June 11, 2010

Queens Birthday run at Poxy's

Next monday's Queens Birthday run is at Poxys, on the corner of Eugene St and Cambridge Court in Devonport. All you queens out there feel free to wear stockings, show your crown jewels and don wigs.

Flasher's run went as expected, nice run/walk, plenty of  ups and downs, nice and frigid, and a major feast starting with candies courtesy of Flasher and food coming out of our ears supplied by Dini.

The HOFT last weekend to Rinadeena falls on Little Fisher River went well. The drive out there seemed excessive, Crab and company even took the scenic route. The walk was well worth it. Poxy had his Rotary mates out there training for the Kokoda trail in PNG, so his excuse was that he had to set up a Mickey Mouse trap for them (see photos), any excuse to get out of that training exercise and hang back with us HOFTERS.

Dini's photos [HERE].

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