toasted "bread" with stuff on top, with home grown chicken & stuff soup, followed by yummo spicy beef mince with potatoes, which all and sundry gobbled down. Some "you know who you are", ok, Cough & Tracka couldn't have eaten all day and demanded more, no less or more they got a toasted steak burger!!!!

Sorry Flasher, Tracka did v well with the wine (2) that's (2) bottles of wine for the ladies (Harriets) don't know how to spell? And as for the raffle, which incidentally I didn't win anything:-( but 1st prize was a New Car, think Cough got that apart from that the usual shit!!
Bit of This the trusty Burnie entrant was present and invited all and all's friends to trash her new residence. Thanks Dini and Ringo!!!


Guardsvan, 103 William Street, Forth, 6.30 sharp, lol.


Dint & Cough, 14 Church Street, East Devonport, 6.30 sharp, lol.

Gone Again I'm not good at Wanking in Public, Please Come Home!!!!! Ok, bring the other mottly crew with you!!!

June 27, 2010


Ok fellow friends or not D'port Hashers, GOK where this is going to end up, I'm following not so good destructions from our not so trusty Web Wanker, Gone Again, as to HOW THE F.... do I put where next Hash Runs are!!! They really have forgotten us!!! But who really cares???
Onward, Go Forth and all of that shiggy shit, next Run/Walk/Gossip is at Crow's (I hope), Oz Rock, Ulverstone, Monday 28th June, 6.30 pm (sharp, lol). I don't have a Wanker IFanny phone for a map so find it yaselves!!! On On, Fanny May.

June 23, 2010

GoneAgain, Flasher & Cheese Leaving for Borneo, 23/6/2010 by Fanny May.

GoneAgain - Do I really have to FLY! Flasher - I Just Wanna Have Fun!
Cheese, Not gonna smile, no F.... Phone, NOT HAPPY!!

Cheese, Flasher & GoneAgain depart D'port Airport. Lookout Borneo??
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June 21, 2010

Plungers Tucker

Dyke set us a good Runners Run, Plunger provided solid tucker and a cool garage for venue. Hermit Crab burned his arse on the fire.

Next run is at Crow's from the OzRock Inn in Ulverstone. Those not at Interhash need to attend!

Click [here] for interactive stuff...

June 18, 2010

Biennial Madness

STOP PRESS Monday 21 June - DHash run from Plunger’s new place, South Road in Ulverstone approx 100m west of Mount St Vincent Home (on the other side of the road). NOW check the updated Up&Cumming section below.

And so, dear reader, it comes to this.

The biennial madness known as Interhash draws near and it's siren song is being answered by 50-odd Tasmanian hashers (and they don’t come any odder than this lot). Burnie Hash has surrendered more than its fair share, leaving behind a skellington crew to keep the home fires burning and to keep the call of 'On!' bouncing off them thar hills.
I note, dear reader, that you have requested that we bring back an orang-utan. I'm afraid that our luggage restrictions may see us wearing every piece of clothing available just to get the luggage home, so one of the great apes may be beyond our ability. Perhaps you can make do with an Urang-utan - he is large, hairy and stinks like a rugby player's jock strap too.

Those still remaining in Tasmania are invited to attend LoonRhash Saturday 26th June at 6.30pm at Shearwater Country Club (note earlier time than usual)


