June 29, 2010

Whose a Pretty Boy?

Gotta luv her!

Harry Potter No Less!
Posted by PicasaWhere are Monday nights Great Photo's you ask??? Don't go there, not happy, so you're stuck with these!!!
Monday night, who told me it doesn't rain on Hash night, it just F... Pissed Down.
Dyke thought it was hilarious to push all out of Oz Rock's door, lol on you, sooo many Downers!!
The waterproof "Bloke Hashers" did the full run, the Walkers sorta did and got soaked for their efforts and some (you know who you are) wimped completely!!!!

Crow and TenEighty put on a fantastic feast, yummy toasted "bread" with stuff on top, with home grown chicken & stuff soup, followed by yummo spicy beef mince with potatoes, which all and sundry gobbled down. Some "you know who you are", ok, Cough & Tracka couldn't have eaten all day and demanded more, no less or more they got a toasted steak burger!!!!

Sorry Flasher, Tracka did v well with the wine (2) that's (2) bottles of wine for the ladies (Harriets) don't know how to spell? And as for the raffle, which incidentally I didn't win anything:-( but 1st prize was a New Car, think Cough got that apart from that the usual shit!!
Bit of This the trusty Burnie entrant was present and invited all and all's friends to trash her new residence. Thanks Dini and Ringo!!!


Guardsvan, 103 William Street, Forth, 6.30 sharp, lol.


Dint & Cough, 14 Church Street, East Devonport, 6.30 sharp, lol.

Gone Again I'm not good at Wanking in Public, Please Come Home!!!!! Ok, bring the other mottly crew with you!!!

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