  • June 21st, Monday 6.30—Next Devonport Hash @ Plunger’s new place, South Road
  • Ulverstone approx 100m west of Mount St Vincent Home (on the other side of the road).
  • June 26th, Saturday—LoonRhasH—A Bit of This @ Shearwater (RSVP to 0428592420)
  • July 2-4th—World Interhash, Kuching, Borneo
  • July 26th,Monday—LoonRhasH FirstBirthday—set by the Grand Loon himself, Black
  • Tracka from Otto’s Grotto, Ulverstone
  • August 7th, Saturday—Posh Hash Masked Ball @ The Polish Club
  • August 14th—Waratah Wild West Weekend—Waratah’s got Talent?
    Bookings now open—see flyer—first in first served for a bed in the Pub.
  • August 25th,Wednesday—LoonRhasH @ Devonport
  • September 4th— DH3’s le Tour de Pisse from the Oz Rock Inn, Ulverstone. Well lubricated motorcycle ride through our best King of the Mountin’ cuntryside, or a beachside walk/r*n/stagger with more piss stops than a dog in a lamp-post factory.
    A ride to remember (or not) and fantastic Hashing value - only $50 gets you le vin, le croissant, le soixante-neuf vol-au-vent & la beau chapeau. (merchandise, food, drinks, party, chance to speak in outrageously bad French accent). More info from Black Tracka, Tinsel, Flasher.
  • 10.10. 2010 (Sunday)—Global Harriettes R*n
  • October 16-17th—The Burnie Hash Burnie Ten Weekend - Keep this weekend free! If you’ve been before, you know what’s in store … if you haven’t, it’s time you found out! More info from Dini, Ringo, A Bit of This, Phay Wray.
  • Sunday 20th Feb 2011—Burnie HHH Pre-lube—Burnie CBD
  • Monday 21st Feb 2011—Devonport Pre-lube—Devonport CBD
  • Tuesday 22nd Feb 2011—Launceston pre-lube—Cataract Gorge
  • Thursday 24th Feb 2011—Red Dress R*n, Hobart CBD
  • February 25-27th, 2011—Aussie Nash Hash, Hobart. Register now!!! www.hhh.asn.au/aussienashhash 


June 16, 2010

Vale Teflon

The Hashers of the northwest raise a glass to Teflon who passed away peacefully last night.
Teflon's first run was with Burnie Hash at Waratah in 2008 and he was named at a subsequent Devonport run with the certainty that his new Hash name "wouldn't stick".

Even though he became progressively debilitated with Motor Neurone disease, he continued to attend various events at Crow's including the last Christmas run, and he also took a soaking in good spirit sporting his trademark broad smile at the waterpistol run in January.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
Here's to Teflon.

On On to Cloud Nine Hash
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June 13, 2010


The LunaRhash R*n on 26th June will be from The Shearwater Country Club. It will be a 6.30pm start. Please let me know numbers if possible. E-mail abitofthis@dhash.com or 0428592420.

A Bit of This.

June 11, 2010

Queens Birthday run at Poxy's

Next monday's Queens Birthday run is at Poxys, on the corner of Eugene St and Cambridge Court in Devonport. All you queens out there feel free to wear stockings, show your crown jewels and don wigs.

Flasher's run went as expected, nice run/walk, plenty of  ups and downs, nice and frigid, and a major feast starting with candies courtesy of Flasher and food coming out of our ears supplied by Dini.

The HOFT last weekend to Rinadeena falls on Little Fisher River went well. The drive out there seemed excessive, Crab and company even took the scenic route. The walk was well worth it. Poxy had his Rotary mates out there training for the Kokoda trail in PNG, so his excuse was that he had to set up a Mickey Mouse trap for them (see photos), any excuse to get out of that training exercise and hang back with us HOFTERS.

Dini's photos [HERE].

June 4, 2010

Up and Cummning


Run commences 2:00 pm (arrive at Bischoff Hotel around noon)
Cost is $70.00 a head which includes:
Run, circle, printed patch, three-course home cooked meal, accommodation at Bischoff Hotel, cooked breakfast... Acts required! Heaps of prizes for best male and female, best duo, best male and female group, best costumes, etc. You can sing along or mime your act, so get started right now!

Only 39 beds available at the pub - Payment required IN FULL to secure a place
Contact Dini on 6433 3333 for bank deposit details

  • June 12-13 – Chardonnay Highland Fling (SOLD OUT)
  • Saturday June 26 - LoonRhasH @ Shearwater
  • July 2-4 – 2010 Rainforest Interhash www.borneointerhash2010.com
  • August 7 - Hash Ball
  • August 14 - Wild West Weekend VII @ Waratah
  • September 4 - DH3 Tour de Pisse
  • October 10 - Global Harriettes Day (10/10/10)
  • October 16-17 - Burnie Ten weekend
On! On!

June 1, 2010

Highland Fling

Just a reminder to all those travelling to Miena for the Fling. Payment is required by Thursday the 3rd of June. For those who think this does not apply to them...it does.... Remember it will be cold...very cold. It was minus 9 last week. We will have ice...lots of ice and we will know who you are. Pay up.

On to the fling.

NB : HOFT COMING UP 06/06/2010 - Dyke - HOFT to Little Fishers River - Meet at Big Apple in Spreyton at 10am. I think this is what Dyke plans to do: http://www.molecreek.info/rinadeena_falls_walk.htm 

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